Counter Strike 1.6 Game – how to play, tips and review

The following article gives you a stepwise method on how to play the Counter Strike game which can be installed on any computer system. The following article also contains the tricks that I personally use while playing this game on my Desktop PC.

Counter Strike 1.6 Game - Introduction:

The PC games industry is working at its best and they are launching new games on daily basis. So it is difficult for the beginners to choose a game that can offer them shear fun and excitement in the virtual gaming world. As of now there are many games in the market but only Counter Strike 1.6 PC game has created a space in the mind of kids and game enthusiasts around the world. The sales reports say that this Counter Strike 1.6 game is so popular that it has sold more than 30 million copies till date and this number is increasing day by day.
Counter strike 1.6
Counter Strike is a PC game which can be installed on any computer system that has 800 MHz processor and a RAM of more than 128 Megabytes. The game can be played on operating systems like Linux, Mac and the Microsoft Windows. This game can be played with the use of internet connection as well as on the LAN network. The game play is designed on two groups called as Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The user can select any role in the game and it can even be a spectator so that the game play could be understood.

The counter terrorists group is a team of cops who eradicates and kills the terrorists that try to explode the acquired locations. These locations are called maps and there are about 18 maps which are unlocked only when the first 3 of them are being secured or won.

To unlock the game maps, various maps have been assigned targets and the counter terrorists groups have to complete the task of exploiting the terrorists or rescuing the hostages. The graphics of this game is quite fascinating and it offers a shear fun and real excitement to the game enthusiasts. At times the targets are so designed tough that users can't complete the mission within a stipulated time frame. In such cases, the game enthusiasts have to restart the mission and play again to complete the mission.

How to play the Counter Strike 1.6 Game:

LOGO two shortcut icons The installation package of Counter Strike game is available in free version as well as paid version. The best thing about this game is that it can be played with other online players who can either be parts of internet or LAN network system. The multiplayer option is also provided so that the real teamwork can be done to exploit the terrorists in the game. While installing this game, two icons are created on the desktop. One icon is in white color and the other one is of yellow and the installation is not yet over. Now you would say that icons are generated then what else is remaining. So the difference is that one icon consists of the counter terrorists players and the other icon is of the terrorists players.

Hence, if you click on those icons then you would not find both the teams fighting with each other. Therefore, to proceed with the real gaming action, one has to drag the icon with white color and drop it on the icon that is in yellow color. This process will bring together the two players group and the real fight can now be started. Once this drag and drop of icon is done, user can delete the shortcut icon that is in white color. So now the only yellow color shortcut will be present of the screen and its title is "Condition Zero". When you click on this icon, you enter into the game and you can see the menu buttons like play counter strike – condition zero, play custom game, play online using steam, options and exit.

Options menu and Game modes in CS
In the options menu, you can select the audio and video settings and it is necessary that you select the screen resolution according to your systems monitor or display screen. If you wish to listen to songs and play game at the same time, then you can lower down the audio levels of the game. When you click on the play counter strike game – condition zero then you will see the profile option. Here you can create your profile and your game will be saved as you go further unlocking the game. After your profile is created, you can play the game in 4 modes which are easy, normal, hard and expert. You can select any mode at first but there are 18 maps in this game and only first 3 maps are unlocked at first. Further the game maps are unlocked only when a set of 3 are secured.
maps and modes in cs
Now you will see the maps page as shown in the image above and on the right side you will see the target or tasks associated with every map. Every round is set for about 5 minutes time frame where you have to read the task and win that game round with a lead of 2 rounds. At the start of game, user can select a team of 4 to 6 members and this team selection cannot be changed till the map is being secured or won. A quick pick team button is also provided which helps you to select team without wasting any time. The first image shown above depicts that the team selection is done with respect to the available cost that is present in the user account. But at times, you need to pick team members with respect to the skills. Now the game has begun and user needs to buy weapons and every weapon has some cost associated with it. Therefore, at the start of every game a value of $10,000 is being delivered to the user so that the necessary equipments and weapons can be purchased. Further, this amount increases if the team wins the round and it decreases if the team looses the round.

A or B site smallHere, most of the maps consist of sites named with A and B where the terrorists plant the bomb. In this game, the terrorist's job is to plant a bomb and explode the arena. The image shown above depicts the two sites where opposing team tries to plant a bomb. So the user has to keep checking all the times sites A or B so as to exploit the terrorists and diffuse the bomb if it is been planted. In some maps, the player has to rescue the hostages and no bomb is being planted by the terrorists but they attack the opposing team so that the hostages don't escape at ease. If you complete the tasks and other team beats you with more than two rounds, then you will have to play again so as to complete the map and proceed further. There are four medals assigned with respect to the 4 modes of game play. The medal sign pops out only when each and every map is being secured.

Buy menu weapons The keys that come handy for Counter Strike 1.6 game are as shown below:

Keys: W, A, B and D are the keys which help to head straight, move left, right and backwards respectively. Instead of these keys, the arrow keys can also be used to perform same moves.

Shift key: Your footsteps will not be heard by the opposing team members but your speed get decreased.

Spacebar key: This key helps you to jump and step over in the game play.

Left mouse key: It is used to shoot the target.

Right mouse key: It is used to add a silencer to the gun. If the user picks up a sniper gun, then the right mouse click will allow you to use the magnifier fixed on that gun.

Scroll wheel of mouse: When scroll wheel is in use, the user can maneuver from knife, hand gun, gun, hand grenade, flash bang bomb and smoke bomb.

Key: E – This key helps to diffuse the bomb that is planted by the opposing team during the game.

Key: G – This key is used to pick up the dropped weapon of the opposing team members or current team members. This key can also be used to drop the existing weapon.

Kevlar + Helmet
Short cut keys: O+1, O+2, O+3, etc will help you buy the equipments like Kevlar, Kevlar + helmet, etc and that too without going to the buy menu which is shown in the image above. Try buying from O+2 to O+5 which will get you Kevlar + helmet, Flash-bang, Hand grenade and smoke bomb at all the times in each game. But for this it is necessary that you have enough cash.

Radio commands: The game has inbuilt radio commands and one can use the z, x and c keys to telecast the message within the team members. The radio commands are shown in the image below.
Radio commands

Review of Counter Strike 1.6:

The game is perfectly designed and its graphics is incredible. The Counter Strike 1.6 game is specifically designed to offer shear fun and excitement for all young and old generation as well. The game tactics cannot be judged at ease as the targets and tasks change as per the assigned map location inside the game. In this game, the real challenges are like exploiting the opposition, diffusing the bomb, killing enemy with mere knife as a weapon and rescuing the hostages which are trapped at the weird locations. All in all, the tasks assigned in this game are never achievable in a time span of 5 minutes.

In some map of this game, the task is to win the round within 90 seconds which is quite impossible if you are playing the expert level. Also some of the team members don't follow your commands during the game which adds more delay in achieving the tasks. In such situations one has to have the accurate skills to win this game. So it is obvious that this game will take near about 2 months time to complete all the four modes like easy, normal, hard and expert. But if you love this game, and there is proper audio settings present at your machine, then there is no stopping and all modes of this game can be completed within few days or may be in few hours of time. Now in terms of speculation, it is seen that parents worry about their child playing offensive games and counter strike 1.6 is no excuse to this scenario. So children's should keep in mind that playing such games is for fun and they must themselves have control over the time which they devote towards this popular and addictive game.

The game is full of action and I feel that one who plays a counter strike game can perform the tasks like studying and other home related duties at a greater pace. But it is necessary that the gamers spend a lot of time on studying since balance between games and study has to be maintained at any cost. So the students who play this game should take care of home duties and study at first. At last if they find time, they have to invest it while playing this incredible game.

Tips to play the Counter Strike 1.6 game:

A lot of cheat methods are available on internet and I feel thatsmoke grenade these cheat takes all the shear fun incorporated in to this game. Hence, I don't follow any cheat codes that can ease up the tasks involved in every part of the game. But I do use the tricks like using a smoke grenade and re-buying some weapons again and again. All you have to do is to blast this smoke grenade in a location where there is little light and use that evolving smoke for hiding purpose. The effect of this smoke remains for less than 10 seconds, but hiding in it makes you invisible to the opposition and you can exploit them at ease. It is also possible that the opposition team members can spot you using the night vision specs.

Another trick that I use for playing in this game is to re-buy the weapons within a time frame of 2 minutes and I try to buy as many as possible. But remember you need to have that much of money to re-buy the weapons so keep watching the money counter and purchase weapons accordingly. Also using a silencer to the gun gives you a benefit in such a way that opposing team cannot spot you out at the earliest. For similar benefit, try maneuvering with holding shift key so that you cannot be reckoned by opposition team.

Bomb in game counter strike 16At last the ultimate tip of this game is that opposing team plants a bomb at one location all the times. So try to get to a point that is exactly the center with respect to the sites A and B in the game play. In this way, if they plant a bomb at any of the sites, you will need less time to reach on that site and diffuse the bomb that helps you win the round. Some times, the target in this game seems that it is impossible to achieve. At this point of time, it is dam necessary to take a break from this game and try playing this game on the next day so that it doesn't affect your skills. So the key to complete this game in a short span of time is that you must relax your self and take short as well as long breaks while playing the game.

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