Best Wordpress Plugins to protect from AdSense click bombing

Click bombing is common all over the world. It is being reported that Click bombers are targeting mostly Asian bloggers. If you facing click bombing on your Wordpress blog, plug-ins will help you in preventing it. Go through this article and get known of some of the best Wordpress Plugins to protect from click bombing, their usage and how to install and much more.

What is Click bombing and why do people Click bomb

Best Wordpress Plugins to protect from AdSense click bombing
Click bombing mean getting abnormal rate of clicks on your ads than normal. For example if you get 10 clicks for your ads on your website per day and somehow, next day you see about 30 or 40 clicks, it is nothing other than click bombing. If your AdSense account shows a CTR like 5, 10 or 15 which is a very high amount than usual, click bombing has occurred. In other words, click bombing is an online bombarding method possessed by a single IP location which may lead your AdSense, go banned or suspended. Actually what happens is that when Google notices a rain of heavy clicking on one's ads from a single location (IP), it bans his/her account fully? It is also clear that click bombing is a method by which people can destroy anyone's online earning from AdSense.

If you are having a blog powered by Wordpress, there is no need to worry about click bombing. Wordpress has an official "Invalid Clicks Contact Form" by which one can see all the usual as well as unusual activities, being done on his/her AdSense ads. You can use the plug-in namely, "Clickbomb-Protect" to ensure a full protection of your AdSense account from getting banned.

About Clickbomb-Protect plug-in

Clickbomb-Protect, often known as Google AdSense click bomb defense and protection plug-in, is a user friendly plug-in and very easy to operate. It reacts to any unusual action on your ads and to prevent click bombing, it automatically disables the click ability of ads on your page. One can set all the faculties including how many clicks from a same IP address to allow, periods of banning and much more. Not only this; Clickbomb-Protect is designed to work with any theme/template. The fist and the far most advantage of this plug-in is that it will protect your AdSense account from getting banned. Moreover, it can block as well as unblock the IP's which are to be banned or not.

How to install Clickbomb-Protect plug-in on Wordpress

To do so, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure, given below:

1. Firstly, download Clickbomb-Protect plug-in by clicking here. [It is a zip file, sizing around 430 KB].

2. After downloading, unzip the file on your PC.

3. Now place the unzipped plug-in file into wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Note that you can also upload it via the Wordpress plug-in backend.

4. Open you Wordpress account.

5. Activate the Clickbomb-Protect plug-in through "Plugins" menu.

6. Navigate through Select Plugins > CBProtect Configuration.

7. That is all. You have successfully installed the plug-in on your Wordpress blog. Now get started!

FAQs regarding this plug-in

There are number of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Clickbomb-Protect plug-in. Everyone is trying to know about.
How can this plug-in recognize where and which ads to block on the page?
Yes, Clickbomb-Protect plug-in can recognize where and which ads to block on the page. And for that purpose, jquery takes care. Just you need to put your ads inside 'cbprotect' div. The code must go like this:

<#div id='cbprotect'>[your AdSense Pub ID or any other third party ads code block]<#/div> 

[Remove "#" sign when inserted]

Does this plug-in work with Google AdSense Alternatives?
For sure and definite, Clickbomb-Protect plug-in work with Google AdSense Alternatives. As long as you put div id before the code, it will always work.

Note: This Plug-in is not compatible with multisite Wordpress.

Other Wordpress plug-ins to prevent Click bombing

"Clickbomb-Protect" is not the only plug-in but there are many mores offered by Wordpress for its bloggers, to protect their Google AdSense account from malicious clicks and from getting banned. There are many other plug-ins and methods having the same function. Let's check out those ones below:

ClickAider is a free service for website webmasters to track ones PPC ads. With this plug-in tracking the click bombers have became everybody's cup of tea. Just place its Java script code in Wordpress and get started in detecting clicks to your Google AdSense and other PPC networks. So, track with real time stats and say no to tension regarding click bombing.

Who Sees Ads
This is an advanced Wordpress ad management plug-in by which you can manage and control your ads. In other words, "Who Sees Ads" plug-in lets you decide who can/will see your ads. There are many conditions unlike ClickAider such as "show ads" or "don't show ads" for visitors who from search engines, readers who have more ad impression on your page or posts older than 20/30/40 days or so. Unlike of ClickAider, "Who Sees Ads" is a handy plug-in to prevent click bombing on your ads shown on Wordpress blog/website/domain. You can download this plug-in by clicking here and you can install it on Wordpress by the same way like Clickbomb-Protect plug-in. [It is a zip file, sizing around 72.2 KB only].

Other methods to prevent Click bombing

Unlike plug-ins, there are many methods by which you can prevent click bombing and protect your AdSense from getting banned. Below are some top methods by which you can prevent click bombing on your ads, almost fully:
AdSense click bombing1. You can remove the AdSense ads that suffer from click bombing issue periodically or every time. It doesn't mean a permanent block, just remove them temporarily out of your page and when you find whole issue has got resolved and everything is now ok, you can insert them back. Note that by this method, you can suppress the click bomber from destroying your ad content and whole AdSense.

2. You can limit multiple clicks coming from the same IP. If you know any quality JavaScript code to prevent click bombing, use it and doubtlessly, get relaxed.

3. If you are a Java Lang knower, setup such a kind of JavaScript code by which your will your page will automatically display another advertisement instead, if click bombed.

4. Notify and report to Google AdSense team every time you find any issue reflecting click bombing. By this, Google many charge a case on this issue and your AdSense account may not get banned.


Google has always remained serious about the click fraud issue and won't allow anybody to display ads anymore, if noticed. So, you must keep clear and closer eyes on your daily AdSense report/stats. If you noticed any abnormality in the CTR/clicks/earning, do contact with AdSense team to inquire. Thereby, this was all about some best Wordpress plug-ins to prevent click bombing. Have you ever faced click bombing with your displayed ads? Feel free to share with us.

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Guest Author: Shaily Jones27 Apr 2013

Where this div code exactly goes?


Guest Author: René25 Jun 2013

Hi there,
the plugin 'cbprotect' you mentioned is not working. It is not able to count click on the AdSense iframes due to technical limitations, (test by yourself) so i developed a new variant of that plugin which is 100% working. You ll find it at or

Cheers, René

Guest Author: Sumit15 Mar 2015

I am using Ad Logger. Is this helpful - does AdLogger help in stopping invalid clicks?