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Advantages of Using Fast Charging USB Cables

Read this article to know the advantages of Fast Charging USB cables and what all other things you should look for in a smartphone to make sure your phone gives juice for a long time.

5 Ways the smartphones need to get smarter

Smartphones! The gadget that has entered and probed into almost every individuals life including children. But are we leading a really smart lifestyle with the help of the smartphones? Well, I feel it in a slightly different way. Please check out if you share the views or have something else to say.

What is occupying your hard drive without your knowledge and how to get rid of it

As phones and tablets have adapted to our life, a problem that seemed to have eased in traditional computers has reappeared on mobile platforms: the lack of space to store data. So now the added difficulty is that we need to free not only of our computers but also our phones and tablets. And you can not fix it lightly with an external hard drive and some organization, because sometimes you do not even know what are filling the storage space. Let's see how to fix it.

Extend battery life of Smartphones

Learn some tips to extend and increase your Android Smartphone or iPhone's battery life.

Handbrake: A perfect tool for putting a handbrake to your video file size for free

Handbrake is an open source tool for video transcoding. It can covert video from and into a wide range of video formats. The best thing about Handbrake is that it is freely available for download. This tool can convert video files to the format you want by selecting the preset you want of Android or iOS. Read on to know more about the features and the pros and cons of this tool.

How to enable or disable Direct Memory Access in Windows 7

Direct Memory Access (DMA) is one of the features which allows hardware devices to access the memory without intervention of the CPU so that data can be directly transferred between memory and the device. This article explains how to enable or disable DMA in Windows 7 computer.

Speed Up Windows 7 Performance

This article explains How to improve the performance of Windows 7 and how to optimize the Windows 7 operating system to work better using Windows utilities and some other hidden features of Windows 7

Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Are you looking for some free photo editing software to make your photos and pictures pretty? There are many paid tools, but in this article I will discuss some of the best free photo editing utilities.

Show hidden files in Windows 7

Windows hides some critical files from the normal so that accidental damage to the files can be avoided. Learn how to change the file explorer settings to view and show hidden files.

System Restore in Windows 7 - A guide

System Restore is a built in feature by Windows that helps roll back your system to a stable state when major changes are made in the system and it goes wrong. This article describes the systme restore facility in Windows 7.

UAC not working in Windows 7

Some times you cannot change the user account control (UAC) settings in your windows 7 computer. This articles explains how we can fix the problem with UAC settings.

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