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Hardware Installation and Setup articles for Windows.

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How to add a Bluetooth Device in Windows 7 PC

Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. In this article you will learn about how to install a blue tooth enabled device in windows 7 computer

NS-2 software installation in Windows platform simple tutorial

This article aims to guide the NS-2 software installation process in Windows platform, so that the majority of NS-2 users can complete process in the shortest possible time. Here I have given the step by step NS2 2.34 installation process with screenshots. Read the article below.

Installation Procedure of Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Looking for a tutorial on how to install Android 4.3 on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Then you must read the resource on how to install and programme your device to successfully to run the android 4.3 version on your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will now get the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version skipping the 2.2 version earlier.

How to use local network to play online games?

You have option to play games with your friends and family on computer which is on Local Network or Home Network. These Games are known as Lan Games or Online Games. If you have computer in your room and another computer in your brother's or sister's room, then you can play Lan Games with your brother or sister. You just have to upgrade your local network and make a little change in internet setup.

How to set up Parental Controls on MacBook laptop

Do you want to have full control on your Mac (Mackintosh) system? Have you heard about the Parental Controls feature of MacBook? Read the article and get to know the step by step procedure for how to setup Parental Controls on Mac PC/laptop.

How to use your Laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router using connectify software

In this article we will see how to configure our laptop/PC as a Wi-Fi router. We can configure our laptop as Wi-Fi router and get connected our other smart devices and share our internet connection via this configuration. This is very easy with the wireless adapters and free available softwares.

How to install SMPS or power supply unit in your computer?

This article will show you how to install SMPS or power supply unit of your Computer. The power supply of your PC is controlled by SMPS. When it got damaged your system fails to start, your desktop PC can exhibit any number of strange behaviors. If your PC is suffering from seemingly random reboots or doesn't start at all, the power supply unit (PSU) might be damaged.

Magic Jack VoIP Device - Guide

Magic jack is the newest voIP device which is USB device used for making phone calls from your computer. This article explains how to use Magic jack with your windows 7 computer.

Hard disk types and Installation

When you are installing a new hard disk in the CPU there are some necessary things that has to be taken into consideration. This resource will provide you information regarding that.

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