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Bluetooth 5.1 introduced with new features and enhancements

Are you one of those people who use Bluetooth wireless connectivity in your day to day life. Well, recently introduced Bluetooth 5.1 can make your life effortless with its latest features and latest enhancements. Keep reading to know more on Bluetooth v5.1.

Health hazards of using Bluetooth headsets

Are Bluetooth headsets safe to use? Is Bluetooth causing any damage to our health? What are the advantages of using Bluetooth devices? We have conducted a study on the impact of Bluetooth headsets on health. The results we found will answer all the above questions.

How to buy a good Bluetooth headset?

Are you looking for a Bluetooth device for your phone? Bluetooth headsets are an easy and convenient way of making phone calls. Read our Bluetooth headset buying guide to choose a device with minimum health hazards.

Top 5 bluetooth Over Ear headsets for the best quality audio in 2018 in India

Tired of the polluted bass, compromised mids and lows that just ruin your music experience? So am I and that's why I decided to give it a break and look for headphones which can give me that audio that the recording artists want me to hear. Read my experience with the top 5 headphones that I would recommend to you in India.

Best 5 bluetooth headsets below Rs.3000 in India for 2013

It is not an easy task to find the top ones among the hundreds of bluetooth headsets available in the markets. Don't worry, I have done that job for you. Here I have given everything about the best 5 bluetooth headsets that fall below the budget of Rs.3000 in India. Under this price range, you can have a value-for-money headset that fits with your needs. Read on.

Wireless Gaming Mouse: How to Choose the Right One?

The Wireless Gaming Mice have been there quite a while, but they were not rated high in performance in comparison to the wireless ones. But in last few days, these wireless gamin mice have reappeared with a whole new set of improvements which made them stand equally on board with the wired counterparts. If you are up to get yourself one, check out these essential features which should be considered while choosing one.

Review of SP1 Bluetooth speakers from Antec - Are they any good?

If you are looking to buy bluetooth speakers for your personal use, have a look at this device before you make a buying decision. This compact little device gives other branded speakers out there, a run for your money!

Features & Reviews of Bluetooth headsets in India

Bluetooth headsets make life easy. This article will discuss five cool Bluetooth headsets: Jabra Headset EasyGo, Plantronics M100, Nokia BH-111, Jabra Stone2 and Nokia J. Read on the article to find the features, reviews, pros & cons of these devices.

Top 10 Wireless Bluetooth Headsets in India in 2014

Check out the cool Wireless Bluetooth Sets In India that achieved the top 10 ratings. If you are planning to get one this new year may be this shortlisted information makes you choose the right one before you step in the retail outlets.

Top Bluetooth devices to invest in for your Tablet

Technological advancements make use of devices more convenient for users. Bluetooth technology is one of the best advancements ever made and currently available on various devices like mobile phones and laptops. If you want to experience this technology, know the top Bluetooth devices you must invest together with your tablet device and boost its functionality.

Cheap Bluetooth headsets available at online shopping websites

If you wish to know more about cheap Bluetooth headset deals offered by different online shopping websites in India, this article will help you. In this article we will discuss about different online shopping websites which house Bluetooth headsets at a low cost.

How does a Bluetooth headset work?

Bluetooth technology allows electronic wireless communication. Using this technology, do you know how Bluetooth headsets work? Read the article to know the working of Bluetooth headsets.

Review of some best Bluetooth Headsets in the market

This article on bluetooth headsets describes some of the best headsets available in the market. The price, specifications and drawbacks of some bluetooth headsets are also mentioned in this article. This article may help you in choosing a better headset.

Best low price Bluetooth headsets available online

Are you looking for hi-tech Bluetooth headsets at lowest price? Read the article to know details of the best Bluetooth headsets available online at lowest price. I hope this article will help you make a smarter choice.

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