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Top Features of Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows

Are you tired of using the Avast 2015 antivirus program? You should try the Avast Free Antivirus 2016 for your Windows PC. You can expect a fresh interface, a new password manager, etc. in this new version of the popular Avast antivirus program. In this article, you would be introduced to all the features of Avast 2016 Antivirus, and even the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 Antivirus software versions.

The Best Privacy Tools: Private Internet Routine!

Read this article to know the best privacy tools currently available to hide your online activities from those snoopy advertisers and agencies who want to spy on you. Protect your identity online through these amazing Privacy tools.

Avast Mobile Security - Antivirus for Android smartphones

Antivirus is an essential tool for protecting ones data and Apps.Avast Mobile Security has emerged as the best Antivirus for Android Phones.Power packed with features to secure and protect one's Android device Avast Mobile Security is truly peoples choice.This article explains in detail its various features.

Why You Need Antivirus For Your Smartphone...Yes, Really!

Confused about whether you need an Antivirus solution for your smartphone or not? Read this article to know if there is malware for smartphones, from where your smartphone might get infected and what all precautions you should take to prevent it.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android Review- Performance oriented, But Expensive

Mobile devices are indeed under threat. With an increased use of internet and the emphasis on the digital transactions are some of the features that have been lucrative enough for the hackers and those spreading malware. Among the top Antivirus solutions we have covered so far for Android, we present our last review in the series. We will check out how does McAfee Mobile Security fair in comparison with the competing tools in the genre.

Is Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus a good Mobile Antivirus Solution

Your Android smartphone and tablet needs an Antivirus solution just as your PC needs it. If you are looking for the best security solution for your Android device, ask the experts - the Kaspersky Antivirus who have already proved their mettle with the best service on the PC. In our continuing series on Antivirus solutions for Android, here is the review of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus.

Is Avast Mobile Security a good antivirus app for Android

Gone are the days when we thought an Android does not need an Antivirus solution. Of course, nothing gets installed on your Android without your permission. Even then, the recent growth in the number of malware through apps has been growing and has necessitated the need for an Antivirus solution. In our series of Android Antivirus solutions, we will review Avast Mobile Security today.

Norton Mobile Security - Malware protection for Android - A Review

When it comes to protection, you cannot afford to settle for a mediocre service. Especially when you are on Android, it assumes even more importance to take care of protection because of the malware seeping into the Android ecosystem and Google Play Store. You need to a tool that would protect you from the malware attacks and any other threats nearby. Norton Mobile Security is one such option worth the choice.

Top 5 Best Antivirus solutions for Android

Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems and should be the most vulnerable one at that. The higher user ratio should be something that would attract the hackers and scamsters alike to attack your system and gather the most personal information you may have stored on your devices.

What's New in Panda Internet Security 2016?

Panda Internet Security 2016 has been launched with a host of new features packed in a completely new elegant look that blends with that of Windows 10 and also with the devices like Mac, Android, iOS etc. But what extra mileage that it has to offer in this version, we can come to know from this brief article.

How to keep your Android device safe against malware

We all know that Android devices are more prone to cyber threats and malware attacks. But are we taking enough measures to be safe? Know how can your android devices are attacked and how can you make them secure from malware.

K7 Ultimate Security X5 and its online availability

Are you looking for a promising security program to protect your smartphone or a PC? Then K7 Ultimate Security X5 antivirus program is best for you. Read the article to know about the all new K7 Ultimate Security X5 program, its features, compatibility, online availability and review.

Avast! Free Antivirus 2015 (Avast 10) review

Avast is one of the best Antivirus programs and the version 10 has got even better. Read this article to know about the all new features of Avast 10, some FAQ's, it's compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview and an overall review.

Review of Bitdefender Total Security Suite 2015

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 is one of the popular and powerful security suite that makes sure your computer is free from all harmful malwares and viruses without slowing down your computer. Here you can read detailed review and what new functionalities it can offer for you.

5 Highly Recommended Antivirus Tools for Your System

How safe is your system from viruses, trojans and other security threats? What kind of protection you have in your system? This article includes top 5 antivirus software that are highly recommended for PCs and laptops.

Top 5 Antivirus Apps for Android Devices in 2013

Are you looking for antivirus apps for your smartphone or tablet? This article gives a list of best antivirus apps for android devices. Read this article to know the best antivirus app that suits you.

Top 10 best Windows 8 Antivirus for free download

Updated to Windows 8 but still irritated by the low immunity of Windows 8 towards malicious softwares? Then its time to know the best Antivirus softwares in market for Windows 8 that offer you the best security for no price.

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