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Best Free DVD Ripper - Fast Rip DVD to Any Video Formats or Devices

Do you have a few old DVDs lying in your closet and you do not want to throw them away. How about an option to create a digital backup of those DVDs? Well, this will involve ripping your DVDs into the formats that can play on a wide range of devices including MP4, AVI, or MPEG 2 to name just a few. If you are looking to explore those options, you have a few options to check out.

Top 5 free Video Editors for MP4 Videos

Video Editors are available dime a dozen. If you look ahead for the best video editors for editing your MP4 videos, choosing the best one may not be an easy task. From that perspective, we thought of listing out the top 5 Video Editors for MP4 videos.

Top DVD Region Killer Tools

Almost all commercial DVDs come with a Region code. This is, in fact, a way of protecting Digital Rights. The Region Codes on the DVDs would make the DVDs playable only on the DVD players that come with the same region code. How can you remove this region code from your DVDs? Let us check a few Region Killer Tools you can employ.

How to Convert Videos to the Right Format for iMovie

Got a movie format that your iMovie software doesn't support? Rest easy, there are many tools which can convert your media file into an iMovie friendly version. Know which tools are these and how you can get started using them.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - Don't Miss this Giveaway!

Videos have come out of age. Even those videos we shoot on our smartphones have been of absolutely high quality. That would mean a larger size of videos. What if you need to convert your videos into a smaller size? WinX HD Video Converter should be your good option in that perspective.

Rip DVD 2018: How to Save DVD Full Content to PC

DVDs have been the staple media which are used to store data. In fact, almost all of us have our favorite DVD collection. It obviously consists of our choicest collection of movies and songs. In the current digital age, we would want to rip the DVDs and store them on our PCs. One such able software popular for ripping DVDs is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. We will go through the features of the tool in the following paragraphs.

Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro - The Powerful DVD Ripper

DVD Ripping is one of the tasks that we normally indulge in these days. Physical drives like DVDs are almost on their way out and we tend to save almost all our data on our computers and laptops. If you are looking for a smoother experience in DVD ripping, you can definitely go for possibly the best tool in its genre - Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro.

Wondershare Filmora 7.8 Review

A multipurpose video editor with a number of characteristics of all kinds that would make video editing more intuitive.

Best Wireless Headphones from Bose in 2016

If you are a music lover or a musician and simply looking for the best audio experiences while you are on the move, the age old brand BOSE has it all. Clubbing the best audio quality and the latest wireless technology, you get a range of products of wireless headphones that are hardly resistible. Check out from the list below which lures you the most.

DVDFab DVD Copy software Review

Read the review of DVDFab DVD Copy software, what this software is capable of and how it can help you make backup of your premium disc data.

BluffTitler 12 - an amazing tool for creating video intros

BluffTitler is a great way to instantly create an eye-catchy video intro for your video content. Video intros do a great task of helping you get the attention of the viewer. So, you should always use a really great video intro. To make your task of creating intros easy and fast you need to use BluffTitler. Read on to learn more about it.

EZTalks - Premium quality free video conferencing software - Review and Comparison

Read the review of EZTalks - a professional quality video conferencing software that offers much more features than any other video calling software can have. See how it increases your professional productivity by making the conferences you hold a time of discussing important things rather than trying to hear each over that annoying disturbance that your conferencing software can't deal with.

A detailed review of FL Studio 12 - an incredible DAW

FL Studio is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) developed by Image-Line. The latest version of FL Studio has a plethora of new and interesting features that can help you create any type of music within no time. Read on to know more about the features of FL Studio 12 and also the pros and cons of the same.

Sony Vegas Pro 13 - a powerful video editing software

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is considered one of the top level video editing software in the market by many video editing enthusiasts. There are 3 different bundles of Sony Vegas available. The user can choose to buy the one that suites him the best. There are some new and important features added to the latest version. So, read on to know more about the software.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 14 Ultimate Review

Cyberlink PowerDirector has been out there for quite a while. But now Cyberlink has added some new features in its latest release. PowerDirector is known to be simple and easy to work with providing a lot of ways to do tasks in a simple and fast manner. So read on to know more about this tool and its pros and cons.

Hitfilm 3 Express review- the best free video editing software?

For the past several years indie video editing enthusiasts were in utter hunt for a free video editing software that could help them make at least a simple video with not much difficulty. But there was none to help them until one day came Hitfilm 3 Express. This software has many features that the paid versions have and the best thing is that it is completely free. So, read on to know more about this amazing video editing software

Adobe Premiere Elements 14 review: A Better Experience?

Adobe had been always on the first row for making editing work easier and now they are ready with an upgraded version of Premiere Elements video editor, Version 14. With many new features and better video effects added to the app, Elements 14 is been listed in the favorites for the video makers. Would you like to get a glimpse of it before you try your hands on?

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