Piriform's CCleaner – A software for boosting computer speed, available for free download

CCleaner is a software tool available for free download that increases computer speed tremendously with just one click. It wipes out all unnecessary and junk files and thus makes a computer work more efficiently. Here is the review of the CCleaner. This software is also available for professional and business purposes with advanced features by paying a meager amount.

A friendly computer or laptop is one which performs quickly at a blink of an eye. Majority of the people who use internet for their daily personal or business use, have no idea about what happens over time when one is browsing for a long time. We know the end results that over time the system slows down and if continued to browse then it may even freeze completely. We usually do not know why this happens.

Here is a simple and brief explanation of things that causes a system to slowdown over a period of time. Just to outline the main programs, beside is a list of all such programs that make your computer slow down. They are namely, temporary files, temporary internet files, internet cache, cookies, browsing history and programs that consume a large amount of memory space by running in background, even when not in use.

Temporary internet files:

These are files that are downloaded during browsing and are saved within a folder temporarily. They include scripts, images, videos and other files. The more time you browse, the more junk files will be collected, thus compromising the hard disc space. Therefore, the 'temporary internet files' folder must be cleared often. CCleaner does it for free with just a click and thus saves our time that we would have spent for deleting all the junk files manually.

Internet Cache:

Whenever a webpage is opened, it is actually downloaded and saved as cache. Thus you must have observed that on clicking back button, the previous page displays immediately without any streaming. This is because the previous page was saved in the system and did not have to stream online from a server. Thus a cache folder saves all such frequently used web pages, so that the next time it's loaded and displayed quickly. However, after a long session of browsing, the cache folder increases in size due to large number of saved webpages. This causes the system to slow down as the cache folder is saturated and requires reducing the burden in it. CCleaner cleans the cache folder with a click and provides a large amount of potential space.


Cookie is a piece of information that is sent from the server and stored in the browser while an individual is browsing a website. When at a later time, if the user opens the same website, then the cookie recognizes it and stores all the activities done on that website. This way the cookies, if not deleted, store a long term browsing history of an individual even for months and years. However, the size of a cookie is small which does not affect the pc performance much. Anyways, its always a good practice to clear cookies often in order to gain a little disc space and also avoid potential threats if the system is infiltrated by viruses and malwares. CCleaner does this with a click to the above mentioned files.

Browsing history:

As the name suggests, it saves the names of all websites and its webpages that are visited by a user. It takes less space compared to temporary files and cache. Yet, it does have a positive affect on deleting once in a while.
Download history: Here history of all files that were downloaded from the browser is saved. CCleaner helps in deleting downloading history as well.

Programs running in the background:

There are certain programs that start along with the system start up without our knowledge and run in the background. For example gtalk, skype, utorrent etc open up by default during normal startup of the system. This consumes memory space and must be terminated manually by right-clicking on the icon located in the taskbar and clicking exit. The alternative and less cumbersome option is change the settings of the program manually by un-ticking the option 'start with system start-up'.

These are the main hidden files and folders which as mentioned above, needs to be cleared once in a while. CCleaner is a best free tool that does all the above mentioned work for free and very quickly. There are professional and business versions too that provides technical support. Free version do not offer technical support.

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