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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro - The best screen recorder tool for bloggers

Screen capturing tools are the necessity these days. For anyone using a computer, they are the most needed software. Especially for the bloggers dealing with technology niche, screencasts are very important when they are making a tutorial. AceThinker has been one of the best when it comes to an ace screen recorder app. Let us dig a little deeper into this unique offer from AceThinker.

4 Business Problems an ERP System can solve

Read this article to know why you should consider upgrading your company Legacy systems to ERP systems. See the problems that ERP systems solve and why it is important from a business perspective to use these systems.

How to use AdobeSign to E-Sign Your Documents?

E- Sign or Electronic signing of documents has been one of the newer range of services and is being widely used. In fact, signing your documents is indeed a difficult task and E-Signing is what has simplified the concept completely. One of the excellent options one can use for signing your documents electronically is AdobeSign.

Microsoft Flow - An alternative to IFTTT?

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Flow. It has been touted as the software giant's answer to IFTTT. The service was earlier soft launched. Now it has been made available for all users. Let us find a few more details about the service.

Difference between eBook and PDF

There is misconception about eBook and PDF. This article describes the differences between both the formats. eBooks, generally known as electronic books, have acquired their name from the fact that when opened it behaves like the traditional book we are familiar with.

Best free "Device Driver update" software for Windows 7 operating system

In this article, I am going to discuss about Best free Device Driver update software for Windows 7 operating system. Different type of tools are available in the internet to update system drivers automatically. Few of them are discussed in the article.

Top 5 Travel Products from CES released in 2013

In this article, I have mentioned about some best travel products from Consumer Electronic Show (CES) released in year 2013. If you are confused in which product to buy for your travel trips, then go through this article and get acknowledged about the top 5 travel gadgets released in 2013 including their top features, price tags and much more.

Lookeen - Outlook Search Product review

Read the review of Lookeen - an Outlook add-on that can make your search much more efficient. Know about its other features which help you to increase your business productivity by optimizing your email usage.

Workflowy review: Take a Note Of It

Today we are all packed up with loads of work. At times it is almost like solving out a tricky puzzle. Few Apps are now ready to help you with their simple solutions. Workflowy is a note-making app which claims to make your work done in a smooth flow. Check out whether it can really help you out.

Be On Time with Pomodoro. Me - Time Management app review

At this jet age, we are all in a struggle for time and increased responsibilities. To help us out few endeavors have taken place among which Pomodoro.me is a popular one. It is a Calendar & Time Management Software based on pomodoro technique. It claims to increase Productivity by a better time management procedure. Check out how it does, and see whether it can make you work faster than before.

Grooveshark: Can it Tune your Office Atmosphere?

Today, tuning up the office atmosphere is on the rise. To de-stress the people working in the office premises, using a music app is one of the most favourite ways. Grooveshark is one such music streaming app that is being used quite regularly in many organizations across the globe. Let's see if its features are lucrative enough to tune up your office atmosphere as well.

Feedly: Did you get your latest news feed today?

Feedly has become quite popular as a news aggregating tools as a replacement for the Google Reader. It can be installed in your iPhone, iPad running iOS 4.3 or later or iPod touch to go through the latest news on the go. As one of the tools for increasing office productivity Feedly can be listed if you are already not using any other news app of your choice.

Review of BitZipper: A data compression program with handy features

Are you looking for an efficient data compression program that is user friendly and feature rich? If so, have a look on BitZipper, which features a lot of useful and advanced features that meet your needs. Read the full review of BitZipper and find out the features it has to offer.

Winnovative Free HTML to PDF converter reviews

If you are looking for free Html to Pdf converters, you have reached the right place. In this article, I will discuss my experience with the Winnovative Free Html to Pdf converter utility.

Top and best tools for tracking keyword rankings

Keyword rankings tools are very useful to monitor your blog or website in terms of traffic and revenue. So what are the best keyword rankings tools available? Simply read this article and get to know some of the best tools which can be used for tracking the rankings of your keyword.

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