Grand Theft Auto Vice City, GTA game - review, cheat codes, tricks and tips to play game

Are you looking for hands on review of GTA Vice City, the most popular game from Rock Star games? Here is the article containing what you are looking for. In this article, I have also mentioned the cheat codes, tricks and tips to play the GTA Vice City game with ease.

Rock Star games- An introduction

Rock Star Games have always provided us the best games with quality, graphics and full on entertainment. One cannot count the number of games created by this studio and that is the reason why this company has the largest number of fans all over the world who are always waiting for miracles from them. The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series from the Rock Star games has really touched the skies of success. The series contains a lot of versions based on the same pattern and every version proved successful. Some of the games are; GTA Vice City, GTA SanAndReas, GTA II, GTA III, GTA IV and now the all new GTA V which is yet to be launched. In this article, I am going to review the Grand Theft Auto Vice City which has been most popular game among the series given above.

GTA Vice City- A review

GTA Vicecity
GTA Vice City is an all-in-one game that can be treated as an action, arcade, entertaining, racing or sports game, whatever you like because it contains each and every element which the above mentioned game types should have. In this game, you are free to do anything i.e. it resembles to our day to day life. You can go for a long drive, eat or drink in restaurants, ride a bike, move here and there, use weapons to create terror and catch the eye of police and much more. Also, there are default missions which when completed will fetch you some income to meet your daily expenditures. The money can also be earned by doing the job of a taxi driver, ambulance driver, police representative etc. For this you would need to get a car of a particular department e.g. if you want to work as an ambulance driver, you will need an ambulance to carry out the job which you can get from any hospital in the game and after entering the said vehicle, press the Caps Lock button to start your job and save the people by driving them safely to the hospital and earn money per person you save. Similar is the case for the taxi driver and a police representative. So, for an overall review, I must say that this game is a packet full of entertainment which once you start playing, will not leave it unfinished. But I must also say that this game is really tough to play when you come to the missions and for your ease, I have mentioned some of the cheat codes for you to get through this game easily.

Cheat codes for GTA Vice City and their uses

GTA Vicecity cheats

Cheat codes help us to surpass some of the conditions where we are left with only an option to die. Please note that the cheats mentioned below must be typed during the game play with no spacing between the words or you can also type the cheats during a paused game by pressing escape button on your keyboard. This trick is used when you have very less time to type a long cheat especially when your health level is decreasing rapidly or when the police is after you. So, here are some of the cheat codes which will help you very much during the game-play:

ASPIRINE: This cheat helps you to maximize your health level when it is tending to zero.

PRECIOUSPROTECTION: This cheat get your armed with a body armor which will give you a longer time to stand up against the police or any other terrorist action during the missions or normal game-play.

SEAWAYS:: If you want to run the vehicles on water, then this cheat is for you. Just type this cheat while riding a car (not any two wheeler) and make it able to run on water surface without sinking.

ONSPEED: This is a very effective cheat when you need to drive faster to escape from certain unfavourable conditions. This will make your car or any other vehicle to run at a tremendous speed.

NUTTERTOOLS: This cheat helps to get you the first level weapons in this game.

THUGSTOOLS: This cheat works to arm the character with second level (medium level) weapons.

PROFESSIONALTOOLS: To get to the highest level of weapons, this cheat is most effective and comes out with the weapons beyond your imagination.

PANZER: If you want to drive a tank prescribed from the army force, you can get it by typing this cheat code while playing the game.

GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST: This cheat works out to get the super-fast racing car for enjoying a blaze ride by that car.

LEAVEMEALONE: This is the most important cheat for the GTA Vice City as while playing the game, you often get the wanted levels raised even up to maximum where no one other than this cheat code can help you to bring the levels down to zero.

How to unlock 100% of GTA Vice City game in a go?

The most working and effective tip or we can say a trick is to unlock all the missions of this game in a go. For this, you will need to download the GTA Vice City user files by just typing this keyword in the Google search engine and download the proper files. The downloaded file might be in zip format. So, if you have an unzipper (WinZip), extract the files to the solder present in 'my documents' named as 'GTA Vice City user files'. That is it. Now just start the game and enjoy the unlocked version with 100% missions completed.


This was all about the GTA Vice City game and its cheat codes, tips and trick to unlock 100% of it. The above mentioned cheat codes are the top 10 cheat codes which help you the most while playing the game. There are various other cheat codes for this game which you can get by downloading the latest version of the Cheat book from Google. So, have a happy game-play.

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Author: Muhammed Aneez17 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

From where I can download GTA vice city suited for tablet for free of cost? I didnt find it in Google play store.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi17 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Please mention what is the Android version of your tablet as this game is available on few of the Android versions not the all.

Author: Muhammed Aneez19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

My tablet runs on Android Gingerbread.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

I am sorry to say that this game is not available for the devices running on Android v2.3 Gingerbread. The game can be downloaded from the Google play store on the device having an Android v4.0+ OS. But one thing you can do is; download the game on any Android smartphone with v4.0+ OS and then transfer in to your tablet. It will surely work.

Author: Muhammed Aneez19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

My device is 4.0.4. But I didn't find any free GTA game in google play

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi19 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

My friend has downloaded the GTA game from the Google play store. He purchased the game for 154 rupees. You should not search for GTA keyword in play store rather you should try Grand Theft Auto Vice City and it will show genuine results.

Guest Author: cheatmaster15 May 2013

I like this blog because this is very helping thanks.

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