Top ten tips to customize Android Jelly Bean 4.1 to use it more efficiently.

In this article I will discuss ways to customize your Android device with latest Android S version Jelly Bean 4.1. We will discuss things like how to personalize lock screen? How to enable/disable different features?

Everyone, owning a smartphone wants the smartphone to work according one's requirement and style. There are many ways to personalize your Android OS and it will definitely give you confidence of owning really great smartphone OS. Using these tips and tricks one can easily make their Android smartphone with Android jelly Bean 4.1 to work as they wish.

  1. How to get battery life indicator?

  2. Everyone knows low performance of battery of smartphone. It is not easy to keep track of usage of battery and many times we forget to recharge it again. To avoid this situation to get most from your battery now you use percentage indicator for your Android battery. In this way you can know when to recharge your battery and you will also be able to predict the time left for recharge of your battery. To turn on this feature go to Settings>Device>Battery and put check mark against option 'Battery Percentage'.

  3. How to reboot your device in safe mode?

  4. Not all the applications are useful and not all will run smoothly on your smartphone always. There might be times when you required to find out which application is causing trouble to your smooth running OS. For this Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is provided with great feature, one likes we have been using in Windows, rebooting in safe mode. Yes! you can reboot your Android by following the steps:
    1. Long press power button till you get power off option.
    2. Tap and hold on power off button and you will get option 'Restart in safe mode'. Tap on it and your phone will be restarted in safe mode.
    In safe mode Android Jelly Bean 4.1 will load only essential options and will not load any third party applications. You can uninstall the applications which are causing trouble by going in to Settings>Applications.

  5. Enable extra video features:

  6. Now with Android smartphone with Jelly Bean 4.1 version you can record videos and you can also pause video recording while recording video and resume it later. You will get all the options about camera and video recording on the recording screen itself. In this way you need to create many video files on single program, you can append next part of video by pausing it while recording.

  7. Show your information on lock screen:

  8. Now with Android Jelly Bean you can show your own information on the lock screen itself. This feature is really important and helpful if you lost your phone. To show information on lock screen go to Settings>Personal>Lock Screen or Settings>Personal>Security and put check mark against the option 'Owner Info'.

  9. Save your battery by Inverted reading:

  10. Most of the times you will read on white screen with black text, which really consumes more power. Inverted reading means you can read with white text on black background and it is best option if you have habit of reading long articles on web. Also inverted reading will use as much less battery and you will definitely save some of your battery. To enable 'inverted reading' option go to Internet Browsers>Settings>Accessibility>Inverted screen rendering.

  11. How to access information about application in Android Jelly Bean 4.1?

  12. You can access particular information about application which will be helpful while deciding various settings about that particular application. Previously this option was present at Setting>Apps but in Jelly Bean you can get such information from notification area of application itself. You have to long press on the notification tab to access the app information in Jelly Bean 4.1.

  13. Data security:

  14. As we are using mobile devices to carry our daily work and emails as possible and convenient option, it is obvious that these devices contains important personal and work related information and are prone security issues. You can save your data by encrypting it in Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Once you encrypt your data in device it can be read only after entering the password decided by while setting this encryption feature. To enable encryption feature go to Settings>Security>Encrypt your device.

  15. Enable Liveness and face recognition features:

  16. With Android Jelly Bean 4.1 you can enable face recognition option to unlock your device but one disadvantage of this feature is that the phone may be unlocked by placing your picture in front of camera. To avoid this and td use face recognition option safely it is very important to enable liveness feature in Jelly Bean 4.1. To enable face recognition go to Settings>Security>Screen Lock>Face Unlock. After enabling this feature and settings your face pic as security option to unlock your device you will get more option to customize this feature. Here you have to put check mark against option like 'Improve Face Matching Liveness check etc.

  17. Shortcut to notifications:

  18. In Android Jelly Bean notification menu is really improved. Now you can access notification tab by swiping from top to bottom on display screen of phone, as we have been accessing it since previous versions of Android. But in Jelly Bean you will experience really improved option and customizable notification tab. You can use different gestures to use different options in notification tab.

  19. Gallery and camera gestures:

  20. Android Jelly Bean is most innovative operating system in Android series. You can use different finger gestures to use different options in gallery and camera. This gestures will provide you with ease and faster access to many options in Camera and Gallery. Some of gestures are:

    1. Swipe your finger to left to see the latest shot taken by camera.

    2. Pinch image to see all images in reel like feel and you will get more optins like fling image up or down to Undo and delete the current image.

    3. After reviewing image you are required to swipe to right to get live view from camera.

    These features along with your skills will definitely make Android Jelly Bean more faster, ore efficient and more useful smartphone operating system.

Android is one the best operating system for smartphones and tablets. It have many features that enables you to customize this operating system for your specific purposes and needs. It will also give an option to customize it in the way that will match your style and attitude.

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Guest Author: nitish verma01 May 2013

Can eXperia Tipo Dual Android can be updated to latest version of android that is 4.2 Jealy Bean? Please give me the update so I can update my Android.

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