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How to get rid of Ransomware attack?

Have you ever witnessed Ransomware attack on your PC? Did you faced a situation that your files are locked or encrypted and somebody asked you to pay them money (ransom) to decrypt or unlock it? Did you pay them to get back access on your files? Do you want to get rid of these ransomware attacks without paying money? Here you can find what ransom ware attack is and how to protect your PC or Server infrastructure from Ransomware attack such as WannaCry or .locky etc...

Review of SpyShelter Stop-Logger: An efficient way to defend keyloggers

Are you looking for an ultimate protection tool to defend your system against malicious keyloggers which try to steal your personal details? Then SpyShelter Stop-Logger might be the ultimate anti-keylogger software you looking for. It provides complete protection from all types of dangerous threats, even from most sophisticated keylogger. Read this article to find out what features it can offer.

Android - the most vulnerable among mobile operating systems

Do you use a smartphone that runs on Android platform? If your answer is yes, you should definitely be careful because it is the most vulnerable OS with Master key vulnerability and 79 percent of threats are targeting Android platform. Go through this post to know why Android is considered as the most Vulnerable and how can you make your Android devices secure.

Phishing attacks - How to be safe from them

Some emails we receive contain clickable links that lead to insecure websites and may steal our personal information. A technique used to steal our personal and confidential information is called phishing and that is done especially via emails. Go through this article to know more about phishing and how to be safe from phishing attacks?

Protect Your Home and Children with Computer Monitoring Software

There are many Smartphone and computer monitoring software application or products are there; however it is difficult to know which is genuine, secure and perform better without any hindrance. If you want to protect your family and children from various malicious websites, cyber bullying & internet predators read this article, where you'll come across with some top computer monitoring software products.

Shortened URLs - harm a lot rather than helping us

Shortened URLs help us to reduce complexity in a writing a web address. These shortened URLs harm a lot rather than helping us. They have now become weapons to spread malicious software for hackers. So, beware of these malware and avoid unnecessary clicks on links with shortened URLs. Go through the article to know more about the effect of shortened URLs.

Tracking, Privacy features on internet - A study

All those internet users who have almost become paranoid and are always watching their backs must pay attention to this, since the golden age when we used to have serial killers and plain weirdoes stalking us are gone.

Check and remove Dnschanger virus from Windows and Mac OS

Get to know the details about DNS Changer Virus removing methods, scanning methods to save your PC running Windows OS, MAC OS. Below I have given full procedure to detect and eliminate the virus from your PC.

How to download Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS free?

Read this article to know more about Microsoft Security Essentials which is easy to install in system. Microsoft has provided Microsoft Security Essential services for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system such that you can protect PC against malware, spyware and other infected matter. It is freeware application which is simple to use. In this article I will explain how to get free Microsoft Security Essential and what are the key features of Microsoft Security Essentials?

Trojan Horse - Description, Problems and Solutions

Trojan Horses are big problems in today's Internet connected world. This article deals with description, problems and the solutions dealing with Trojan Horses. Kindly read the whole article to understand more.

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