Top 3 methods to unlock your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle

Are you facing restrictions in using the SIM card of other networks on your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle? Then go through this article and learn how to unlock a USB dongle especially the Huawei Idea Net Setter. In this article, I have mentioned the top three methods to unlock your Huawei Idea Net Setter USB dongle.

Today everyone opts to buy a USB dongle to connect to the internet via this small portable pocket device. There are many companies offering such devices at different costs. One of the most effective dongle manufacturing company is Huawei and after associating with the Idea company, it strengthened its roots and became popular especially in India. This company works in manufacturing the smartphones also with great specs and features. In this article, I am going to explain how you can unlock the Huawei Idea Net Setter to use any SIM from any of the network operators. I am going to put forward the three effective methods to do so. Here are these:

Unlock using the default unlock code

The Idea Net Setter USB dongle is by default compatible with only on network operator i.e. the Idea and needs to be unlocked if one likes to use any SIM from any network. You can do this by giving default code for unlocking i.e. when you insert a SIM of any network other than the Idea, you will be asked to enter the unlock code which you don't know. This code is not same for every device because it works on the behalf of the device IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) which is different for every available device in the world. So, for your device there will be a unique code which you can get by downloading the Huawei modem code writer software. This software helps you to generate the unique code for your device which you can use to unlock your dongle in a go. Below is the link to download the Huawei modem code writer software for free.

Download the tools here:

After you download and install this software, you will be asked to enter your IMEI number which you can find on the bottom side of the device (Idea Net Setter). After giving the IMEI number correctly, click on the generate code button a get your unlocking code for free. As soon as you get the code, enter it where you were previously asked to unlock the Idea Net Setter dongle for any SIM.

Unlock using the online website- Online key generator

You can also opt to unlock the said device by the online key generator. For there are many websites (code generator) but I am going to mention the trusted one here i.e. the Go through the following URL and then proceed to further steps:

After you open this website URL, you will see a website asking you to enter your device IMEI number. As soon as you give the IMEI number and verify the code shown in the image, you will get your unique unlocking code which you need to enter where you were asked to do so and fully unlock your dongle at no cost.

Unlock the Idea Net Setter with Huawei Unlocker

Huawei Unlocker an authorized app for getting the code to unlock the said USB dongle by generating the unique code which has been asked by the default software of the dongle. This software from Huawei automatically generates the code when a proper IMEI number is given to it and implements in the default dongle software. So, all you need is to download this software, enter your IMEI number and click on the Unlock button and your dongle will be unlocked in a go. Go through the below URL to download the Huawei Unlocker for free.

That is it! Now your device is unlocked and you can now use any SIM of any network without any restriction message on the screen. Also note that sometimes the settings of the dongle are automatically restored after about a year or two. Then you will again be asked for such code and you will need to do one of the above mentioned procedures again to unlock the device successfully.


These were the three easy ways to unlock your pocket internet device i.e. the Huawei Idea Net Setter dongle to use any SIM. If you need any kind of help regarding these procedures of unlocking the said device, then feel free to contact me and I will bet at your service as early as possible.

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Author: Nityananda Hazarika19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

3rd link is not working...It shows 'file not found'.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for the information. I will change it as soon as possible.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I have updated the link. Please have a look and thanks for informing me about the same. It was very important for the betterment of my article.

Guest Author: Ashutosh18 Jun 2013

Very helpful, no malicious software listed. Straight forward solution. Can you also post some information on using the dongle after unlocking it? I meant, will the dongle will work with any other SIM using the same Idea interface to connect?

Guest Author: Rajkumar22 Jul 2013

Mr Syed, I am Rajkumar from Chennai. I suggest you to buy an Idea Net Setter dongle for my tablet Micromax P-362. Now what should I do? Advice on that please.

Will Huawei E-1732 support my tablet P-362 (Micromax)? It comes in the name of Idea Net Setter dongle.

Guest Author: wasim zargar01 Mar 2014

All the three methods are excellent and easy. Thanks for giving the information and for saving my 200 rupees for unloking the same Net Setter

Guest Author: Abi72730 Mar 2014

I think this works but the 1st and 3rd link are not working. Thanks for saving money. You will be blessed. God bless you.

Guest Author: Rishabh22 Nov 2014

Will it permanently unlock or I have to enter code every time I need to plug my device?

Guest Author: Navin22 Nov 2014

Please can you help for Airtel 3g dongle also? I'm having problems with my Airtel 3G dongle.

Author: Timmappa Kamat22 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Great article! Hats off to you for helping us to unlock the dongle so that we can use it with any SIM. Paying quite a hefty sum for the dongle and getting tied up with ONE operator is something no one is interested in today's portability scenario. Thanks for the tips and procedure.

Guest Author: Raj05 Mar 2015

Please can you help for Airtel 3g dongle also? I'm using my Airtel 3G dongle which is also from Huawei brand.

Guest Author: MANTESH MAHAJAN24 Apr 2015

I have Idea net setter HUAWEI CC 00682 & I have not used it for 1 year. When now I want to use it with new SIM on laptop, it gives message NET SETTER IS DISCONNECTED OR UNAVAILABLE. Please give the solution for this problem.

Guest Author: Neeraj09 May 2015

The first link is not working.

Guest Author: rohit chhattani30 Jun 2015

Can I use these same procedures for unlocking Huawei e303d?

Guest Author: rahul20 Jul 2015


The first link of Huawei code tool is not working because Rapidshare is offline now. You can download the same tool fromhere -

Guest Author: meghanath reddy23 Aug 2015

How to unlock it in a mobile?

Guest Author: sudama jirati06 Sep 2015

I am unable to change my network setting. I have selected:
1) GSM
2) GSM900/GSM1800/WCDMA2100
However, I am not changing any other network setting so please provide the best solution for changing network setting. Netstter type - unlock Huawei E1732.

Guest Author: salil25 Oct 2017

I am unable to unlock Huawei E1732 Idea Setter USB dongle. Seeking your advice where the unlocking service is available in Kolkata, India.

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