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How to stop Facebook from tracking you on web browser and Android

Are you tired and probably worried about the privacy invasion that Facebook does? Do you want to stop Facebook from tracking you across the web and personalizing the ads you see on its platform? Read this article to know exactly how to block Facebook from collecting and using your Facebook data for advertising.

How to hide tagged photos on Facebook?

Facebook has been a popular social media network. It serves you in a whole lot of ways. Be it a simple means of communicating with your friends, or general socializing - Facebook finds much practical usage. But how to hide the photos that you have been tagged on? That is precisely what we will be covering in this article.

How Facebook Instant Articles Helps Publishers

Mobile platform suffers a lot from readability and content distribution issues. Though responsive layouts do solve this problem to some extent, the speed of content distribution is still at the mercy of the webhosts. Facebook is trying to solve this readability experience with Instant Articles platform. In this article. we review the upcoming Instant Articles platform from Facebook.

How to use the new "Reactions" on Facebook

Facebook has added more options than just " Like". The new functionality has been rolled out to all users across the world. Apart from the ubiquitous "Like", you can now use many more attributes to the post you just read. Facebook calls them "Reactions". How to activate the new Reactions on Facebook? That is exactly what we will discuss in this article.

Does Free Basics really compliment Net Neutrality?

Confused by the ongoing tussle between pro Net Neutrality and pro Free Basics activist? Can't decide if it even affects you who is already making use of the whole internet? Read this article to know how important is to raise your voice in this discussion and make a intelligent decision to decide what type of internet you want!

Best tips to make your Facebook account secure and cleaner

Facebook is, of course the best medium to get to know the world around you. And expand your social horizon. But, isn't it a good idea to clean it up once in a while? Reviewing your security settings and privacy loopholes will in effect stop certain bad elements from accessing your intimate details. Let us go through a few small tips to make your Facebook account a bit cleaner and safer.

Companies use Facebook pages to increase their business

In this article I will take you through list of companies who are using Facebook page to increase their business. We will also see what are all those companies doing on their page. In this article you will get to know what Facebook page is and how to use it.

How to prevent Facebook from tracking you online

You might have heard it in some news channel or read it in the newspaper that now Facebook, just like Google is going to track your online activities. So the question arises what can you do to stop this tracking? Well, we have got your answer right here in this article. Read to know how you can stop Facebook tracking you even when you are not on Facebook.

Top 5 Best Simulation Games on Facebook in 2013

Simulation games give you an experience of virtual reality. So, if you do want to experience some out of the world experience then go through our list of top 5 Simulation games on Facebook.

Tips for customization of Facebook

Are you one of the millions of Facebook users? Interested in changing the look and feel of Facebook? Please read further to know some useful tips for customization of Facebook features like background, colors of Facebook profile page, Facebook Chat window, etc.

How to download all your Facebook data to Google plus?

This article mentions the easiest ways to transfer all your personal data and even your friends from Facebook to Google plus. Read on t know how to transfer your contact list, your photos and videos by using extensions and automated features without getting into any problem

How to use the Facebook Graph Search feature effectively

Looking for more information about Facebook Graph Search feature? Still wondering what is Facebook graph search? Are you a regular Facebook user and want to know useful tips for using Facebook graph search tool? If yes, then read this article and get all your queries about graph search feature of Facebook answered here.

Top 10 free Action games to play online

Know the top 10 action games you can find on Google+ and what all features they have on offer. Read about their gameplay, aim and a lot more and decide the one which you would like to enjoy.

How to Convert Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

Facebook recently introduced a feature by which one can change his Facebook account into an official Facebook page. So, if you want to change your Facebook profile into a page then go through this article and learn how to convert your Facebook profile into a page?

Best Free and Paid Arcade Games for Windows 8

Running Windows 8 OS and want some nice games from Arcade niche? Read our article for the best paid and free games from the Arcade niche, know their highlights and see what them made so famous to feature in our top 5 list.

Top 5 ways to grow your Facebook network

Are you looking for effective ways to build up your network on Facebook to grab maximum likes, comments and shares for your posts? Take a quick look at the article to grab few interesting tips/effective methods on how to grow your Facebook network and get maximum likes for your posts.

Top 5 Best Sports games on Facebook in 2013

Enjoy the fun of sports type game on Facebook! Know the features of the top 5 sports games on Facebook, read the review and the highlights of these games that have made it the most famous games worldwide.

Best 5 Top Trivia and Word Games on Facebook in 2013

Love to play with words or are proud of your trivia? If yes, then do give a try to some of the most famous word and trivia games on Facebook, read their features and go through their short reviews to decide the best game for you.

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