Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game - A complete review

Are you eager to look over a review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game by Rock Star North? Read out the article cum guide to get informed about the story line, features, characters, tips, news, cheat codes and review of GTA San Andreas game. In other words, get knowledge about what, when, how and why FAQs regarding the successor of Grand Theft Auto Vice City game, San Andreas.

Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released in 2004 by Rockstar Games. Firstly, the game ran on Play Station 2 platform but in summer 2005, GTA San Andreas was maximized to XBOX and PC versions. The game has also remained as the most successful video games of all times. Over 20 million units of the game were sold in the world market, providing revenue of 300 million USD to the developer (Rock Star North) and thereby in UK, the game was titled as the "Fastest selling video game". It is estimated that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has brought near about 30% of revenue more than GTA Vice City, the predecessor of GTA San Andreas game. All credit goes to Rockstar Games and Rockstar North, respectively for producing and developing such a kind of 3D games that not only provides you a boost but also a realistic feeling while gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Story line

A guy named Carl Johnson has been escaping from pressured life in Los Santos, San Andreas, since last 5 years. As the city was troubled under drugs and corruption and gang rule, there was allover abnormality and the city was wholly and solely tethered up. Film stars and Millionaires were avoiding every mistake against dealers and gangsters. It is the talk of 90s; Carl got to go home anyhow. His beloved mother was murdered and family was undertaking heavy disasters. Talking about Carl's childhood friends, they were heading towards worseness.

On the way of Carl's return to the neighborhood, he was framed for homicide by some corrupted cops and CJ is forced to a long journey inside every nook and corner of San Andrea state. To save his family and take revenge for her mother's murder, Carl starts a way on.

Features of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is a very vast game alike GTA Vice City. It is a loosely based Californian game, constituting of three main cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas (which are roughly of the size of Vice City each). In between them, lie countryside, Badlands, Desert, Mountains (Vinewood) and very much more. In other world, San Andreas has very more diverse environment than either of the two games, Vice City and GTA 3 (Liberty City). The gameplay is versatile with the inclusion of PC Modifications, Flying and School, Biking school, Driving school, unique vehicles, odd jobs, Java Map and Flash Map. Gangs, clothing, eating, exercising and swimming are the daily works to be done while hood life chores are considered. Below are some other top features of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

1. Making most of time in robbing, killing and dealing.
2. Stylish walk from point A to B.
3. Involve yourself in the risk of being basted by the cops.
4. Eat normal and remain fit.
5. Have a holiday anytime over jobs to go and Gym!
6. Construct and operate your own Casino to get publicity, respect and wealth.
7. Cycle around the paths.
8. Steal every moment including banks, Jetpack, vehicles and airways.
9. Experience a real part time job with extraordinary graphics and forever fun.

Characters in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

There are dozens of characters in San Andreas, voiced by different people. Let's have a key look over some main ones:

Carl Johnson: The hero of the game (player), nick named as Carl and voiced by Chris Bellard.

Sean Sweet Johnson:Friend of Carl, nick named as Sweet and voiced by Faizon Love.

Melvin Big Smoke Harris: A cigar enthusiast, voiced by Clifton Powell.

Lance Ryder Wilson: A guy with spirit of armed fighting and looting, nick named as Ryder and voiced by MC Eiht.

Maddog: A local legend (artist), voiced by Ice T.

Officer Frank Tenpenny:A reputed cop watching over the activities of Carl. He is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

Cheat Codes and their usage

Till the date, not even a single game is cheating free and GTA San Andreas can't be excluded from the fact. Below are some useful cheats that you every time hit on keyboards while gameplay:

AEZAKMI: Don't say that you play the game without this cheat. If one hits this cheat while gameplay, he/she wouldn't face any wanted star anytime and anywhere. So, it is time for never to get wanted.

YSOHNUL: While heading up towards next mission, the game often claims to come between __and__ PM/AM and why should one wait if he/she knows this cheat. Speed up the clock!

HESOYAM: This cheat code is all what you need. Survive every time by activating the cheat continuously. In addition to this, the cheat code provides you armor and 250k USD each time you put it under effect while gameplay.

CAINEMVHZC: The above mentioned cheat (AEZAKMI) is to be typed each time you need to regain your health but this cheat provides you infinite health after activation. But you must note that this cheat doesn't work in explosive situations and if fall from heights.

THGLOJ : The cheat can also come in activation by typing GHOSTTOWN. There is a lot of pressure on the player while driving as the traffic is quite dense and abnormal. Use this cheat to reduce the traffic to the minimum.

YECGAA: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is popular for Jetpack service. Use the cheat to have a Jetpack anytime, anywhere. You can also type ROCKETMAN instead of that cheat; one and the same thing.

LXGIWYL: Being armed in GTA San Andreas is mandatory. Use the cheat to access Weapon Set 1 (Thug's Tools).

KJKSZPJ: Use this cheat to access Weapon Set 2 (Professional Tools). You can also type PROFESSIONALSKIT instead of "KJKSZPJ" one.

UZUMYMW: Among the above Weapon Set cheats, this cheat is most advantageous. Use this cheat to access Weapon Set 3 (Nutter Tools). Get a Rocket launcher instead of Flame Thrower and Rifle.

CPKTNWT: Want to blow all vehicles around you, get this cheat activated. Note that if you are near or inside a vehicle, the cheat may lead you to hospital.

JCNRUAD: I often type this cheat code while gameplay. Do you want to blow up all other vehicles while driving your one? It seems to be impossible as quoted in the above cheat but let me involve you in making it possible. Just follow the steps given below:

1. Enter a vehicle (car/bike/plane/boat).
2. Take it to some distance.
3. Get out of the car.
4. Enter JCNRUAD. Cheat with popup as "Cheat Activated".
5. Re-enter the same vehicle and deactivate the cheat code by typing it again.
6. "Cheat Deactivated" will popup.
7. Now type the cheat code, CPKTNWT.
8. All vehicles will bang up except yours. Have fun!

SZCMAWO: If you can't take the game anymore and now want to suicide in the middle of the gameplay, use this cheat code. You can also type GOODBYECRUELWORLD to do the same task i.e. suicide.

Note that the above mentioned cheat are only for PC version GTA San Andreas game. These might not work with PS2/PS3 or X Box versions.

My personal experience with GTA San Andreas

San Andreas has remained my pet game. I remember the moment when my cousin gave me an introduction to GTA Vice City and then, GTA San Andreas. Till then I only played Project IGI, Duke Nekum, Zoo Tycoon and other games. The date lies between 2008 and 2009 when I loaded GTA San Andreas on my PC for the first time and started to mess with that. With the passage of time I learnt every aspect of the game and from then, I have been a mentor of my friends with regards to such games.

Up to the last month of 2009, I was unknown of Cheat Book. But then I downloaded Cheat Book 2009 from and went straightaway using the cheats written on it. It was in the middle of 2010 that I made the completion of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (100%). I must tell you that it is not only by passing out the missions to gain success over whole game. You have to complete other various tasks like unique jumping, finding hidden packages and horse shoes, robbing many houses and much more.
I have completed San Andreas 4 times and it is for this reason, I call it 'My Pet Game'. You can also use trainers to surpass the game. And I have attached a Location Map and 100% Save game with this article [See the attachments below]. Have full time fun while playing this extraordinarily developed game.

Note: The attached 100% saved game file is of .rar format. You need to have WinRAR application to access it. After you extract the file, do the following steps to have 100% of game completion:

1. Copy the file namely "GTASAsf1.b".
2. Locate "GTA San Andreas User Files" straight in "My Documents" folder.
3. Delete all the saved game files present in the folder. No need to delete "User Tracks" and "Gallery" folders.
4. Paste the file directly in the folder.
5. Open GTA San Andreas game.
6. Click New Game > Load Game > and then saved game.
7. Hit OK and have fun.


GTA San Andreas is a very pleasing and entertaining game which can be put in any category of games (arcade/action/adventure/3D/family/fighting/casual). It is the successor of GTA Vice City and is likely to be very realistic. I hope that this article cum guide will help you in gaining mastery over San Andreas game.

A Golden Tip: You can also play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with a gamepad. A gamepad with twin axis analog controls (USB or Joystick Ports) will let you speed up your messing up while gameplay.

A Golden News: GTA San Andreas Multiplayer v0.2 has been released! It will be available online for downloading, very soon. Stay connected and experience GTA San Andreas with your friends.

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  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas- 100% Save game file (9781-21621-Grand-Theft-Auto-San-Andreas-100-Save-game-file.rar)
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - All Secret locations' Map (9781-22155-Grand-Theft-Auto-San-Andreas-All-Secret-locations-Map.rar)
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