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How to secure your folders through Batch files

Are you looking for a way to secure the files on your computer? Are you looking for a way to secure your files without any software? A batch file described in this article will help you to secure your files.

Top 5 Best Password Managers

Managing different passwords for multiple sites is not an easy task. Password manager apps can be used to manage and automate logins for different sites. In this article, we discuss password managers that you can use on desktop, mobile and web.

Top Features of Avast 2016 Free Antivirus for Windows

Are you tired of using the Avast 2015 antivirus program? You should try the Avast Free Antivirus 2016 for your Windows PC. You can expect a fresh interface, a new password manager, etc. in this new version of the popular Avast antivirus program. In this article, you would be introduced to all the features of Avast 2016 Antivirus, and even the differences between Avast 2015 and Avast 2016 Antivirus software versions.

Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum: A Tech Domestic Help?

Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner has arrived in the market with a wonderful app through which you can control the automatic device through your smartphone. You can make it work sitting far away from the device and it has won quite good reputation after going through the vacuum cleaning tests. Would you like to bring it home and give a push to your existing mode of house cleaning? Check out whether it is really the one which can serve your purpose.

The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat: A Review

Nest Learning Thermostat is a home automation thermostat from Nest, which has been taken over by Google and thus has got a bog launch this January. The market was ready for it and people got curious across the globe since the big bang launch of this second generation device. Here is a glimpse on its features and performance that can make it easy for you to decide whether it is going to be your pick.

Top 3 Godrej electronic safes

Looking for inexpensive electronic safes online? This article features 3 electronic safes offered by Godrej. Know the tech specs of each safe, unique features, price tags and where to buy them online.

How Smart does Honeywell's Lyric Smart Thermostat work ?

In today's busy schedule our nuclear families are struggling with security issues with crime rising at an alarming rate. Here technology can come in to your rescue. Honeywell has been working quite long in the field of security systems and now they have launched their new Lyric Home Security system which promises a number of latest feature upgrade. Get a glimpse if that can make your home that smarter and safer.

How to choose the Best Home Automation System?

Security has always been an issue to every household and even in office premises. Technology has come forward to address such issues with automated home and office security systems which has changed the definition of security today. Now you don't need to depend on human vigilance to safeguard your home or your office. Before you go for one, you might feel like having a check on which features you should focus on based o your needs.

What's New in Panda Internet Security 2016?

Panda Internet Security 2016 has been launched with a host of new features packed in a completely new elegant look that blends with that of Windows 10 and also with the devices like Mac, Android, iOS etc. But what extra mileage that it has to offer in this version, we can come to know from this brief article.

Website Filtering using OpenDNS

Content filtering service helps protect your network from Phishing and malware attacks. OpenDNS is one such service that protects your computer from botnet, phishing and malware attacks. If you wish to filter your home network from such websites then OpenDNS can be really helpful. In this article, we'll see how to setup OpenDNS service on your Windows computer.

Review of Driveway Alert System from 1byone

I was looking for an alarm system for my home and came across the Driveway Alert System from 1byone. Read this review to learn more about my experience with this simple home security system.

Know about Limited Paypal account access | PayPal Account access is Limited

Have you seen message “Your Paypal account access is Limited” If yes, then you need to know solution of Limited Paypal access. For new account holders with limited access, this error occurs- “Electronic funds transfer not allowed to limited access accounts”. Once you remove the limited account access restriction then you will gain access and easily withdraw funds from Paypal to bank account. Learn how to remove Limited account access restriction in Paypal.

Notion Sensors: Does it make a home really Smart?

Notion Sensors are a small home sensor units which claims to protect your home with the smartest moves. Loop Labs has launched this for better security measures to address many security issues through the smartphone. It is best utilized when you are away from home and want to know whether it is still safe. We all were eagerly waiting for such a solution. Is Notion Sensor the answer to all our worries regarding our home? Let's find out.

Introduction to Pentesting

The advantages of Pentesting are that it allows understanding and identifying the vulnerable and exploitable security threats of the target points, helps in maintaining the image of the corporate and in turn restore the loyalty of the customer in the companies. Further the organizations are able to meet the regulatory requirements through Pentesting and avoid fines and costs related to recovery from security breaches.

How to setup a Proxy Server Using pfSense

In this article I will explain, how to setup a transparent proxy server using pfSense and I will explain how to configure it for best results and how to generate custom reports for the proxy server.

How to keep your Android device safe against malware

We all know that Android devices are more prone to cyber threats and malware attacks. But are we taking enough measures to be safe? Know how can your android devices are attacked and how can you make them secure from malware.

Smaller Firms – An Easy Target For Hackers

Since big companies can manage a stronger security system for their data, they are saved from the horrors of hacking; however, this is bad news for the small and medium sized companies as this means they are being targeted by hackers more and more now.

Best of Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking online for free

Learn to become an ethical hacker and hack like a pro. Clear your concepts regarding difference between a hacker and a cracker along with a list of websites to learn hacking online for free. Disclaimer: Use this free information at your own risk and you are 100% responsible for your actions.

Everyone can know about your attitude just by analyzing your web activities

Each thing we read or write in the websites are constantly being monitored. One can know your attitude and behavior just by checking what you "like" and comment in others post. Even what you surf in the browsers are monitored. So this gives a general idea about a person without even looking at him.

K7 Ultimate Security X5 and its online availability

Are you looking for a promising security program to protect your smartphone or a PC? Then K7 Ultimate Security X5 antivirus program is best for you. Read the article to know about the all new K7 Ultimate Security X5 program, its features, compatibility, online availability and review.

Avast! Free Antivirus 2015 (Avast 10) review

Avast is one of the best Antivirus programs and the version 10 has got even better. Read this article to know about the all new features of Avast 10, some FAQ's, it's compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview and an overall review.

Review of SpyShelter Stop-Logger: An efficient way to defend keyloggers

Are you looking for an ultimate protection tool to defend your system against malicious keyloggers which try to steal your personal details? Then SpyShelter Stop-Logger might be the ultimate anti-keylogger software you looking for. It provides complete protection from all types of dangerous threats, even from most sophisticated keylogger. Read this article to find out what features it can offer.

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