Android App development training course of one month duration in Bengaluru

Are you thinking of joining a short course in Android App Development? Read this article to find out about one of the best Android App Development courses of one month duration in Bengaluru. The course is conducted by Silicon Mobile Apps Training. Read briefly about Silicon and about the importance of Android app development. Find out about Android app development course information and content and how to register for the course.


The summer vacations for students have already started in some of the states or are likely to start in a few days in some other states of India. The students will be looking for the most suitable and useful short courses to be taken up for their training during the summer vacations. The summer vacation is the most wonderful opportunity for the students to enhance their knowledge and skills with practical training. SiliconIndia's Mobile Apps Training in Bengaluru provides the best of the opportunities to train the CEOs of the companies, software engineers, application developers and students to undergo short courses of one month duration. One such course in Android App Development has just been announced by Silicon India.

About SiliconIndia

The mission of Silicon India established about five years ago is to build a smarter India by empowering Indian professionals to share their experience and knowledge with communities of Indian professionals. Over 50 lakh Indian professionals have become part of the Silicon network during the last five years and their number is growing by thousands every day. These professionals share their expertise and experience in their respective fields. Silicon has a very strong editorial team to guide the work of professionals in several fields of business and technology. The network of Silicon is spread over many cities in India. The company has its own dedicated website The website has information on varied subjects such as news, events, education, community, life and the more. The present course is one of the important educational activities of Silicon.

What is the importance of Android App Development

We all know that the information technology is the fast developing field in the Indian industry. The Information technology development in our country has placed India among the most developed countries of the world. Our scientists and engineers in the information technology sector are working with several of the best information technology related companies of the world. This is one sectors in the Indian industry, which has provided a plethora of job openings for our young professionals in this field. The companies in the IT sector offer our professionals very lucrative jobs with high wage packages. There are ample opportunities for jobs in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and many other Indian cities for Android App developers. Android apps are used in millions of devices, whose number is continuously growing at a very large scale. So, the persons who have knowledge of Java programming, the Android App Development course can make them highly sought after Android App developers.

About the Android App Developer training course

Android App Developer training course has been designed in collaboration with a mobile app development company. This company is working for the US based clients for Android App and systems development. The trainees are offered optional internship after the completion of the course without any additional cost. After the successful completion of this training course, the trainees will be most sought after professionals for jobs in several mobile app development companies and multinationals (MNCs). The only pre-requisite required to undergo this training is that you should know Java programming.

Course duration

The duration of the course is one month. The trainees will be trained for 80 hours. The course will be conducted from Monday to Friday for four weeks. Every day, a 4 hours training will be provided. The course will comprise of lectures by working engineers specialised in Android. The trainees will also have to be engaged in lab to develop android apps. The trainees will be provided ample guidance for their practical work by engineers, who are working on Android development projects with their US based clients.

Optional 3 months internship at no extra cost

Of course, the training is only of one month's duration. But the trainees will be given an option to take up internship for 3 months with some of the mobile app development companies. This will give them an opportunity to work on Android apps in the company of engineers who are already working for their US clients. No extra fee is charged for internship. Trainees opting for internship will get two different certificates, one for having completed their one month training course and the other for internship.

Extra advantage to final year engineering students

The final year engineering students get an extra advantage. They are helped to develop Android app for their final year project in their college. Those who want to look for jobs after completion of internship will be helped in developing their CVs. These CVs will be sent to over 200 mobile development companies, who have hired persons from Silicon in the past. This will give better job opportunities to the successful trainees of the course.

Course content

Course content will comprise of 1. Introduction to Android, 2. Android components, 3. Development tools, 4. Resources and assets, 5. Layout Manager and ViewGroups, 6. Android Networking and Multithreading and, 7. DDMS, Debug and other View. The interested persons can download the full contents of the course from Android Training Course In Bengaluru.

How to register and get full information and details of the course

Persons interested to join the training course in Android App Development can register with Silicon Mobile Apps Training by giving the following information in the registration form:

The course name 'Android' will already be found ticked for you in the registration form. You have to fill up the rest of the registration particulars like valid email, enter password, re-enter password, first name, middle name (optional), last name, select sex from the dropdown menu, phone/mobile, currently what you are doing, for example CEO, software engineer, student etc., and lastly fill up your country name.
You can go to the website of Silicon by clicking here. Fill up the registration details as explained above to get more information about Silicon Mobile Apps training.


Android App development training course will prove to be very useful for working software engineers to enhance their skills as Android App developers. The course is especially suited to the students since they can complete the course during their summer vacations. This will be of great help to students who have to complete a project as a part of their regular studies.

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