www.kaunsa.com - Review of an online shop for variety of products

Are you looking for an online seller for variety of products at cheap and competitive prices? Read the review of www.kaunsa.com, the website which connects buyers and sellers online, so that the buyers can buy products of their choice online at the most competitive prices in the fast developing business of online shopping on internet. This article gives the details of working of www.kaunsa.com, buying procedure, methods of payment and refund and returns policy of.


The online business is continuously on the increase. It has good prospectus in future since the internet is fast developing in our country. From the spectrum of dial up and slow internet connections, we have travelled a long way to cable modem and satellite fast connections. The cellular services are fast expanding from 2G GSM to 3G HSDPA and further to 4G LTE. Of course, it will take time to spread 3G services in the entire country. The 4G spectrum is yet to make an entry into India. We have reached even the rural areas through Wi-Fi connections. It is the age of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE now. Micro USB data cards are available for use in our devices through their USB ports. So, it would suffice to say that the time is not far when most of the business in India will be taken over by the online sellers.

Expansion of online selling business and its benefits

Online sellers can in fact, sell the products cheap and fast because they do not need a lot of expenditure for the establishment of large showrooms. It is easy to search and compare the features, specifications, prices and availability of products online by various sellers. The buyer always has a choice to buy the product from the seller who sells at the best price and gives the better service. Some of the reputed online shops like E-Bay are in the online business for quite some time and have earned their reputation over a period of time. However, there are certain websites who have recently entered into the business and suffered from the teething troubles. However, they are making their presence felt among the already established online sellers. We are going to discuss one such website by the name www.kaunsa.com in the following paragraphs of this article.

When started and the problems faced initially

www.kaunsa.com entered the online business about nine months back. It faced teething troubles at the beginning. This is common for any new business due to lack of experience and expertise. Any new entrant in a business needs a little time to establish itself. Kaunsa.com also faced the same challenge. The website administration is very honest to admit this fact. It had some problems from the suppliers due to lack of coordination. There were some complaints in the beginning because of product delivery failures and delays. However, the website has now made a specialized department to handle such issues by escalations@kaunsa.com. At present, the buyers' complaints and issues are promptly attended to. The website now promises that it is committed to resolve any issue in less than 24 hours. The website now restricts or blocks the suppliers who are not able to fulfill their orders on time.

Motto of website

The main aim of the online seller www.kanusa.com is to provide an easy platform for the buyers and the sellers to communicate fast. It enables them to buy and sell the products online easy and fast. You must have watched the prices quoted at Kaunsa.com at comparison websites. Compare prices of various products at price comparison websites like junglee.com and others. You will often find that the prices quoted by www.kaunsa.com are very competitive and lowest. From this thinking of the website, it is quite clear that this website has the single objective in mind. This objective is to quote the products online at the lowest and competitive prices.

My experience of placing an order with www.kaunsa.com

I was looking for an online seller for Samsung's latest Galaxy S4 after the smartphone was launched on March 14 in the New York City of the U.S. It was reported that the smartphone will be released at the end of April 2013. But to my surprise, I found that Samsung Galaxy S4 was listed at www.kaunsa.com at a pre-order price of Rs.43,390 on March 19. This was the only website where I found Samsung Galaxy S4 listed for sale. I had a doubt whether the seller will be able to deliver the product within the specified time, but I still placed my order to test the website. I was given the delivery date as April 3, however as expected I received an email from kaunsa.com that the delivery may be delayed and the product will be available towards mid May and an offer was made to me to either get a refund within 2-3 days or I should wait for the delivery. I opted for the second option and was ensured that the product will be supplied as soon as it becomes available in India.

Progress in expansion of online selling website

The online seller supplied me with the details that kaunsa.com has seen a multiple fold increase of their business during the last few months. They now have 400+ sellers listing about 40k+ products on kaunsa.com from time to time. The online seller also informed me that their total turn over during the last three months was around Rs. 3.5 crores. They have captured over 10k transactions and there were 3200 average sales during this period.

Homepage lay out of the website up to Menu Bar & its working

The homepage of www.kaunsa.com has beautiful layout covered with lots of pictures of the several types of products sold by the online seller along with the current prices of the products. You get the logo for Kaunsa.com in different colours with the phrase "Your Friend for Online Shopping" written below the logo. To the right of the online shop's logo, you find links for Home, Sign up, Login and ViewCart and just below that there is a 'search text box' to make a search of any products you wan to buy. The menu bar at the homepage displays Fresh Arrivals, Mobiles and Accessories, Clothing, LifeStyle, Bags, Shoes, Computer Accessories, Home and Garden and Super Savers. The buyer has just to move the mouse pointer over any item of the Menu Bar and immediately the drop down menu will display a great array of items displayed under the main menu item.

Homepage lay out the website below the Menu Bar

Below the menu bar, you will find two of the best selling smartphones with their discounted prices. To the right of it, one can find a moving display of smartphones with their offer prices under the header " Deals of the Week". You also find attractive linkable images of various products under several categories. Clicking on any of them will take you to the particular sections of the products of that category for making your selection quite easy and convenient. Just below the display of the product images on the homepage, you will find that the online seller has displayed information that shipping for the products is free and the online sellers sells original brands with 100% quality. You will also find the Contact No. 0120-4835000 of the online seller here.

Look of website's homepage towards the end of the page

Towards the end of the homepage, you will find that the website has listed comparison websites like ShopGuide.in, Price Dekho, 91 Mobiles, Sulekha.com and Coupon Dunia. I also found the seller listed at Junglee.com although it is not given in this list. Here, you will also find links for Return and Refund Policy of the Company, Feedback, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, About US, Rules and Policies and Career. The links to products of some top brands like Amporio Armani, Casio, Samsung, Micromax and Canon can be found at the end of the homepage. To make the things easy for the buyers, one can go to My Account, My Shopping Cart, Discount Voucher, Complaint Tickets, Post Buy Request links from the homepage itself. You will find also the links for latest offers on Tablets, Home and Garden, Camera and Fresh Arrivals. On the right hand side of the homepage at the end of the page, there are also the links like "Sell on kaunsa.com' and "Become a Seller" provided for suppliers.

How to buy a product, payment methods and returns policy of www.kaunsa.com

When a buyer clicks on the product of his / her choice, he / she is taken to another page where the details of the product are given. These details include the name of the product, the image of the product, if available, the code No. of the product, the shipping charges, if any, the product rating, the ID of the seller and the delivery time. Towards the right side on details page, you are given information about shipping policy, quality assurance, safe payment, product warranty, product delivery time and customer support No. 0120 4835000 (Mon-Sat) (10:00 AM – 7:00 PM). You will be given the clickable images of some related products. At the end of the page, the buyer is provided with the specifications of the product. The buyer has to note very carefully that in the specification page, against the item "Stock Availability", the online seller gives the information about the delivery and likely change in the price in case the product is yet to be released in the market. Usually a message in the red colour such as "This (product category) will be available in (approx date of availability) and it is a pre-launch price subject to change" is displayed.

"Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" links

There are two important links "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" on this link. If you are thinking of buying the product later, then you can add the product to your cart by clicking on the link "Add to Cart". In case you have made up your mind to buy the product, then click on the link "Buy Now". By clicking on this link, you will be first taken to "Add to cart" page where you will find the description of the item, delivery time, price, quantity, action and total amount. If you so want, you can remove the item from the cart box, by clicking on the eraser icon against "Action" heading. If you want to continue shopping to add some more items to the cart, you need to click on the link "Continue Shopping", otherwise simply click on the link "Continue" to take you to email login page for buying the item. Here you have two options either to continue shopping without password or continue with kaunsa account and password, if you have already created one. In case, you want to continue without password, you have to enter your email id in the box provided and then click on "Save and Continue".

Shipping and Billing and Payment page

You will be taken to the shipping and billing page, where you have to enter your address where you want the item to be shipped and billed and then press on "Save and Continue". Once you confirm the order on the next page, you will be taken to the payments page where you need to give your payment options and fill the necessary details. The payment options available for buying products online at kaunsa.com are credit / debit card, net banking or cash on delivery (COD). You have to find out whether the cash on delivery option is available for your city, if you select this option for payment. The buyers can read the refund and returns policy of kaunsa.com by clicking here

The final word

The www.kaunsa.com is a fast upcoming website which has made a lot of progress during the past several months. I wish that that the stock availability information which is given under specifications of the product should have been given at a prominent place on the details page immediately below the price of the item in order to avoid any disputes and complaints since the buyers may not read the stock availability notice under the heading "specifications" of the item. A link to the payments options also should have been given on this page.

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Guest Author: mahesh gadgil12 May 2013

www.kaunsa.com is fraud website. Don't buy anything from this website. There are lots of people who are waiting for their refund of money. Totally fraud site, in my opinion.

Check this site for more information: http://www.grahaksev...topic/kaunsacom

Guest Author: Deepak07 Aug 2013

Inmy opinion and experience, Kaunsa.com is a fraud website. Placed an order (Sony Xperia L) on 15th Jun and cancelled it after the extension of delivery date. Still the money is not refunded by them.

Guest Author: ganesh18 Aug 2013

This appears to be a paid review by Kaunsa.com. www.kaunsa.com is fraud website. Users please do not fall prey to the online trap. Motto and way of functioning is " Advertise items at low rate, attract customers, make them to pay online(never offer cash on delivery), do not deliver item, users struggling to get refunds"

Save your self..

Guest Author: VVV14 Sep 2013

Kaunsa.com is a fraud Company

Guest Author: srinivas rao07 Oct 2013

Don't buy any products from this site even kaunsa start with any name. This fraud company. Every day I call to call center 50-100 times nobody picking the phone. Rare case pick the phone and I am asking my money refund back because they are failed to delivery product. Every time they are saying product is not available if you want you can buy other product they are ready to give voucher.

Guest Author: vkkesav09 Dec 2013

I had paid amount of Rs. 20265/- against order of Toshiba 32PB200 LED 32 inches TV HOM/ELE/TOS/4784 on 26 Nov 2013 at kaunsa.com (Mify Solutions Pvt. Ltd., SF 204,Singhal Tower,Sec-58,Noida, U. P. – 201301, India, T : +91 - 120 – 4835000, contactus@mifyslutions.com) Ticket No is : Kaun/T188766/AFTDYK2WCN When I am calling every day they told me, we will deliver the TV within 10-12 days. I wait for twenty days and kaunsa.com has been failed to supply the TV and they themselves canceled and changed the status as Refund is in progress. I was called & email them daily to refund the same amount. They told me ur refund status is in progress” and we will process your refund within 7-10 working days and I received a mail on same day. Till date I haven’t received the refund. I have called them daily, I listen their replies foolishly.

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