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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro - The best screen recorder tool for bloggers

Screen capturing tools are the necessity these days. For anyone using a computer, they are the most needed software. Especially for the bloggers dealing with technology niche, screencasts are very important when they are making a tutorial. AceThinker has been one of the best when it comes to an ace screen recorder app. Let us dig a little deeper into this unique offer from AceThinker.

Best online tools to monitor your site uptime

Have you ever been contacted by your users seeking explanation why your site is not working? In today's digital age, your site cannot afford to go down even for a short time. That is where the website uptime monitoring tools come to the fore. How about checking a few top end online tools to monitor your site uptime?

The 5 Best Hubstaff Competitors That Will Help You Boost Productivity

Are you looking to find the best Hubstaff alternative? If so, you're in the right place! In this Hubstaff competitors review, we will share the top 5 alternatives to Hubstaff that our research found to be most popular and affordable compared to the industry standard of time tracking tools.

Best Tools for Log Monitoring

In any application, logs are the lifeline to troubleshooting and bringing improvements to an application. For a developer, it is the first point of bug fixing. To make the best use of logged messages, it can be beneficial to have a professional log monitoring tool that can process the huge amount of logs and give you insightful data.

How to Turn all your Black and White photos into color images

Do you have a good collection of those vintage photos in Black and White? You may be looking to convert them into color images and make them immortal and share them so that you can enjoy them for eternity. In such a case, you may be looking to find a good Colorize app that offers an outstanding performance standard.

Ultimate List of App and Online Tools for Instagram Influencers

Read this article for an all-in-guide to the tools you require as a social media influencer on Instagram. Know the tools that can help you create beautiful images, tools to run campaigns, schedule posts and track the effectiveness of your influencer campaign.

Photo Stitcher - A tool for merging your photos and create a panorama

The ability to create a panoramic image on a smartphone camera or for that matter, any camera can be a little daunting. The panorama you create can have a serious limitation. Are you looking for a tool that can be quite effective in letting you stitch your images together and create wonderful panoramas?

2020's Best and Free Tools for Developers and Designers

Know the best tools that the best developers and designers are going to make use of this in the year 2020. Know the features of these tools, what new they offer and what all support they provide you in your product development lifecycle.

How to change Google Voice Assistant voice on Android?

Have you ever wondered why you need to stay put with the default voice on Google Assistant? Are you checking out the options for changing the Google Voice Assistant on Android? Well, here are a few options that should be helpful enough for you.

Top 5 SEO Audit Tools for 2020

If you are also planning to do an SEO audit for your website, check out the top 5 SEO audit tools for 2020 that we have mentioned here and pick any one of them.

Top 9 Marketing Automation Tools To Consider

Read this article to know the automation tools available for your online marketing campaign. Know the various features these tools offer, shortlist the ones you want and choose the right tool for your business.

How to do a reverse image search on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. In fact, you would be impressed with the umpteen possibilities offered by Instagram. But, you also run the risk of your images and videos being plagiarised. How to find if you are suffering any of those issues?

ProProfs Projects - The Project management software review

Businesses, organizations, and institutions have a host of projects under process simultaneously. Managing all of them together can indeed be one of the huge tasks. A centralized solution that takes care of all your projects should work as one of the best solutions to manage them all together.

Adobe InDesign CS6: Features, pros and cons

InDesign CS6 is a substantial new version with a number of impressive features. What’s particularly interesting, if unsurprising, is that the majority of these are directly related to digital publishing and the task of re-purposing designs for different media.

Top 5 best UPI apps in market in 2019

Have you ever given a thought to the concept where a mobile wallet serving as your bank? How about a situation where you will use your smartphone as a counter at the bank to make payments? That is where a UPI app comes to the fore. Let us check out the top five UPI apps popular in the market in 2019.

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