Inotia-3 Android game: play guidelines, tips, tricks and cheat code to win the game

In this article, you will get tips and tricks for playing the Android game named - Inotia 3. The post includes cheat code, playing guidelines and walkthrough for defeating God of Darkness (the final stage) of Inotia 3 game.

Inotia 3: Children of Carnia is role-playing game developed by Com2uS. This game is based on a Chinese story "The Chronicles of Inotia: Children of Carnia". I love all the games developed by Com2uS team. The Inotia 3 game is sized to 20MB and compatible with all tablets available in market. The game is enjoyable and attractive in terms of its speed, graphics, concept and storyline. As a new player may find it difficult to defeat some of the enemies in this game so, here below I am specifying some useful tips for completing the game faster.
inotia 3

Tips and tricks

    Always use Priest (Lydia or Ameli) to fight with your enemy as they have healing power.

    While playing, keep an eye on player's health bar. Whenever you find health going down, tap the healing power button.

    Keep HP (Healing Potions) in one of your hot keys. You can use it in case your Manpower goes down and you are unable to use healing power.

    Concentrate more on defense rather than attack.

    Sell all your collections to the merchant and buy HP bottles.

    Do not ignore even a single sub-mission. If you ignore them, your EXP points will not increase faster.

    On the way, do not waste your time in fighting with animals.

    In case you are surrounded by large number of enemies - just open the main menu, save your game and restart it.

    Keep at least 10 resurrections scrolls in your bag that will be used to return back your dead team-mates.

    Mana potions are useless, sell them all and purchase Healing Potion. I usually keep at-least 20 HP in my bag.

    Do not fight continuously. Fight only in case Healing Potions of all party members are full. Either use new HP to restore your Healing Potion or use a healing attack.

By following above tips, you can easily complete the Inotia 3 game.


There is no cheating code for Inotia 3. I used a third-party app to increase the EXP and skill point but it corrupted my game files. So, it will be better not to try such things. You can easily complete all the stages except defeating the God of Darkness. Just complete all the extra missions to make your character more powerful.

Defeating God of Darkness

The God of Darkness is the final stage of Inotia 3. In this stage, you are allowed to have 3 members in your team. Before entering God of Darkness stage, raise all your characters' levels to 42. I used below combo to kill the God of Darkness.

Lucio (Barbarian) - Level 44
Ameli (Priest) - Level 42
Ada (Arch mage) - Level 43

I took two days to defeat the God of Darkness, alone. Equip yourself with at-least 10 Life Potions. You can get a Life Potion using the fusion machine. You can get composition material for the life potion from Portal master mission which remains active forever.

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Guest Author: Mat27 Mar 2014

To defeat the god of darkness easily, change the team member that has been shackled.
Press menu then party then swap the shackled one with another one then you can easily kill the shackle shadow to remove the god of darkness' invulnerability. It took me 1 hour to discover that.

Guest Author: davin02 Apr 2014

How use the fusion machine?

Guest Author: rogue master26 Sep 2014

You can defeat it solo using rogue character.

Guest Author: Grimmoire13 Jul 2015

After defeating God of Darkness you will start again from the beginning but retain your level after defeating the GOD and also your party members will be back with you with their previous level after defeating the GOD. It's kind of hard to defeat the GOD because of his shackles but I survived with Ameli and a Shadowhunter. Best way to defeat strong enemies is to have a healer, a tanker and disabler like someone with stun or someone who can freeze the enemy to stop it from attacking.

Guest Author: <--nieja30 Aug 2015

Finished the Boss on my second try. Maximize Ameli's Invulnerability spell, lower left(active) and stock on HP and Mana Potions because they need it. And also on resurrection scrolls.

Guest Author: Shadow Hunter16 Oct 2015

Got it in my second try with Lvl 49 Lucio S.H. Lvl 47 Ameli and Haldeit Lvl 46. I've got all of them now at lvl 70, and continuing the 2nd story.

Guest Author: nste17 Dec 2015

I beat the game with a lvl 42 demon hunter Lucio, a lvl 40 barbarian and a lvl 42 priest for heals and took 5 large go pots and 5 resurection scrolls. On the first try killed him within 20 mins.

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