Review of Gecko Computer Monitoring software

Are you worried about how your computer has been used in your absence either by your child or some of your employees? Do you want to know whether your child has made the right use of your computer while surfing the internet? Do you want to monitor your employees' computers to check any misuse of office computers? The answers to all these questions are here in this article.


Introduction to computer monitoring software

Many of the computer users have a casual attitude toward the use / misuse of their computers in their absence. But sometimes, they have to repent for this attitude of theirs when some of their important data is deleted accidentally by some naive using their computers in their absence. Most of the parents do not know how and what their children browse on internet. Quite a number of them are apprehensive whether their children are making the right use of internet or not.

It is difficult for the management to know how their employees are making use of their office computers. It is observed that some of the employees play games on office computers, leaving their important office work unattended. Some may even chat with their friends and relations on social networking sites during office hours.

Earlier there was no way to find out how your employees have used their office computers. There was no way to check your child surfing harmful websites. There was no way to find out how your computer might have been used in your absence. But the things have changed now with the development of computer monitoring software that are available in the market. You may now easily find out whether any harmful websites have been surfed by your children or some of your employees. In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss one of such monitoring software known as Gecko Monitor.

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Gecko Monitor overview

Gecko Monitor keeps monitoring whatever goes on your computer in your absence or otherwise. It helps you to find out if someone has used your computer without your knowledge when you were away. Gecko Monitor is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000. You have just to install the software on your computer, and it will start working as a surveyor against any misuse of your computer during the period of your absence. This will allow you to take necessary corrective steps, if needed. As such, the computer monitoring program is very beneficial to the parents who want to keep a watch on the activities of their children especially when they surf the internet. It will tell the parents if the child has been surfing any harmful websites. The office managers and bosses can keep a watch on any untoward activities done on their employees' computers. So, this program will inform the bosses of any unusual activity going on the computers of their employees so that they can be cautioned on time. Gecko Monitor has powerful monitoring tools that has the capability of monitoring every website visited or any program that has been made use of. The program will even keep a record of even a keystroke that has been pressed. The program will continue taking and maintaining screenshots of everything that has been happening on the display screen of your computer if someone else used it during your absence. The most important thing to be noted about this monitoring software is that it performs all these actions stealthily.

Why Gecko Monitor and what does it do for you?

Gecko monitor is essential for every manager who wants to keep a check on the use of office computers used by the employees. It is needed to help parents who want to keep an eye on the activities of their children while they surf they internet. This program once loaded on a computer does all this monitoring silently and stealthily. The monitoring software, according its developers, is available at a very competitive price among such monitoring software in the market. Once the program is installed, it will keep on working silently and stealthily monitoring the computer even after the computer gets turned off or restarted. All the logs can be viewed simply by pressing the secret key combination and by entering your password. The data can be even emailed to you remotely. Gecko Monitor is one of the latest and has some of the most advanced features that perform the following monitoring activities on your computer:
  • It takes the screen shots of all Windows that are opened and wall websites that are browsed

  • It keeps a log of every application and tells you when it was used

  • The program makes reports of what was typed in any application or website.

  • It monitors all printing jobs done on your computers and records the time when it was done

  • You can set time for reporting your emails to you remotely and secretly. Gecko Monitor will do the reporting as per the time set by you.

  • The program has a timeline feature which will make to easily understand the timeline of events that take place on your computer.

  • The monitoring of all file activity including the files saved, opened or deleted is done for you.

  • All these activities are secretly monitored for you, but you can un-hide them with a secret key combo

How to download and install free trial copy of the software

It is not necessary to buy the software in the first instance. It is simple to download and install Geckomonitor on your computer by clicking Free trial page of official website and click on the "Download Now" button. Wait for the file to get downloaded completely. After the file is download, you have to unzip or extract the zipped downloaded file. Open the folder where you have downloaded the file and unzip or extract it. Then right click to install the file and click on 'Run as administrator'. You can simply double click the installer, if this option is not available. In case, you do not know the folder where the file is downloaded, it can be usually found at the location :/ > User > Downloads unless you have changed your default downloads folder. You can delete the installer file and the manual after installation to maintain the stealth mode.

It should be noted that the free trial is only for a limited period of two hours. On completion of two hours, a notification will appear on your computer to buy the software. Proceed to steps for buying the software only if you are convinced of the capabilities and usefulness of the software. This notification will appear even when the program is running in the stealth mode.

How to buy Geckomonitor online

You should buy the monitoring software only after you are completely satisfied with its performance after using the free trial copy. The price of this monitoring software is $39.75. Once you have decided to buy the software, click on the "Buy Now" button at the website You will be asked to make payment using your Paypal account. If you do not have Paypal account, you should click on "Don't have a Paypal account" to go to the next page. Complete the payment procedure as directed. Once you have completed the payment procedure, do not close the window or press the back button until you get the 'payment successful' message. Finally click on "Return to Gecko Monitor and receive serial number" to receive your serial number. Next time, you run the program, you will be asked to type this serial number in the box provided for the same. In case you want a discount for buying multiple licenses, you can click on the 'Contact us' link at the official website

Review of Gecko Computer Monitoring software

I downloaded free trial copy of Gecko Monitor to work with the application. It gave me an opportunity to explore its capabilities. It proved to be an interesting an interesting experience to work with this comprehensive computer based monitoring solution. You can easily customize the monitor's settings to suit your particular needs. The programme worked great to record all the websites, which were visited. One very interesting feature of this software is that you can create a list of safe websites. These will not then appear in the history logs of the visited websites. This will minimize the clutter on your computer.

I found the monitoring software a very good helper to the parents. They will find it very easy to use. The screenshots function of Gecko Monitor is marvellous. You can set up the programme to take screenshots of all activities every 60 seconds. You can set up the screenshot timings to your convenience and according to the experience gained by you. The programme does wonders to provide enough tools to the parents to monitor their children's activities on their computers.

It was revealed that two hours trial time was enough to get familiarized with various functions of Gecko Monitor. So, the last word is that this monitoring software is much advanced than any other software of this type available in the market.

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