Samsung Galaxy S 4: Review of Cool and Exciting Camera Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP primary camera at the rear and a 2 MP front facing camera. Read about the cool and exciting features of the cameras of Samsung Galaxy S 4 in this article. One of the most attracting features of Samsung Galaxy 4 is its dual photo and dual video recoding cameras. The Sound and Shot, Drama Shot, Group Play, Story Album and others features of Galaxy S 4 camera make the experience of photo and video capturing quite thrilling and exciting.

When you hold Samsung Galaxy S 4 in your palm, perhaps you won't feel much difference whether you are holding the Galaxy S4 or its predecessor Galaxy S3 in your hand except that the Galaxy S 4 looks larger and slimmer than the later. However, there is a lot inside the phone that adds novelty and uniqueness to the new smartphone, which was unveiled on March 14 in New York city of the U.S. For the first time it has become known that the smartphone is going to be sold at a lesser price than the Apple iPhone 5 which is priced around $649 SIM-free, the sales of which might be affected if Apple does not bring down the price of iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 16 GB model is likely to cost $579 before taxes, so the price is going to a be little higher at which Samsung priced its Galaxy S3, but it is surely going to cost the buyer less than that of iPhone 5. When we compare the camera features of Samsung Galaxy S 4 with iPhone 5, the former has much more to offer. Samsung Galaxy S 4 comes with a 13 MP camera at the rear and 2 MP front facing camera whereas iPhone 5 is equipped with an 8 MP camera at the rear and a 1.3 MP front facing camera. The cameras of Samsung Galaxy S 4 has a few cool and exciting features, which we are going to discuss in this article. You are not only just going to look at the snaps you have shot, but there is all the fun which you have captured, and which is quite exciting and worth watching. You can just relive those exciting moments full of fun and enjoyment which you experienced at the time of shooting the photos or videos. You are going to make your photo memories come to real life. The camera of Samsung Galaxy S 4 makes it possible for you to take multiple exposures and then edit them together by adding special dramatic touches to them. Once you are done with the editing, it is all fun to share your memorable creation with your friends and family wherever they are.

Dual camera brings you two sides of the same story

What is the use if you are taking a photo of your friends and family and your face is nowhere to be seen in the photo, just because you happen to shoot the photo? With Samsung Galaxy S 4 cameras you can be seen in the photo you have shot of others or the video you have captured due to the dual photo and dual video recording function of the camera. You can simultaneously shoot your friends at a party along with your photo or video so that your could be seen in the group with the dual photo or dual video call function by using both the front and rear camera and later edit them into a single photo or a single video clip. Share them with your friends and family no matter how far they are from you and they will not miss you in the photo or the video clip. A similar feature has also been introduced by LG in its latest product LG Optimus G Pro. Look at the image above and you will know it all.

Sound and Shot feature Galaxy S 4 camera

Don't you want to remember what sounds were heard or what was played when you shot the picture with your camera? May be that you want to remember the excitement of listening to the sound of the opening of the cork of the bottle of champagne at your friend's party and what noise your friends made on that happy occasion? This is now possible with the sound and visual feature of the Samsung's latest Galaxy S 4 camera. Your photos no more remain mute with this camera. In fact, you can now listen to your photos and add to your excitement. You can now relive every moment of the photo you have shot and share it with friends and family who also will be waiting to relive that particular scene at the party they enjoyed together. Do it all with your Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera. Look at the image above to make the things look much clear to you.

Drama Shot feature of Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphone camera

Do you want to take a single snap or want to take a burst of about 9 photos, each of which might display different actions in them. One frame and a random collection of so many photos, isn't great? Drama Shot of Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera will set the stage for you, and you can shoot a series of pictures of any moving subject put together in a single frame. You will be excited to find detailed action in each of the snaps put together in one dynamic photo. Look at the picture above to find how excited you will feel when you use the Drama shot of your Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera.

Group Play feature of Galaxy S 4 smartphone camera

It will be usually seen that when we assemble together for a function or a party we would like to dance together with the music playing at its highest pitch. Gather together your friends or family members whenever there is a small function or party. All your friends or family members can enjoy the music simultaneously when the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphones of your friends or family connect together wirelessly to give them all a wonderful and more exciting moment of enjoying the music. This way the group can play games, share photos and even documents. When all the Samsung Galaxy S 4 phones of the members at the party or a function connect to one another, they create a powerful sound system of their own and that enhances the sound quality and keeps the party going with a high pitch of music. Look at the picture above to understand the concept.

Story Album function of Samsung Galaxy S phone camera

The Story Album feature of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S 4 allows you to organize your photos. You can create an album of your photos based on the sequence of events that are connected with them. You can even customize them according to your wish and planning. You can apply thematic text or story to the photos in the album. You can also create and choose various layouts to arrange your photos in the way you want. You can then print the photos and enjoy how your photos will tell the story of the sequence of events you enjoyed at some other place or time. Each of your albums becomes a story teller. Have a glance at the picture above to appreciate the idea.

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Some other features of Galaxy S 4 phone camera

The cinema photo feature of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 is somewhat identical to the cinematographic functionality of Nokia Lumia Windows phones . You can now create animated gifs where only part of the image will move and the rest of the background will remain static. Another noteworthy feature of Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera is that you can now remove objects from the frame before saving them to the gallery. This interface seems to be inspired by the Samsung company's photo product, the Samsung Galaxy camera, where the modes are located on a jog dial. The only regrettable point is that Samsung has not provided a dedicated camera key on its Samsung Galaxy S 4 like its predecessor. Of course, the on-screen controls are responsive enough and the touch focus partially makes up for the lack of a halfpress-enabled shutter key. The front facing camera tracks our eye moments and gives Samsung Galaxy S 4 features like the Smart Stay, Smart Pause and Smart Scroll. Both the primary and secondary cameras of Samsung Galaxy S 4 are enabled to record full HD video at 1080p @30fps. The rear camera can even record full HD video at 1080p @60fps. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 camera has the usual features like autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection and image stabilization.

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