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Top 20 free and essential software for your PC or Laptop

Whenever we are using PC or laptop many of us face the problems of data loss and wondered how to recover the lost data? Also there are some tools which are essential for your PC or Laptop other than operating system without which you can not run your system smoothly. Here is the list of top essential and free software for your laptop or PC.

How to install "Rainmeter" in Windows 7 operating system

In this article, I discussed about "Rainmeter" application which is a desktop enhancement tool. It is a third party application. It is not developed by Microsoft. Features of Rainmenter and how to use Rainmenter is discussed in the article.

Personalize your lockscreen with 91 Locker - DIY & Wallpaper : Android app review

Customize your lockscreen with not just a good quality wallpaper of you and your loved ones but also with useful tools and quick action items which makes sure your lockscreen is just not a screen but a productive accessory on your phone's real estate using 91 Locker - DIY & Wallpaper. Read our review and know the features and highlights of this app.

Speed Up PC with Advanced System Optimizer 3: A PC Utility and Registry Repair Software

Are you looking for speed up your PC? Then read this article to know about the Best PC utility and registry repair software in the world. Partnered with Microsoft, 'Advanced System Optimizer 3' is an India (Jaipur) based company's product, which impressed million users throughout the world. From this article you'll be able to know its features, performance, safety issues, and many more information completely.

How to install Microsoft Bing Desktop ?

This resources provide information about How to install Microsoft Bing Desktop and what are the features of Bing Desktop? Microsoft Bing Desktop is awesome desktop enhancement utility for your Windows 7, to know more read following article.

Best free tools for Windows 7 operating system

In this article, I am going to discuss about "Best free tools for Windows 7" operating system. There are several free tools available in the internet, but choosing "the best" one's are difficult. In this article I am going to discuss about the features and usage of the tools.

Top virtualization platforms for Windows XP to Windows 7

Virtualization is first choice for more than 80 percent of companies because they offer effective utilization of system resources by sharing two different approaches under same environment. We can even perform the virtualization in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 but require downloading the virtualization application software from internet. In this article, I am providing a list of top virtualization platform for Windows operating system versions greater than Windows XP.

Compare Office 365 with iCloud

Apple recently announced iCloud, the new cloud platform from Apple. In this article, I will compare the features available in Office 365 with the Apple's iCloud.

Top 10 Windows 7 Gadgets

Find information on the best Windows 7 Gadgets in this article. I will describe the top 10 desktop gadgets for Windows 7.

Top 10 Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

Here you can find The Top 10 Windows 7 sidebar gadgets. This will add the more features to your windows 7. Also, simple steps to install them in your sidebar.

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