How to report spam emails in Outlook 2010

In this article, I am going to share the steps used to report spam emails in Outlook 2010. Spam becomes too critical in certain situations. Read the following article to know about Spams in detail.

Introduction - Dealing with spam emails

Spam is an email which looks like any other email and sent to numerous users at a time. It could be of many types and sent with various intentions. We will discuss its types and intentions in this article and also the solution and the steps to report spam to avoid receiving them in future.

Most people send spam for advertising their products. Most users receive unwanted advertising emails in their inbox eating up lots of space in their inbox. In this scenario, a user can report spam to avoid receiving these emails in their inbox.

Another scenario, when a user gets a compulsion to use the feature of reporting spam is when he gets advertisement emails from various advertisers in bulk and it becomes difficult for him to manage mailbox. There are few spammers who spam the inbox of the people in bulk with an intention of hacking the information present in the mailbox of recipients. There are many such software available in the market which could hack others' computers and steal the information present in it. The recipient would get an e-mail with a link and if the recipient happens to click on it by mistake, the sender would have complete control over the information present in the mailbox of the recipient. This critical incident can be avoided by reporting spam.

There do exist spammers who send spam emails with virus. This is a very common problem. The moment recipient clicks on the email, their computer is affected by serious virus. This is faced by many users especially working on computer for a long time. This virus is so powerful that even the anti-virus present in the device would not be able to face it.

Spam also occurs when a user downloads lots of information from internet or download movies, etc. There are a few links on internet which misguide the users while downloading and prompt the users to register on their website and then hack the information present in the user's machine or affect the machine with virus.

Under all the above circumstances, it becomes important for a user to report spam whenever he detects something suspicious, unwanted information, advertisements, etc, received in emails.

I have written quite a few such articles which would help people from various groups in resolving outlook issues by using them as self guide. Please see the below link to know more about it. This link also has a few sub links and when you click on sub links, you would find more links of articles on Techulator.

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In this current article, I have highlighted the steps to report spams in Outlook 2010 version. Please find the below steps:

Step 1 - In Outlook, open a new composition email.

Step 2 - Note the location of the new composition email placeholder in the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, which says Untitled.

Step 3 - Select the message(s) you wish to forward in your Inbox (or other folder) in Outlook. Hold ctrl while clicking on each message to select multiple messages.

Step 4 - Continue holding your mouse button down (do not "drop" the messages yet) with the cursor over the new message's placeholder in the task bar. In a moment, the new message composition window will come to the front.

Step 5 - When the new message window comes up, continue dragging the messages into the message composition screen and drop them anywhere in the body of the new message. You'll see the mail appear as attached files.

Step 6 - Send the message which contains the attached spam mail to "Spam, Mailbox".

Note: Multiple spam messages may be attached to a single submission message.


So, these are the simple and easy steps used to report spam in outlook 2010. This article serves as a guide for different groups of people.
Common users who don't have much technical knowledge can use these steps to avoid facing any kind of virus threats or information hacking, without seeking help from technical support expertise and thereby can save money and time if they are working for any firm.

Technical support experts may can use it to help their callers to provide instant solutions for the reported issues and get more chances of getting positive surveys from the clients. They can also increase FCR by giving resolution on first call without sending remedy ticket to tier 2 or 3 supports. Thereby, they can contribute to overall team performance in an organization and add value.

People looking for jobs in MNCs can use this article and my other articles as a guide to prepare for interviews as I am one of the MNC employees and written my articles by keeping them in mind too. Companies like IBM, Wipro, Dell, Deloitte, etc, have their efficient and well trained technical support teams and these steps are practiced in MNCs on a very large scale.

Companies can be benefited to have such privileged professionals who would not require a lot of training and supervision which save a lot of revenue spent on training and grooming of the employees. Hope this information would help the ones I intend for and enrich their knowledge with lost of information and knowledge sharing.

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