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Find information about various Microsoft software products including Microsoft Office, Skype, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and so on.

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"System Clock Error" in Office 365

In this article, I discussed about "System Clock Error" in Office 365. This type of error occurs due to problem with setting of date, time and year. Probable cause for the error is discussed with resolution for it. If we follow the procedure mentioned in the article, "System Clock Error" can be rectified.

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Features and Usage

This resource talks about the features of Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool and also describe the various step by step procedures involved in using it with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.

Lotus Notes to Outlook PST Converter

This article suggests you to always use qualitative third-party Lotus Notes to Outlook PST converter software. You can use Export Notes software for this migration which is serving as an ideal solution for many companies.

How to recover deleted messages from Exchange Server

'Recovery of deleted messages from Exchange server' - This is the topic that we cover in this article and here is the best ever method discovered for successful recovery of deleted, damaged, or corrupted EDB mailbox data.

Best Photo Recovery software

Here in this article I'm introducing you 2 new file recovering software ie datarecovery.exe for image recovering and 4bestsoft.exe for recovering deleted Photos from iphone or Digital Camera's Memory Card.

How to install Android Emulator on Windows XP

Read this article for steps and requirements to install and run an Android Emulator on your Windows XP computer. Read how to run a virtual Android platform on your Windows XP computer and what prerequisites and post requisites are needed to successfully run an Android Emulator on your computer.

Microsoft Edge: A Better Alternative?

Now Microsoft got their brand new browser replacing Internet Explorer. Keeping in pace with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it claims to have those features incorporated along with an increasing speed and functionality. Would you consider it as a better alternative?

Should Businesses Invest in Click To Call software solutions?

Here is helpful information about how click to call software beneficial for your business. Click to call is an information technology solution that is deployed on websites that make it possible for the business to interact with their client base.

Iexpress.exe for creating self extracting packages

In this article, Learn about Iexpress.exe and its application. This is a technology from Microsoft and is used to create setup wizard for installing software.

Attack Surface Analyzer for Windows 7 Review

Attack Surface Analyzer is the same tool which is used by Microsoft to let them know what are the changes made by the installation of a new software. It is just like cataloging those changes and being ready for any risk. Now it is available for Windows 7 to the public.

Tutorial on how to install Turbo c++ on Symbian phones

In this article, I will explain how to install Turbo C++ on Symbian devices. They are s60v3 and s60v5. Also, you can compile and run .c and .cpp programs on your Symbian smart phones. Follow the steps and install Turbo c++ in Symbian mobile Phones.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software

Do you like to preserve old photos and enhance their aesthetic effect? Here is a list of some awesome photo editing software which will make your photographs look better than the originals.

Integration of Microsoft Software with iPhone, iPad and Android devices

In this article, I am going to discuss about integration of iPhone, iPad and Android applications into Microsoft infrastructure. We know that Apple uses its own operating system called iOS for its devices where as Microsoft has its own operating system called Windows. Till now, both are platform dependent applications and we can't use Microsoft applications on Apple devices.

Top 10 features & benefits of Microsoft Office 365

In this article, I will explain the Top 10 features & benefits of Microsoft Office 365. These features will help you to understand the quality and assurance of Microsoft Office 365 by Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft Lync 2010 - The Next Generation Communication Suite

This article talks about the new Microsoft Lync 2010 and its various features including product details, reviews, system requirements and benefits. Microsoft Lync 2010 is an ultimate enterprise solution for all the unified communication requirements which comes with new features and extended capabilities.

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