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How to clear cache and browsing history with Microsoft Edge

Clearing your browsing history, cookies, form data, tracking permissions and other data is made easier with the Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan. Learn how you can clear your cache and other data with the new browser to replace Internet Explorer.

7 of the best smartphones under Rs.20,000

What's a good smartphone for under 20k that offers dual SIM and a long battery life? Which is the best smartphone for photography, at an affordable price? Are there any water-resistant handsets that aren't expensive? Get your pick of smartphones here.

Best shopping apps to find best deals and offers in Dubai, UAE

Shopping apps in Dubai help you get the best discounts, prices, deals and more. Use these apps to shop for smartphones, cameras and electronic goods. Find the best deals at restaurants or order a meal. Buy used products or sell them. Rent a Porsche or buy groceries. Come discover these wonderful apps in Dubai that make shopping more fun than it is meant to be.

The best online stores in Dubai for mobile phones and electronic goods

Dubai is a shopping hub that gives customers an out of the world shopping experience. But, did you know that Dubai has a flourishing online retail business? You can shop for mobile phones and electronic goods on trusted online stores. Discover the best e-commerce websites in Dubai and what they have to offer.

How to create your own Windows 10 Bootable Drive or Disk

Microsoft claims Windows 10 to be the "The Best Windows Ever." The featured article provides the reader with instructions on how to create a bootable DVD disk or USB drive to implement the free Windows 10 upgrade for multiple systems quickly.

How to downgrade from Windows 10 to a previous version

So, you downloaded Windows 10, but don't like what it has to offer. You want to revert to your old operating system - Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, but don't know how. Well, here's a guide that will show you how.

How to fix errors that occur while upgrading to Windows 10

With Microsoft providing current Windows users a free upgrade to Windows 10, there is a lot of excitement among users testing out the experience. The featured article informs readers how to fix errors that are commonly encountered during the upgrade process.

What privacy controls does Microsoft Edge give you?

Microsoft Edge offers InPrivate browsing, the ability to toggle what your browser does with cookies, pop-ups, passwords, form entries, protected media licenses, and websites that track your browsing data.

How to use Caret Browsing on Microsoft Edge

Use caret browsing on Microsoft Edge to be able to navigate web pages with your keyboard. Learn how to select Caret Browsing to be able to copy chunks of text more precisely by moving from letter to letter and line to line using the text cursor.

How to annotate web pages with Microsoft Edge

No other major browser before Microsoft Edge has let you annotate what you read on your browser. With the annotation tool, you can now highlight text, use the pen tool for drawing, type text notes, save clips and share your notes as images.

How to use Microsoft Edge browser features

Microsoft Edge is going to be a modern browser, with standard support, seamless experience, faster speeds, and unique features like a personal assistant and annotation of web pages. Here is an overview of the many things possible with the browser.

Steps for National Mobile Number Portability (NMNP)

Learn how to enjoy national mobile number portability and retain your mobile number no matter which service provider you subscribe to. Change circles and switch service providers with ease and keep your old number no matter where you move in India.

Things you should know about Microsoft Edge Browser

The article gives readers an overview of Microsoft's new Edge Browser. Apart from shedding light on the development of Edge, the article provides a comparison with contemporary browsers and shows why it is considered to Microsoft's trump card to re-establish its place in the web browser domain.

How to correct mistakes in online tax returns

Learn how to file an online request for rectification of errors as apparent in the income tax records, under section 154 of the Income Tax Act, as well as the provisions available for rectification under the Act.

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