Top 5 best shooting games on Windows 8

Are you searching for some great shooting games for your Windows 8 smartphone or computer? Read our article to know about the top 5 shooting games that you can find for Windows 8 device.

Call it right or wrong, most guys love shooting. Be it with an imaginary gun, at a shooting range or in a video game. So to finish up that pent up explosive energy why not enjoy some amazing shooting games on your Windows 8 smartphone, tablet or laptop? Here we present you the top 5 games on shooting genre for Windows 8:

Pew Pew

Pew Pew
Pew Pew is a simple but addictive space shooter game for your Windows 8 device. The game features an impressive game-play where you will be assigned to protect your world by destroying the incoming UFOs and other enemy ships, coming towards your home planet. The game Pew Pew also delivers a wonderful control options which is very simple and easy to navigate. The visual quality and other background details of this game make it a perfect game to hook up with. Complete each missions and collect rewards for the successful completion. Get this simple game for you to enjoy in your free time and save the planet from being invaded.

Orange Shooter

Orange Shooter
Orange Shooter is another simple but impressive shooter game for you to play on any Windows 8 device. This simple shooter game features a nice and easy game-play of shooting down the oranges from a nearby tree. You will be using bow and arrows to shoot down the oranges. As you level up, the difficulty of orange shooting gradually increases. Pay attention and you need to be very skilled in aiming to clear the toughest level. The controls used in this game 'Orange Shooter' are pretty simple. You just need to set direction and power for your arrow and click to shoot in the provided direction. In this game, you can also earn lives after clearing every ten levels. The game also saves your high scores and gives you an online ranking through an online leader-board. Check how well you perform compared to other players from all around the world. Get this game right away and test your aiming skills virtually and enjoy hours of game-play through this simple game.

Darts Champ

Darts Champ
Darts Champ is the one among the famous shooting games that every people will love to play. Now this game is virtually available to you for your Windows 8 device. If you love to play darts, then this will be the most recommended Windows 8 game to hook up your free time with. This game Darts Champ will test and improve your darts playing skills. Darts Champ also allows you to test your performance against other online players across the globe. This game is being filled with fun and challenges by throwing darts accurately on the dartboard. The fantastic control system in this game supports very impressive touch controls by just swiping fingers to set the required direction and speed of the dart. The game also delivers wonderful graphics details along with an impressive in-game interface. Apart from this the game makes itself more attractive by featuring real fun sounds and global leader-boards. Play this wonderful dart game and make your way to the highest score on the leader-board.

Tank Ace Reloaded

Tank Ace Reloaded
Tank Ace Reloaded is yet another popular game that supports in any Windows 8 devices. This is a wonderful shooting game that offers a lot of exciting features. In this game you can play on any one of the three aces such as Allied or German or Soviet. You will also get three various tanks; Sherman, Tiger and T34 that features movable turret and cannon. The game Tank Ace Reloaded also features high definition visual details along with fantastic missions that assure to keep you entertained for hours. Tank Ace Reloaded also delivers an excellent game-play where your aim is to clear your enemies by blowing them off. Use the map sector to find the enemy troops, drive them off and advance your troops to other side. The game also features a wonderful interface by which you will be notified about the number of enemies left, fuel, armor and other details through a notification panel. You should definitely try this game if you love driving tanks over rugged terrains, blowing up your opponents.

Morse Shooter

Morse Shooter
This is an interesting shooting-based game which is simple and addictive. The main objective in this game is to shoot down the characters dropping down from the sky. The game uses a unique way to shoot it down by typing the respective key strokes. This is a pretty game that will also train you in learning the Morse code in a very easy way. The game delivers a maximum of 5 chances for missing characters until you lose the game. Play this simple and attractive game on your free time on your Windows 8 device.

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