How to play Project IGI 1 game - How to play in GOD mode

Project IGI 1 (I'm Going In) is a strategy based game in which you need to complete the missions just like a real spy does. But this task is not easy and cannot be accomplished without tricks, tips or cheats. Only experts can play it up to the final level. In this article, I have explained how to play the Project IGI in GOD mode? This mode will help you to play this game just like an invisible man where no one can recognize your existence except the machineries.

Project IGI- Game review

Project IGI-1 (I'm Going In) is among the most popular games in the world. Almost everyone loves to play this game. The suspense in this game keeps the player conscious during the game-play and makes you forget every other task other than focusing on the target. The character in this game looks like a real one because of the great graphics. Once you start playing this game, you will really get addicted to it and then you are gonna spend all your time playing this until the game ends. Because this game is really tough to play, there are various tips tricks and cheats to play this game in an easy mode. In this article, I am going to explain the tricks to help you play the Project IGI in GOD mode.

What is GOD mode?

GOD mode has been awarded its name as the God is immortal. So with this mode, no one will be able to recognize your existence even if you are very close to them and hence no one can fire upon you (character) in the game making you immortal. When you switch to the GOD mode in the Project IGI you will be able to accomplish the missions like a cake walk. Enemies can't see you and you can freely fire upon them and move ahead. But you will have to remain aware of the Tanks (Panzers) in the game as being machines, GOD mode will not affect them in any way and they can easily recognize you and fire upon you. So you need to be careful as a single mistake can cause ultimate disaster. Now the question is how to activate the GOD mode in Project IGI by simple steps which are easily understandable? For this, I am going to describe the steps to switch to the GOD mode in Project IGI in an easy and understandable manner. Let's start!

How to activate GOD mode in Project IGI?

This process is simple as well as a bit complicated. For security reasons, I would like to suggest you to take a backup of the files of the game in which we are going to make the changes to activate the GOD mode in it. Anyways, here is the step by step guide about activating the GOD mode:

Step 1: Make sure that the Project IGI game is properly installed on your PC or laptop and is working perfectly without any kind of error. If there is any error then consider reinstalling this game with complete files and steps.

Step 2: Go to the particular folder where you have installed the game and for your information, the folder will be named as Project IGI. Open the folder and here you will see some sub folders and files.

Step 3: Open the directory via the following folder route:

Project IGI — PC — Common — ai

After reaching the 'ai' folder, proceed to the further steps given below. (You should keep a backup of this folder for future use in case any error occurs)

Step 4: When you open the 'ai' folder, you will see various files in it like civilian, guard, patrol, radioguard etc with some extension like .qvm etc. Just make 6 new copies of the file civilian.qvm.

Step 5: After making 6 copies of the above file, just delete the following six files:
• Sniper.qvm
• Radioguard.qvm
• Patrol.qvm
• Guard.qvm
• Ekk.qvm
• Gunner.qvm

Step 6: Now, just concentrate on the 6 copied files. All you have to do is to replace their names with the deleted ones i.e. civilian.qvm (1) with sniper.qvm, civilian.qvm (2) with radioguard.qvm and so on without changing the file extension i.e. the qvm.

That is it! You are done. Now open the game and see the enemies running away from you. Now just enjoy playing the game without any fear of being killed in every stage 100s of times.

Note: In case the game shows any error like the send error report etc, consider backing up your files especially the 'ai' folder which you have already copied for future use. The error will occur only if you make any kind of mistake in the process. So, after the backup is complete, consider revising the same steps with more alertness and activeness to try to get this problem/error resolved.

Final words

This was all about how to play Project IGI game in GOD mode where no one can see you or recognize your existence except the machinery like tanks etc in the game. This cheat or trick to play the game in GOD mode works very well when the process is done accurately without any mistake even in the spellings of the file names. If you have further queries regarding the same, then do contact me through the responses below. I will be very happy to help you in every possible way.

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Guest Author: Mishti25 Dec 2013

Please advise me on how to undo the God mode cheat (invisible) in Project IGI. I had successfully activated the cheat following the steps mentioned by you. But now I want to undo the changes. Please advise asap.

Guest Author: Neil28 Mar 2014

Project IGI is the best strategy and first person shooting game. I had played it two times and completed all the missions. But I had not tried its GOD mode yet. This article gives the useful information about how to play in GOD mode. I was confused about how to activate it but the process is so easy as mentioned above in the article.

Guest Author: prajesh jain30 May 2014

Please tell me how to undo the god mode i.e. to become visible again.

Guest Author: Aravind14 Dec 2014

It is not working what ever cheat you gave me. I did whatever you wrote in internet but it is not working. Please give me some working cheats.

Guest Author: muneeb21 Apr 2015

I activated God game mode but an error comes in the game after or in the 4th level but it goes way when I deactivate it.

Guest Author: omo gabriel11 Jul 2020

hey pls i have a question on igi i cant seem to see the other missions even after i have completed mission 1 trainyard over and over again

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi11 Jul 2020 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Hold CTRL+SHIFT+F9 while on the main menu, and start your game .

Guest Author: Achintha SG03 Sep 2020

hahaha lol it's working best...
soldiers run away like civilians.....
but, i've a big problem i want ái files... ^_^

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