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How to block any website on your computer?

There may be multiple reasons you would want to block a particular website on your computer. Some of them may be spamming in nature, while a few of them would be stealing your data. A few may come with virus or malware. How would you block a website on your computer or PC? The following tips may be helpful enough.

One weird trick to use free internet on any USB dongle

Are you looking for a working trick to use free internet on any USB dongle? If yes, the trick is right over here. Read this article and know how to use free internet of any speed on any ISP provider. Also note that, this article doesn't support any kind of hacks. It is just a free internet trick with limited internet usage available.

Where are downloads on iPhone and iPad?

New to iPhone and don't know how to access the files you stored from the web? iPhone, unlike Android, doesn't have a Download folder and you need a separate technique to store your files. Read on to know how to download and save files on your iPhone.

10 Ways to Control Google Search Results

Are you looking for a particular text from a book and didn't find it yet? Or are you looking for a website you heard about but not sure about its URL extensions? Then, here are few simple tricks to find them.

Top 3 methods to unlock your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle

Are you facing restrictions in using the SIM card of other networks on your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle? Then go through this article and learn how to unlock a USB dongle especially the Huawei Idea Net Setter. In this article, I have mentioned the top three methods to unlock your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle.

How to take screenshots on Windows?

Taking screenshots is an essential part of our day to day operations with a PC. Almost all operating systems have a way of taking screenshots on the device on which it is used. Windows is no different. How to take a screenshot on Windows? We present the most common methods of taking a screenshot on Windows.

Best Facebook Tips and Tricks 2016

Are you a Facebook addict? Here in this article, I have bundled some of the best Facebook tips and tricks for you which are all practically checked and are found to be working.

Car runs automatically and the screen staggers : bug fix GTA 4

Are you also one of those GTA 4 gamers who are annoyed of facing "car runs automatically and the screen staggers like the player is drunk" problem? If yes, then I can totally understand your feelings after facing this problem so we are here with a fix to this problem. In this article, I have mentioned the three very easy methods to overcome this annoying problem in GTA 4.

Top 8 tips for saving your smartphone battery

The battery is an essential, yet much overlooked component in a smartphone. Most of the smartphone users will agree to the fact. We have seen huge developments in the smartphone technology. The battery is one component that has been lagging behind. How can you save your battery to serve you more? What are the ways to improve the battery back up of your smartphone. We will go through a few tried and tested tips to conserve the battery life on our devices.

How to Take the Perfect Selfies

Tired of blurred and shaken up Selfies? Want to take the best moments captured without latching on to the Selfie Sticks? Here's how you can go on taking the Picture Perfect Selfies without carrying a cumbersome Selfie stick. Check the simple tricks and get on with the best unshaken, clear and closer-to-life Selfie moments.

How to unlock any 3G USB dongle in a go

Are you looking for some easy methods to break the default code of your USB dongle to use any SIM card for surfing the internet? Here is the solution. Go through this article and know how to unlock USB dongle from any network like Airtel 3G dongle, Aircel 3G datacards, Reliance USB dongle, Idea Netsetter etc. Follow these methods and get your USB dongle unlocked in a go. This article will also help you know about some top deals available online to buy a USB dongle at cheapest price.

Missing Freecell, Solitaire and other games in Windows 7- What to do?

FreeCell and Solitaire games are a part of games that come installed along with Windows 7 operating system. But if your games folder is empty without any games listed in them, what to do? This article explains how to see the missing games in the Games folder in Windows 7 computer.

Top tips and tricks to play FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Are you playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape, the world's most popular farming game? Help yourself out with these tips and tricks to play FarmVille 2: Country Escape game. Also know about the gameplay, requirments and advantages of this FarmVille 2 game.

How to recover deleted files in Windows 7

If you accidentally deleted a file in windows 7, it is possible to recover the file using either from a backup or restore it from previous version. This articles discusses about recovering lost files in windows 7.

How to uninstall programs that cannot be uninstalled?

Some times it is possible that you install a program in your computer and want to uninstall it. But when you try to uninstall it by using Add/Remove tool, it may not be possible to do it. In this article I will explain how to forcefully uninstall a program which cannot be uninstalled in normal way.

Apps and coupon codes to get free taxi ride in 2015

In this article I have provided some tricks and tips to save your money for a taxi ride. With this trick you can travel for decent distance absolutely free. Here I have shared some apps and coupon code which will do the trick. Read the article to get the details about the app that provide free taxi ride.

Tips to increase traffic to your newly launched blog or website

Have you started a new website or a blog and looking for some impressive traffic to your posts? Read this article and know how to take your new blog or website to 10000 visitors per day in just a couple of months. This article gives you some of the basic tips to increase traffic to your newly launched blog or website. Follow these tips and get more and more readers to your blog in very less time.

Backup Data in Windows 7 - A Guide

It is very much essential to take a back up of your system so that the important data can be retrieved from back up in case of a problem with Windows 7. This article explains how to take a bak up of your entire hard disc in Windows 7.

Best alternatives to curb data usage on your Android smartphone

Are you looking for different methods to check heavy data usage on your Android smartphone? Then read the resource below to know few tips and tricks to lessen your heavy data consumption due to excessive use of apps and services from your smartphone. With these techniques, you can lower your data burning significantly and keep an eye on your smartphone's usage.

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