How to buy a good laptop insurance plan

Are you risking your money just because you don't know how to choose a laptop insurance? Read out the article and get informed about some top tips, recommendation, suggestions, warnings and alerts on how to get your laptop covered under good insurance policies.

Know how to get Laptop Insurance


Laptop has become one's daily part of life and to insure it, is the best way to secure your buy. Laptop insurance is a type of computer insurance, which covers any laptop to be provided protection, if damaged or stolen. The insurance makes a sense, if you are a daily savvy of your laptop and even, if you work on it while traveling. If your laptop gets damaged accidentally or is stolen, you will have to pay expensively, unless you have insured your gadget. In other words, without computer insurance and decent warranty period, you will be paying exorbitant amounts on repairing your laptop.

Also, one must remember the thing that laptop insurance provides vast range coverage for theft, hardware protection, accidental damage, floods and fire. It can't be said confidently that insurance is cheap; some companies provide computer insurance on higher demands and some offer to pay nothing in the sense of nothing to return i.e. no coverage at all. But remember, there are many such laptop insurance providers which offer insurance at affordable prices (per month/per year), covering about every aspect of damage [as mentioned in above lines]. Moreover, there are such insurance providers which even offer the coverage of software protection. There are many things to note and many to doubt upon, before applying for computer insurance.

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How to choose computer insurance

It often happens that while purchasing laptop insurance, some companies offers certain types of coverage excluding accidental damage and for which you pay incredibly. Unlike what is excluded, other types are just what you won't actually need and to embrace such insurance company is in the sense, a big mistake. Read out the below written tips to enhance your vision regarding how to choose/get laptop insurance.

>> Comparing computer insurance and the available coverage that each plan offers is recommended. It is for sure and definite that computer insurance varies from plan to plan but one must ensure about some basic coverage, with which his/her gadget gets a blow often. Those include accidental damage and theft. If you are a frequent carrier of your gadget on roads, for vacation or business, you can also choose to purchase computer insurance from such a company which offers international coverage. Here also, it's very important to make sure that you are covered for international accidental damage. Otherwise it will be a waste over haste. So before taking the step, compare the policies and terms of computer insurance and try to contact with an agent for full details regarding this insurance.

>> Comparing computer insurance cost with the amount and variety of coverage provided is a good suggestion as well as a good tip. Usually, computer insurance doesn't protect against software and viral damage. And also, the insurance doesn't replace one's existing warranty which means it wouldn't cover normal wear and tear. We can take a realistic example of- like if your laptop costs $150 a year with a deductible of about $100, the laptop insurance coverage should be around $6,000. The guidelines of computer insurance are strictly moderated, with respect to the amount that has to be covered. If you insure an old laptop, there is a higher chance of having lower coverage compensation. In case of theft, the average computer insurance policy will provide the coverage of replacement costs for the current value of the gadget. Again, it is very important to talk with an agent before proceeding with dozens of doubts.

>> Understand the coverage under your computer insurance policy completely. You could have to pay incredibly if something went wrong while choosing insurance for your laptop. In case, you put your laptop inside a locked car and someone brake open the security and steal it, don't worry, you are covered. But if you carelessly left your laptop inside a car having doors unlocked and someone steals it, you're out of luck.

>> Consider your laptop's deductible amount and decide whether the computer insurance you are applying for, makes even a sense for your laptop or not. If your laptop costs less; paying higher amounts for its insurance doesn't make any sense and it is obvious that it would be covered barely, only after the full deductible is paid. Interesting, one has to pay the deductible even before the insurance providers pay anything to you. If your computer isn't so qualified to be worthy and costly, it doesn't need to be put under insurance, anyway or anyhow. And do you know that if it gets damaged accidentally or is stolen, one could replace it at very cheaper costs in comparison with paying premiums for one's insurance for his/her laptop.


Now, you are well aware about how to get/choose laptop insurance. There are many tips and warnings regarding laptop insurance. The first being right choice for a good insurance company for purchasing the laptop insurance. Then you should find out about the repair procedures, that is, where and how the insurance company will handles the repairs. You should also find out the minimum valid policy term for the computer insurance that you can afford and accept. The only precaution to be taken regarding laptop insurance is that you should keep the documents like store receipts safe and secured; because, the same would be required to be produced as proof to claim your insurance. If you want to know more about this aspect, then fell free to respond about any query as comments to this article.

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Guest Author: Dhhanush M06 Sep 2015

Where should I get this policy? Please explain how to apply and who are the major insurer for this type of insurance which is not generally not covered. Please share any online application link.

Guest Author: Manoj rana07 Nov 2015

I think Times Global insurance is doing laptop insurance and in my research I found only this company which has best plans and highest number of successful claim rate.

Guest Author: pooja makkar30 Jun 2016

Nice Article. You have to go through all the terms mentioned here. Many companies just provides physical, liquid damage and burglary. Gizmohelp Nirvana provides Laptop Insurance with extra features like cloud backup, full version of kaspersky anti-virus, 27*7 tech-support along with all other features like physical damage, liquid damage and burglary. To know full detailsof Nirvana's plans, you can call at +91 98762-98763 or visitGizmoHelp Nirvana - Complete Protection Plan For Laptops

Author: Sah@1234521 Jul 2016 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

A very informative read indeed. Laptop insurance in India has become a necessity as more and more professionals as well as students use these devices on a daily basis. We even travel with these devices in our cars, trains even busses. This increases the risk of damaging the laptop accidentally. Laptop insurance reduces your financial risk of paying out a huge cost of repair. You can find many good options online like GizmoHelp Nirvana that provide laptop insurance in India along with add on benefits like an antivirus software, cloud data backup as well as remote tech support.

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