Best Arcade games for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Are you looking for some top dynamic arcade games for your Android smartphones and tablets? Extreme Road Trip, Fruit Ninja, Escape, Paper Toss and Angry Birds are the games reviewed.

Android, coined as the 'The future of smartphone world' has led the technology and development to somewhere else. From past few years, Android has been the platform for the manufacturing of millions of smart phones, tablets etc. And today we can see that it has crossed every boundary to which it was confined. There are millions of smartphones prevailing in the world today, which are run by Android Operating Systems (Ginger Bread OS, Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Jelly Bean OS etc). These Android Operating Systems provide every device, a smooth and fine performance tip and thus better results while hanging up with them.

Android doesn't provide only a single facility but it provides multi-directional functions. There are about millions of applications (apps) and games to play on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Almost every game provides the users a HD interface. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja, Highway Rider, Crazy Grandpa, Snooker HD and Brothers in Arms are some examples of such games. Moreover, all the Android games are kept under certain categories like arcade, casual, action, adventure, fighting, puzzle, racing, sports etc respectively on the basis of their interface and reaction with the user. Below are some top Arcade games for Android smartphones and tablets available in Google Play Store:

Extreme Road Trip

Extreme Road Trip is a speedy arcade game which chases your mind and holds off your hands. Actually you are racing at an incredible speed, not through any road means but desert. As you are on the highest speed, your tank is getting out of gas very fast and rapidly. So in order to win, you need to be very conscious bout the mistake as a single can lose to disaster. Just score more points and don't let go crashed. Collect coins in the races to buy many things in store and use nitro boosts to help you to maximize your speed. Remember that yet this is a race but it is endless!

Top features of Extreme Road Trip game
1. Desert environment.
2. Rapid decrease in fuel tank.
3. Do great flips.
4. Execute many wheelies.
5. Nitro boosts for no crashing.
6. Endless chase.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is really an incredible arcade game for Android phones. It is a very popular game and is played by more than 100 million people across the globe. You are supposed to slice down the fruits with a simple, fine and smooth finger swap on the touch screen. You can slice a single fruit or multi, at a time. If you dragged out you finger and 3 fruits got sliced at a time, you get a "3 Combo Shot" message on the screen, giving a bonus to your score. For 4, 5, 6… Combo Shots, your play become incredible and maximum score is the result. But note that slicing the fruits is not the only thing you have to do in the game. Interestingly there are some obstacles before you viz:

1. Bombs come off with the fruits and if you hit any, the game is over!
2. If you missed to slice 3 fruits any time, game is over.

So don't slice down the bombs and don't miss any fruit slice and you will set a new record in the history of the game.

Top features of Fruit Ninja game
1. Cut down the fruits in any direction.
2. Have the tension of slicing the bombs every time.
3. Do many combo slices while playing.
4. Play many modes including Zen and Arcade mode.
5. Colorful slicers.
6. Set your own personal records and unlock new items.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games, played by millions of Android lovers and Apple gamers. In this game you are supposed to throw the angry birds on the greedy pigs with the help of a catapult and let them go destroyed as they have been stealing the eggs of the birds from time to time. Use the special abilities of each bird to crash the enemies and take your revenge.

Top features of Angry Birds game
1. Catapult aiming and throwing.
2. Unlock 100s of levels.
3. Unlock many new birds.
4. Use the special ability of birds.
5. Break through the security system of greedy pigs.
6. Score high to create your own record.


Escape is a very cute arcade game but troublesome. You act as a ninja and have to jump over walls and walls to prevent death. Avoid laser beans located parallel to the ground and spikes that occur as your killers. Yet the game mean deaths but don't let it come too quick. Have endless fun!

Top features of Escape game
1. Be a ninja while you play.
2. Frightening environment.
3. Jumping over walls and score.
4. Avoid spikes and lasers which are only for the purpose to kill you.
5. Chase the death more often.
6. Enjoy the complimentary background sound of the game.

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is just madness. Madness in the sense that you have to toss the paper balls in a trash can. Don't be too happy quickly because there are some obstacles for you in the throws i.e. windy desk fans located diagonally from the corner which are supposed to ruin your every try and objective of tossing the paper into the trash. Just use your brain and guess the angles leading the paper balls go directly into the trash can.

Top features of Paper Toss game
1. Paper tossing.
2. Office environment.
3. Wild and windy fans to increase the difficulty level.
4. Throw the paper balls in the trash using your own guessed angles.
5. Have the tension of desk fans always.
6. Enjoy a real background sound of a busy office.


Android games impress their users day by day, with better graphics, performance, maintenance and themes/storylines. There are not only the above 5 mentioned arcade games for Android Smartphones but thousands and each best at its place. Some more Android arcade games are; Angry Birds Space and Star Wars, Hard lines, Air-control, Rapid Defense, Pinball Dulux, Seal Force, Robo Surf, Words With Friends and Screaming With Friends. If you want to download any of the above mentioned and described Android games, then Google play store is the best option.


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