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Best Waterproof Headphones to take for Swimming in India

Are you looking for headphones that would be the best for your swimming sessions? Well, we have been carrying headphones to our work out sessions to enthuse your working sessions. How about carrying a waterproof headphone to your swimming session as well? This article is an attempt at letting you choose the best waterproof headphones for your swimming sessions.

Best selling external hard drives in India

Looking for the best selling external hard drives of reputed brands? Check out this article to get a list of the top 5 best sellers in the category of external hard drives at the shopping portal Amazon India.

Envent LiveTune 505 Bluetooth Headset with Mic: Review

Read the review of Envent Bluetooth headphones LiveTune 505. Know about the build quality, audio quality, Inline Remote options and battery backup. Check out our recommendation and make an informed decision about this headset.

Top 5 Headphones in India below Rs.1,000

Do you have a PC and searching for headphones but got stacked up by headphones high price then you are at the write place today we have Top 5 Headphones below Rs.1,000 in India

Top 5 wired headsets on below Rs. 5,000

Shut the world out when you listen to your favourite music through these wonderful headsets in now available below the budget of Rs.5000. Know what makes them featured in our top 5 list.

Top 5 wireless gaming mouse in India

Into gaming and want a mouse that works flawlessly with your hand? Here we bring you the best wireless gaming mouse to you that work without lags and give you an amazing control over your gaming experience.

Affordable Headphones priced at under Rs.10,000

Bass, sound quality, comfort, light weight, blue tooth and an affordable price - if these are the features that you are looking for in a headset, then there is an entire list of products to choose from. Quality comes with a price and the headphones listed here range between 2500+ to under 10,000.

You can now text your Speakers "Good Night" - The LG Wi-Fi Flow Speakers Review

LG's latest Music Flow series of products take smart homes to the next level. Three new speakers (plus a battery-powered speaker and three new sound bars) can be connected to your iOS or Android smartphone for controlling your custom home audio system. A twist to the product line is the ability to text your speakers using LG's Music Flow mobile app.

Top 5 budget headphones on Amazon India below Rs.1,000

Are you willing to buy a headphone? Is your budget is too low? Here we have brought up for you top 5 headphones below Rs. 1000 that are available on Amazon India. Though the prices are low, performance of these headphones are quite great.

Review - AsiaPower Wireless Mouse Powerclick 198

Looking for a good quality budget wireless mouse? Read our review of AsiaPower's PowerClick 198 wireless mouse. Design, build quality, price and its performance review with pictures included in this review.

Klipsch HD Theater 600 or Polk TL1900 Blackstone 5.1?

Read this article to know which speaker is better among Klipsch HD Theater 600 and Polk Blackstone TL 1900. With the features of both the speakers almost same there are a few minute things which tip the scale in favor of one speaker against the other. Read on to know what it is.

PS4 review: Should you buy one?

PS4 has finally launched in Indian and other worldwide territories after a prolonged tease of more than 1 year. But is the wait worth it? Let's find out in this review.

Top 5 headphones below 20K on Amazon India

Are you looking for portable headphones below 20K that provide an amazing audio experience? If you don't spending a few extra bucks to get high-quality headphones that will last a long time, then, you can read further. Here, I have discussed about some of the best headphones available at below Rs.20,000.

Top 5 speakers below Rs 5,000 in India

Check out the best speakers you can buy in India within the price range of Rs.5,000. See what cool features they have and what is the reason that they have been features in our list of top 5 speakers.

Top 5 wireless Bluetooth headsets below Rs.5000

When you are on the move and you want your music to be on wherever you go, the high-end Bluetooth Headsets available in Amazon can really serve your purpose. Check out the cool features of these headsets now available in price tags below 5000 bucks.

Top 5 wireless gaming keyboard on

Check out the best gaming keyboards on which promise to take your gaming experience to the next level. Know what makes them apt for gaming and what all they have to offer.

Top 5 external hard drives below Rs.5,000

Are you looking to buy an external hard drive? Read the article to know the features and prices of top five external hard drives. All these products are on sale at amazon, at big discounts.

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