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How to remove shutdown virus from your system?

Many users are suffering from shut down virus which will automatically shut down their computer system without giving any notification message and you are always in confusion how to manage and remove shut down virus from system. So, I am providing manual steps for the removal of shut down virus from computer system?

How to create an image map in HTML

This article will help you in creating the image map in html. You will also get the knowledge about the various shapes that image map supports. Also the ways to add co-ordinates in the map tag and others details of adding the map over the image are described here.

Top 10 Registry Tips for Windows XP

This is the first set of registry tips for Windows XP. You can see another top 10 registry tips in the resource section of Kindly read this article which is exclusive on

Best 10 Registry Tips for Windows XP

This article is the second set of the Windows Registry Tips. You will discover another set in the resource section of Kindly read this whole article to gain more information about registry editing of Windows XP.

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