How to Jailbreak iPhone 5 with iOS 6?

Are you eager to experience the latest iOS 6 on your Apple iPhone 5 without any kind of restriction, then why not you Jailbreak the iOS 6 on your iPhone 5? Read out the article and know all about the step by step process of Jail breaking iPhone 5 iOS 6 easily. Also get acknowledged with the FAQs and important notices regarding the iPhone 5 iOS 6 Jailbreak.

Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6

iPhone 5 iOS JailbreakThe first and the far most thing which you have to ensure is the availability of iOS 6. If your iPhone 5 is not running on iOS 6, then you first need to update your previous iOS version using iTunes or OTA. After iOS 6 is installed on your Smart device, just Jailbreak. To Jailbreak your Apple iPhone running with iOS 6, follow the steps provided below.

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Steps to Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6

1. Start the process of Jail breaking iOS 6 on your device by downloading RedSn0w 0.9.13dev2 tool. To download it, go through this link:

2. After the download is finished, double-click on RedSnow icon on the screen.

3. From then, Select "Extras" and have your iPhone pointed to the right IPSW. This will ensure you about the Jail breaking of current and correct iOS version i.e. iOS 6.

4. To point the device correctly to the right IPSW, choose "Select IPSW" option. This will leave a manual control before you and you can specify a correct firmware version with ease.

5. Confirm that you have chosen "Beta version 1" without any hesitation as it is very right. So, proceed!

6. Now the movement has come to Jailbreak your iOS 6. Hit "Jailbreak" option and after that you are just processing the selected firmware.

7. Some options will appear before you. Ensure about the selection of "Install SSH" before you proceed towards Jail breaking.

8. Now put your iPhone 5 in DFU mode as only after this step, the Jailbreak process of iOS 6 on your device will occur. To do so, follow some key steps below:

Steps to put your iPhone 5 in DFU mode

1. Start by holding the "Power" button for nearly about 5 seconds.

2. Don't let your phone go switched off. To do so, continue holding the "Home" button simultaneously for around 10 seconds.

3. Also don't let your phone go homey (to home mode). To ensure that, release your hold on the Power button and continue to hold down the Home button again for near about 15 seconds.

Now your iPhone is in DFU mode which means that the Jailbreak process has begun. While the process is executing, don't do anything which may interrupt it or your whole work will go in vain. And when the phone is completely Jail broken, don't get frightened if it reboots. It will surely reboot!

FAQs regarding the Jail breaking of iOS 6 on iPhone 5 (4S)

Why to Jailbreak iOS 6 on iPhone 5?
Apple iPhone 5, also known as iPhone 4S is not run by iOS 6 as this OS runs the latest launch by Apple, iPhone 5S. Some iPhone enthusiasts want to experience the fuss about iOS 6 on their smart iPhone 5, so they Jailbreak.

Is Jail breaking of iOS 6 on iPhone 5, a worth doing task?
Jail breaking iOS 6 on iPhone 5 is not anybody's cup of tea. It is a very tough task and only developers can access it with ease. Before Jail breaking, you must be well aware about the fact that if the Jail break process went wrong or if one doesn't execute it with caution then, your device may render a total uselessness.

While Jail breaking, is there any important notice which one must take under consideration?
While Jail breaking, you may need to connect the iPhone to your PC every time it runs out of power. After that, always launch RedSnow tool and then hit "Extras" > "Just boot", as by this you won't need to execute the Jailbreak process each and every time.

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