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Hiding last seen timestamp on Whatsapp Messenger app

Is it possible to disable the "Last seen" timestamp visible on your Whatsapp profile? Do you want to keep away some friends from knowing about your Whatsapp presence? Please read further to know how to hide 'last seen' information on Whatsapp. This article provides some useful tips to maintain privacy on Whatsapp with regards to 'last seen' status.

3 Best Ways to Factory Reset iPad Without Password in 2022

Dealing with plenty of passwords every day is quite overwhelming. If you completely forgot what Apple ID or screen password you are using on the iPad, this might seem a catastrophe. But don't be too quick to panic! There are sure-fire ways to factory reset without your ID or password.

How Netflix detects password sharing and how to avoid it?

It's not at all good news for Netflix subscribers as the streaming giant has finally started a crackdown on password sharing. With this crackdown, many questions must be bothering you about the service. Therefore we have tried to cover these queries including how Netflix detects password sharing and how can you avoid it.

How to use technology for a good night sleep?

Have you ever wondered if technology can also be used for a good night's sleep? Yes, indeed. In this article, we have shared all the details of how technology can be helpful for both the quality and quantity of sleep.

Easy Android phone settings to make them friendly for senior citizens

Many Android devices offer advanced features that may be confusing to seniors who are just trying to make phone calls and send text messages. Do your parents or grandparents also have trouble understanding their Android phones? Let's make things easier for them with these simple Android settings and launchers.

How to block calls from unknown numbers on Android and iPhones?

Unwanted calls are one of the downsides of always having a phone in your pocket. You could make the call go unanswered, but that would still be annoying. Android or iPhone users can avoid this by blocking unknown numbers. Here are all the ways you can block unknown numbers on an Android and iPhone.

How to check if something was written by ChatGPT like AI?

Are you looking for ways to detect AI-generated content? Have you had enough of your writer(s) consistently generating content using AI? If so, check out this article to learn about popular AI content detection tools if that's the case.

The Internet of Threats: Tips to Secure Your IoT Devices

This article offers a detailed guide on securing IoT devices, including network segmentation, disabling unnecessary features, using VPN and firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and security software. Learn how to protect personal information from cyber threats. Are you concerned about securing your IoT devices? Read more to find the best tips.

Things to Consider Before Buying an NFT

If you looking to buy NFT, you need to understand exactly what it is, what are the regulations (in any) surrounding it, and some important tips you must take from this blog post before buying an NFT.

Electronic tech gifts for your brother this Bhai Dooj

It's no secret that you are closely associated with your brother! There is nothing that can compare to the happiness of your brother. We've put together a list of the best tech gadgets for the best buddy in the world to make them smile on this Bhai Dooj.

How to enable or disable task manager in Windows 7

The task manager is very powerful tool for troubleshooting and monitoring in Windows 7. The task manager can be either enabled or disabled using group policy. This article explains how to enable or disable the task manager in windows 7.

Cryptocurrency Scams: What You Should Know

Cryptocurrency scams have become too common due to their ease of transaction, anonymity and wallet creation. Read this article to learn what are the most common red flags for these scams and how you can protect yourself from them.

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