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Insurance plans for Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac

Searching for information on coverage for your Apple product? This article provides information on the AppleCare+ plan for iPads, iPhones and iPods. You will also get details of the SquareTrade plan for these products with which you can compare it.

4 popular Wake Up Alarms smartphone apps

Are you searching for a smartphone app to wake up you like an alarm clock? This article provides information on Android wake up apps. You will get details of each app's unique features, tech specs and where to get it, as also user feedback and reviews.

Top 3 Godrej electronic safes

Looking for inexpensive electronic safes online? This article features 3 electronic safes offered by Godrej. Know the tech specs of each safe, unique features, price tags and where to buy them online.

Top 5 most popular & latest fashion apps

Are you looking for style and fashion apps to help you look good? This article provides a list of the latest 5 fashion apps that have become popular with users looking for current fashion trends. The apps help you to browse, select and purchase latest designs of clothes, footwear, bags and accessories.

How to do Advance Tax e-payment online

Want to pay your advance tax online? This article provides the step by step procedure to paying your advance tax online at the IT Department official e-payment website.

Most popular Moto G covers at Amazon India

Looking for cheap covers for your Moto G smart phone? This article provides a comprehensive list of over ten popular Moto G first and second generation covers which are currently available at e-commerce portal Amazon India. Check out the unique features and price of each.

Features and price of TomTom GPS sports watches

Looking for a good GPS sports watch? This article provides detailed information on the new range of TomTom GPS sports watches now available in India too. You will know the distinct features of each as well as the price.

Where to buy Micromax Yu Yureka screen guards online

Looking for a list of Micromax Yu Yureka screen protector brands? This article provides a comprehensive list of brands selling Micromax Yu Yureka screen protectors online at various shopping websites. Know the features of each as well as their price tag.

2 unique video capturing apps for smart devices

Searching for unique smartphone apps for capturing a video? This article provides information on two such apps, the Night Video Camera+ app and the Horizon Camera app. Know the features of each of these apps and how good they are in helping you to capture a video with your smartphone.

Unique video editing apps for smartphones

Eager to make a good video from your collage of photos? This article provides information on some great smartphone apps which you can utilize just for this very purpose.

Unique smartphone back covers for Xiaomi Mi4

This article provides a list of interesting back covers for the Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone. The unique aspects of each cover along with their prices are provided. You can also get an idea of what the cover will look like on your Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone through the images provided in the article.

Food and nutrition fun apps for kids

Would you like your kid to know about fruits and vegetables? This article provides information on apps which are fun for kids to know names of fruits & vegetables and also learn nutritional facts from some of the apps in a fun manner.

Vivo X5Max vs Oppo N1: compare the features

This article provides a comparison between the unique selling points of the Vivo X5Max and the Oppo N1 smartphones. You can check out head to head the general looks as well as their inbuilt features which make them unique in their own respective ways.

Food safety mobile Android app for food businesses in India

Need quick updates on your smartphone of FSSAI regulations? This article provides information of the new FoodSafetyHelpline app for those in the food business sector. The app provides the latest developments of FSSAI regulations as also a self-inspection tool.

Sleep Tracking gadgets 1: wearable smart devices

Searching for a good wearable device to track your sleep cycles? This article provides information on 2 popular devices, a watch and a mask, which can help to monitor and analyze your sleep patterns.

3 most popular apps for selfies

This article provides information on the features of three popular apps for smartphones for selfie fans. These are Frontback, Selfie Studio and FaceSnap.

4 popular camera smartphones for selfies

Want to know some popular smartphones for taking a selfie? This article lists 4 of them along with details of their special features which make them ideal for taking selfie shots.

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