Highway Rider Android game - tips and tricks to play and boostup score

Highway Rider is one among the most popular Android games from the Google play store. In this article, I am going to give you some tips and tricks to play this game well. So, let us go through this article and learn how to play the Highway Rider game with ease and create a big score.

Review of Highway Rider game

Highway rider is one of the most popular Android games. It is purely a racing game. This game has dot the 5 star rating from the users in the Google play store and has broken all the records like the number of downloads, votes, visits etc. In this game, the player has to take the close calls of the vehicles on its way and the speed goes on increasing on every perfect close calls and also there is increase of gas cups. Now let's know what close calls and gas cups are? While playing the game, you will need to pass by the vehicles on your way, very closely without colliding with them. If the collision occurs, the game is over. Passing by the vehicles very closely is called the close call and on every close call, there will be a message like perfect, dangerous, show-off etc on the screen describing the intensity of the close call and side by side, the speed also gains momentum, resulting in increased number of chances of getting wasted. Also, for every close call, you will get free gas cups (also the nitrous boosts) which work like money as you can buy or unlock more and more characters, bikes etc in the game using the same. So, the more close calls you take, the more you will get the gas cups and the nitrous. So, this game is really an entertaining one but a difficult one too. Keeping this in view, I have written this article to help you to excel in this game well by getting maximum close calls and gas cups. Hence, here are the top tricks or cheats for the Android's most popular Highway Rider game.

Highway Rider Android game - close call

Top 3 ways to boost up the score in Highway Rider game

These three tricks will help you to make more and more close calls with different intensities to gain momentum in the number of close calls taken per valid game played. So, go through these tricks to learn how to play the Highway Rider game.X

Increase the intensity of the close calls
Increasing the intensity of close calls does not mean increasing the number of close calls but it means that you should pass by the vehicles as close as possible. The intensity is indicated on the screen by the messages like perfect- when closest call is taken, show-off when medium level call is taken etc. The gas cups are also given according to intensity of the close calls i.e. a perfect close call is given 5 gas cups and a simple close call is given 1 gas cup. So, more the intense call is, more will you be benefited.

Using gas cups rightlyHighway rider screen shot
Gas cups are really an important thing in the game. One can use the gas cups in unlocking various items like characters, bikes or buying the nitrous boosts. So, use the gas cups properly to buy the best things available in the Highway Rider game store. The bikes you unlock will have comparatively different features than the default character and the bike. Therefore, it depends on you that how many gas cups you earn and how you utilize them in purchasing various models of the bikes or the game characters. However, you can change the color of the character as well as the bike for free without paying any gas cup. This can be done by going to the game store and clicking on the bike and it will show the change in color. Same is the case with the character.

Do not use the nitrous boosts frequently Highway Rider Android game - use nitrous
The nitrous boosts are meant for the emergency situations where you really need some acceleration to get out of the difficult situations. Some people use the nitrous boosts just for fun to increase their speed but we must keep in consideration that as soon as our speed crosses the 100 kmph mark, it turns difficult for us to control the bike. So, the chances of accident are on the peak that time. This is the reason why I am telling that we must not use the nitrous boost for just increasing the speed. If you now want to increase the speed then you must take close call and the speed will automatically be increased per valid close call with a constant acceleration, not making you realize the drastic change in speed as the nitrous does.


These were the top 3 tricks and tips to play the Android world's most popular game i.e. Highway Rider with ease and to boost up the score to a great extent. These tricks are not extracted from any other source rather they are experienced by me while playing the game and found them very effective and worth to be shared with you. If you need any further help regarding this game, then please mention your issues in the response below and I will try to get in touch will you at my earliest.

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Guest Author: momo17 Feb 2014

Highway Rider is an interesting game. I love playing it in my Android phone.

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