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Surf in privacy without data logs

Are you wondering how to protect your privacy while surfing online? Know how to protect yourself online, what methods are available to you, and what precautions you can take yourself.

How to maintain the security of your data and systems

A security breach on your digital infra can cost you financially and affect your reputation, leading to future business loss. Know how to keep your business online security up to date and always be a step ahead of hackers.

Intrusion tools, techniques and solution

Intrusion attacks on websites or blogs are very common. To prevent your system from such attacks, you must know the possible threats. Read the article about intrusion tools, techniques and solution to prevent hackers' intrusion.

SMBs have become the primary targets for hackers

Small and Medium scale Businesses are striving for online presence to provide a better and easier service to their customers. But bad news is that SMBs have become the primary target for hackers. Using spearphishing and brute force techniques, hackers are breaking the unsecured shields of SMBs. Read on to know how and why SMBs are now the main target for hactivists.

How to save Password in Chrome manually

In this article, we will see how you can manually store your username and passwords in Google Chrome. Know how to use your browser to keep your passwords handy on any device you use with your Google account syncing the credentials across them.

Top 5 best Windows 11 backup software

Having to lose your data can be a huge nightmare. a powerful and efficient backup software is what can go a long way in supporting you in backing up your data and software more effectively. Are you looking to get access to the best options in how to pick the best Windows 11 backup software? Let us check out a few good choices

FastestVPN Review - How Fast Is It Really?

I have heard about FastestVPN many times, and what motivated me to review this brand is its customer reviews. Most of the FastestVPN reviews are good and positive. Hence, I have decided to review this brand to help you find out how fast this brand is.

Securing Microservices in a Zero Trust Environment

Microservices provide a great number of advantages over a monolithic architecture but they also make securing the stack a greater challenge. Read this article to know how to deal with this challenge and make a secure service in a Zero Trust Environment.

Best sound bars in India under 10K

Are you planning to buy a Soundbar in India and worried about the pricing? You can check out a few of the best soundbars under the 10K price bracket. If the price is an impediment for you, we bring you the best deals on quality Soundbars that you can buy within budget.

3 Ways to Configure a Proxy Server on Android

Configuring proxy servers directly from your smartphone shouldn't be a hard task. You're all set with just a few taps—whether you're using a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data. You can also use apps to do the work for you.

How to Create a Backup of Your Data on Windows

Here is how to backup and restore files on Windows 10 with Windows inbuilt features and using the best backup and recovery software. All these tips are useful to Crete backup of your data.

How to use a laptop as a monitor?

If you have seen those graphic designers who use multiple monitors, you would definitely be wondering how to use your laptop as the second monitor. Well, if you really have a laptop, there are several ways you can use your laptop as the second monitor.

Top Tips for Staying Safe on Social Media

Read this article for very simple tips to keep you safe while using different social media accounts. Know how to protect your personal information and safeguard your privacy online.

Cybersecurity guidelines for your employee computers and portable devices

You might have taken many precautions to protect your business from online threats. But have you specifically thought about the unique online threats that come with giving your employee an office laptop? Read this article to know how to mitigate online threats when providing your employee with an office computer.

How to Secure Your Online Accounts: The Ultimate Checklist

In the world where cyber criminals are earning in millions by hacking bank accounts, there are some basic precautions that digital banking users can take. Know these simple tips you must follow to keep yourself as safe as possible from online fraud and hacking.

Top Features of Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows

Are you tired of using the Avast 2015 antivirus program? You should try the Avast Free Antivirus 2016 for your Windows PC. You can expect a fresh interface, a new password manager, etc. in this new version of the popular Avast antivirus program. In this article, you would be introduced to all the features of Avast 2016 Antivirus, and even the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 Antivirus software versions.

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