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Want to unlock your Smartphone easily and satisfactorily? Read out the article and get known to about Rocker Dongle, an unlocking/flashing product by Legija's Ultima Box team, with many awesome features and software.

It is very recent when unlocking a smart device was legalized. But this process is not like that of others, but a complicated one. Dongles have been the part of one's daily mechanical work and currently, many among them relate unlocking of Smart phones. Rocker Dongle is one of the best unlocking/flashing product and what lies besides it, let's check out.

What is Rocker dongle actually?

Rocker dongle is not any ordinary dongle but an extra ordinary one. All credit goes to Legija's Ultima Box team for working on this newest project and making the sown dream come true. Rocker dongle is developed for acting as a protection platform and also to provide the mildest level of support and user friendliness. The dongle is actually made for the unlocking of various brands of Motorola and for that purpose; you need simple USB Motorola cables. Moreover, there are 4 cool software's available to Rocker Dongle users namely, Moto Rocker, ODM Rocker, I-Mode Rocker and IMEI Rocker. Moto and ODM Rockers are mostly in use.

Does Rocker dongle supports any other brand other than Motorola?

Yes, Rocker dongle supports two more brands other than Motorola namely Samsung and LG. But note that you can only feature your Rocker dongle with Samsung and LG (Samsung Rocker and LG Rocker) by means of paid activation. However the standard Rocker dongle may let its user to access some free trial versions of unlocking Samsung and LG phones.

Interestingly, Rocker dongle comes with Motorola phone unlocking feature only and doesn't need any activation through online payment for that. Only paid activation is recommended when one wants the Rocker dongle to offer unlocking features for Samsung and LG phones.

Features of Rocker dongle

1. All Rocker dongles are pre-activated dongles. Therefore, no need to register your area for accessing the dongle.

2. Mostly supports Motorola platforms including P2K, 3G, Smart Phones, ODM and all i-mode based models.

3. Included with Motorola W220/C168 IMEI repair solution.

4. Also included with Motorola V3x, Motorola E770, Motorola V1075, Motorola C975, Motorola V975 IMEI, Motorola E1070, Motorola V3x refresh and Motorola V980 repair solutions.

5. Very simple to use and all features function properly.

6. User friendly interface and very less resource and power consumption.

7. Remains stable and works very fast via PC USB Ports.

8. Full support through language packs available online.

9. One click access to Turbo-Support.com, anytime and anywhere.

10. Free K220, Motofone F3 and SE K200 unlocking.

11. Availability of Rocker Samsung and Rocker LG upgrades (featured paid activation).

About Moto and ODM Rocker

Moto Rocker

Moto Rocker is one among the different software offered by Rocker dongle. It is totally trending in the market and so, below are its top features:

1. It doesn't take more than 2 seconds to unlock more of the phones.
2. No need to execute flash language pack by opening phones.
3. Allowance of reading language packs automatically when connected.
4. Included with PDS repairs, working offline.
5. Turbo flashing rate of speed.
6. LTE2 Motorola platform unlocking for the first time.
7. Test free support for all LTE, LTE2 and POG 3G models (bootloader versions).
8. All-new ARGON UMTS platform unlocking support.
9. Can read monster pack from Smart phones without doing any test count.

ODM Rocker

ODM Rocker is also trending software for Rocker dongles. Below are some key features of OMD Rocker:

1. Incredible unlocking speed.
2. Turbo flashing rate of speed like that of Moto Rocker.
3. Collection of countless number of flash files with readily updates.
4. Included with damaged software repairs.
5. Supports F3, W220 and W375 models (latest ones).
6. For the phones based on Calypso + chipset, ODM includes direct repair and unlocking faculties.
7. Also included with IMEI repairs for most of the models.

Lowest price

Rocker dongle is available at many online shopping websites at best prices. However the lowest price of the product varies from 125 Euros to 160 Euros. And for the paid activation, one needs to spend money in dollars. Estimated activation rate of Rocker dongle varies from 70 USD to 90 USD. The activation will provide you to access the unlocking of many phone models, including LG KC910, KC910Q, U960, U970, U990, KB620, KE990, KF310, KU385, KU970, MU515, TU515, TU575, TU720, TU915, U2GO, KU990MF, KU990R, CU515, CU575, KF311, KF390, KF700, KT610, KT615, KU250 and KU380 and many more.


With the launch of Rocker dongle in the market, unlocking phones has become every one's cup of tea. Being a dongle, Rocker carries out many extraordinary functions which can't be seen in any other phone unlocking products. This product is the need of the hour and what to do with it, just start unlocking/flashing your Smart phones.

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