How to fix the issue if a user is unable to move emails to the PST in Outlook

In this article, I have given simple and easy steps to fix the issue when a user is not able to move items to the PST folder. Please read the below article in detail to know about PST folder and movement of outlook items into it.


Personal folder or PST folder is a folder in outlook where a user can move items from outlook inbox to create space in mailbox. PST is saved on shared drive so saving items in it will not have any issues with the outlook mailbox. Sometimes, the user will not be able to move items from inbox to PST folder due to various reasons.

There is another article written by me on about personal or PST folder on TEC. You can check that article by clicking the link below to know the importance of PST folder and how it helps in maintaining the size of mailbox for a user. In the following link, there are sub links and there are many sub links in those sub links. Please review them to have a detailed understanding on outlook related issues and troubleshooting.

How to Create/ Rename an OST file in Outlook in 2003 and 2010

Please see the below steps to fix the issue when a user is not able to move items in PST fro Inbox in Outlook.

Step 1 - Open Outlook

Step 2 - Check if outlook is not OFFLINE Mode and is Connected to the Exchange Server.

Note: On Bottom Right-hand you can check the status of outlook

Step 3 - Check if user is able to access the Personal folders.

Step 4 - If the Personal folder are stored on a network location (Network Drive), check if user is able to access the Network drive.

Step 5 – Check if the network drive Mapped/connected to the system.

Step 6 – Check if Size is more than 1.6 Gigabytes, advice the user to create a New Personal folder (.pst)

Step 7 – If the size is not 1.6 GB, Close Outlook

Step 8 - Open Start Menu

Step 9 – Open Control Panel

Step 10 – Click on User Accounts

Step 11 – Click on Mail

Step 12 - The Mail Setup Configuration panel will open. Select the E-mail Accounts button at the top of this panel.

Step 13 - Select the option Change

Step 14 – Click on Change Account Panel will open

Step 15 - Select /Deselect the option for Use Cached Exchange Mode.

Step 16 - Select Finish

Step 17 - Open Outlook and the Close it again and repeat the steps 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Step 18 - Open outlook and try and move any email to the Personal folder for the Inbox


Hence, these were the easy, simple and detailed methods of fixing an issue with PST folder. Like my other articles, this article would also serve as a learning guide for the ones who don't carry technical expertise. They follow these simple steps and fix the issue in no time.

These articles would also help IT Support Specialists to contribute to team performance by satisfying customers in first go and save FCR and gain CSAT.

These are the most frequently asked interview question in big companies while hiring people for technical call centers. So, people seeking job can use these articles for their interview preparation.

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