Tips on how to select an Air Conditioner for home use

As the mercury levels are rising day by day you find it necessary to beat the heat. Due to the present condition of global warming and water crisis, even fans and air coolers cannot solve this problem. Eventually, it has become a necessity today to buy an air conditioner for home. Go through this article to learn tips on how to choose an air conditioner for your home use.

Choose an AC that is just right for your use

In the present days, most of the work places are in air conditioned atmosphere and this makes you habituated to the use of air conditioners. In addition to the work places, even some of the transit vehicles like cars and buses have a provisions of AC. However, you need to shell down few extra chips to enjoy a comfortable journey. When the body and mind are habituated to the AC ambiance, you find it necessary to have one for your home as well.

As the market these days, is getting flooded with different models of air conditioners from the top brands, at times you get confused as to which one to select and buy for your home use. The best option is to make a thorough research on the top selling AC brands in India and then select the one which is just right for your home use. Following are the tips which you need to follow before making your selection of AC.

Tips for choosing the right AC

Making a selection of the right AC as per your requirements, involves a lot of considerations like your affordability, setup, noise level, efficiency, warranty and many other things. To help you in your search for making a right choice, here is a list of things to be considered at the time of purchasing an AC:

  1. Split AC or window AC

    Let us start with the simple way of sorting out one after the other. From the whole lot of air conditioners available in the market, the two most popular types which are best suited for home use, are the split AC and the window AC. Most of your might have seen these two types of air conditioners being extensively used in offices and commercial places as well.

    Most of the consumers these days prefer split AC which comes in a set of two units - indoor and outdoor. On a comparative basis, a split AC produces less noise than a window AC. And also it is flexible to place a split AC as compared to a window AC which has to be fitted at windows. So based on your budget and need and also the convenience, you can make a decision whether to buy a split AC or a window AC. And once your are done with your decision, you can go to the next considerations.

  2. Selecting the one within your budget

    The next important point to consider is the budget. It is not good to go for an AC beyond your budget and later feel the financial constraints. Instead, it is better to select one which is within your reach. So you need to go according to your needs and select the one which best suits your needs and lies within your budget. If you want to go for an economical one, you can choose one with the basic features like tonnage, fan speed etc and of course warranty period and service as well. Keeping these basic things in mind, you can go for a brand model which is suitable for your home use.

  3. Size of the AC that best suits the dimensions of the room

    Yet another important aspect to keep in mind while making a selection of AC is its size which should correspond to the dimensions of the room that it has to be installed. So go for a size which best suits the dimensions of your room. If you install a bigger sized one in a comparatively smaller room, you will end up with too much cooling effect. In addition to this, there will be unnecessary power consumption as well and you will get a higher electricity bill. On the contrary, if you go for a smaller one in a bigger room, this will leave you with irritation due to lack of proper cooling effect. So always select one which best suits the dimensions of your room.

    Accordingly you can select either a 1 ton AC or 1.5 ton AC. Here 1 ton which is equal to 1000 kg is not the weight of the AC but it is the measure of the energy used. So also you need to consider the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of the AC which is the measure of its cooling capacity. As the BTU of an AC increases, so does its cooling power, size, weight and price increase. For an ideal master bedroom in a typical house in India, it is suggestible to go for a 1.5 ton AC. And for comparatively smaller rooms, it is good to go for 1 ton AC. Keeping these facts in mind, you need to make a choice of AC that goes well for your use.

  4. Understanding energy efficiency

    Among all the household electrical appliances, an AC consumes much of electrical energy which comes to nearly 40 % of the electrical bill. However, there are certain things to understand about the energy efficiency to optimize the cost. For this, you need to consider the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of the unit which indicates the ratio of the cooling output of the unit and the energy consumption and the COP (Coefficient of Performance) which is the ratio of the output power to input power. The higher the COP the more efficient the unit is. And above all a Star Rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. An AC with higher star rating is more efficient and helps you save more on your electricity bills.

    So before purchasing an AC, it is advisable to look into these three things and accordingly make a decision.

  5. Essential features

    There are certain essential features that you need to consider at the time of purchasing an AC be it a split one or a window AC. These basic features which you need to look into, are the remote control, low noise levels, two fans with energy efficiency setting, sleep timer, adjustable thermostat, adjustable vent, exhaust vent and easy to remove and clean electrostatic filter. Besides these basic features, there are ACs with smart features as well, like technology with human activity sensing, anti-bacterial filters, intelligent inverter based technology and sunlight detection. However ACs with these smart features will cost more.

  6. Service and warranty period

    This is one of the most important considerations at the time of selecting an AC for home use. You need to select a unit that comes with a long term manufacturer's warranty which provides full replacement guarantee for a specified period. In case there is a provision for extended warranty, it is advisable to go for extended warranty period which would cover any of the unanticipated maintenance expenses.

    Therefore, it is better to go for a trusted brand and a provision with service support partner. As this would be helpful to you for getting prompt and reliable services when needed.

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So keeping all the above mentioned considerations in view, you can venture out to make a purchase of an AC that best suits to your home use. Remember that you need to equip yourself with enough knowledge about the various available models and brands in the market, their available features and prices as well before going to purchase an AC. You can even go for the best deals and brands which offer AC units at discounted rates. If required, you can take the opinion from a qualified expert who can help you making the right choice. Once you are done with the installation of your AC unit in your room, you can stay fresh and come out of the sultriness of the terrific summer. So, stay cool, have a sound sleep and get up with rejuvenation.


Guest Author: Vandana04 May 2014

We have been thinking about buying an air conditioner for our home. But we are afraid about the health problems in using an air conditioner. Is it safe to use AC at home throughout the night? I have children sleeping in our room and wanted to make sure their health will not be affected by using an AC.

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