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How to WhatsApp without Adding Contact?

Need to send WhatsApp message without adding a person's mobile number to your contact list? Know how you can do that and solve this problem of adding each person, sometimes unknown person to your contact list.

Difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Do you know the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus? This article tells you the added features you get with the latter. Also the procedure to install the new WhatsApp Plus is given here.

BAT Messenger - A new secure and anonymous way to message your friends

Read this article to know about BAT messenger. A new messenger service for Android and iOS smartphones, BAT messenger differentiates itself from the famous messengers by offering more security and anonymity. Does it really deliver what it promises? Read to know the answer to this.

8 Alternatives To Facebook Messenger And WhatsApp

Don't like using Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp probably due to them being the property of Facebook? Concerned about your privacy and want to look for alternatives to these famous messaging apps? Read this article to know just the answer to your question.

How to use Facebook Messenger without Facebook account?

Are you fond of Facebook Messenger, yet do not want to use Facebook? You are not alone. There are many people who want to know how to do it. We present you a tutorial on how to use Facebook Messenger without logging in to Facebook.

How To View And Download Instagram Profile Picture In High Resolution?

Instagram has been one of the most popular among the social media networks. You can share the images and the memorable moments of your life with the extended family through the service. However, it has a few stringent policy guidelines - one of them being not able to view the profile picture of the member in full size. We present a simple option to achieve it.

Best FaceTime alternatives on Android

FaceTime is one of the popular apps on iOS. In fact, anyone migrating to Android from an iOS device misses FaceTime more than anything else. What alternatives do they have on their Android device? We will list out the best alternatives for GFaceTime on Android in the following paragraphs.

How to use WhatsApp in local Indian languages?

WhatsApp has been one of the most popular Instant Messengers you would vouch for. In fact, after being acquired by Facebook, the messenger platform has been receiving several updates enhancing its functionality. Sensing the wider Indian user base, the app has now been made available in several local Indian languages. How to use these languages on WhatsApp? Lets us find out how.

How to use Secret Conversations feature on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has been one of the most popular social messaging services. Almost all the instant messenger services have introduced the end to end encryption on their platform. Facebook too has recently joined the bandwagon. We will understand the concept of secret conversation on Facebook Messenger.

Franz - Single app for all your instant messengers -A review

Our life – both professional and personal – revolves around social media networks. Having so many apps and web tools for managing this huge list of accounts can be really harrowing. Don't worry – there is a new tool on the horizon to help you manage all your online accounts in a single application. We will analyse the Franz app in this article.

Hike: Is It Worth A Hype?

Instant Messaging has taken one more step ahead with another recent app named Hike. It is everywhere in the advertising zone, and they are all set to get the hype work for their business. The offers are lucrative and the service seems to be quite useful too. Sending SMS and sharing video and audio files now do not require an expensive mobile internet package. So for the new college goers it is undoubtedly an advantage. But will the advertising hype make way for it? Let us analyze.

Hike messenger introduces free group calling

Do you love free calling? hike messenger introduces free group calling facility which allows talking with up to 100 people. Learn how to use the free group calling facility in hike messenger.

How to Use WhatsApp on web?

So far, WhatsApp has been suffering a limitation. Users who wished to access it on their desktop had no official options. Now, WhatsApp has come up with a new web client. Let me describe the steps needed to configure the messenger on your desktop.

Whatsapp web chat: Everything you want to know

In this article, I am going to explain every thing you want to know about Whatsapp Web which will allow us to use Whatsapp from our browser. It will help everyone to use Whatsapp on computers and all other web-connected devices.

How to unlink Microsoft account from Skype

Are you looking for ways to unlink your Microsoft account from your Skype account? Read this article to find the complete step by step instructions to delink Microsoft account from the Skype account so that you can associate to another Skype account.

Stay connected with free conference calling

This resource is about how you can Stay Connected with Free Conference Calling and connect to the world through it as staying in touch with family and friends have become nowadays. So this resource is to provide knowledge about the free conference calling

Top five instant messaging apps for Android and iPhone

In this article you will get the information on top five instant messaging apps that can save money. When you have the smartphones like iPhone or any other which has android OS then it is better to make use of the data plan rather than topping up with a special SMS pack or rate cutter plan for maximum phone calls. Therefore to save your money read the following five apps.

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