iPad new wireless technology says bye bye to adapters

Have you ever dreamed that you can charge iPad's wirelessly wherever you want just by the use of it's protective cover? Yes it can be. Apple known for its innovation will be implementing their new wireless technology know as "inductively coupled charging" in their future products.

As said Apple's main intention is to "think out of box", here comes another new technology called wireless charging technology.This technology will reduce the dependence of iPad on charging through electricity. This may not be useful for those who are using iPad's at home, companies etc, but it is useful for frequent flyers. Last week itself, the United States Patent and Trademark office has awarded the patent of the wireless charging technology to Apple. Now let me tell you what actually the patent is regarding the wireless technology?
Have you ever thought iPad protective cover will be able to charge iPad? Have you ever dreamed that we can charge iPad wherever we want decreasing the load of carrying the cords? Yes it is true that Apple has reduced the use of wired cords for charging. iPad's cover consist of inductive power transmitter which can pass power wirelessly to an inductive power receiver unit that is inside the iPad. Cool right? Not only that cover even include battery of its own , which can be used when it runs out of battery. This inductively coupled technology can get the power wirelessly. Charging will only begin when we place the cover over the screen.

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Apple anti-fans may feel that this may not come into light and they will think that this is very clumsy which may not success. But cover also has magnetic attachments to check battery mode. iPad has the ability to determine its own battery state, and if it is "portable mode", then it has ability to enable the inductively charging circuit. We cannot say that Apple technology is completely wireless, as cover has battery that needed to be charged using USB, but this technology by Apple is one of the unique wireless charging technology than others. For efficient charging, they are even planning to keep the transmitting and receiving induction coils as close as possible. .
Working procedure of inductive charging is by inducing a current in a coil of wire from one device to another. When the current passes through the coil, it creates magnetic field around the coil. The second coil is embedded in the iPad and is brought into close proximity to the first coil magnetic field, this induces current to pass through the second coil. Not only wireless charging through batteries, they are even planning to use the energy that costs nothing, that is solar energy. They are trying to implement solar cells into the cover. This technology even has the ability to provide proper magnitude of power by making adjustments as needed. Not only Apple, its even Samsung S4 has its own wireless technology. Even many automobile industries are trying to implement wireless technology. But there are rumors that Apple has copied the wireless concept from Samsung S4, but Apple has its own technology called "inductive coupled charging" which is quite unique from other wireless technology. As Apple is being know for innovation, hope that Apple will implement this technology in their future products.


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