Review of e-Touch Pen: A smart gadget to use Windows 8 on non-touch computers

Hi-Tech Solutions has come up with yet another innovative low cost gadget- the e-Touch Pen, using which you can convert your normal screen into a touch screen. Learn about the e-Touch Pen, its features and how to use it to convert your normal PC screen to a touch screen.

What is the e-Touch PeneTouchPen for Windows 8

Hi-Tech Solutions, based in Bangalore and known for its innovative products (such as the popular e-Diary) has now come up with yet another revolutionary product - the e-Touch Pen. As all Windows 8 users know, it's much more comfortable to work on Windows 8 using a touch screen than with a mouse or a touch pad. As a result, the e-Touch pen, which enables a normal laptop screen to be converted to a touch screen, has come to capture the attention of all Windows 8 users dreaming of the touch screen experience.

The technologies used to make the eTouch pen work are not new. But what is novel is the way it has enabled the conversion of a normal laptop screen to a touch screen. The e-Touch pen stylus works on the ultrasound technology while the detachable receiver works on the infrared technology and can be clamped to the screen. The prerequisites are that you should have a Windows 8 operating system and a USB port.

Package Content:

The package contains a baseuUnit, metal strip USB cable, SR41/LR41, batteries, digital pen and a stylus.

Parts of the e-Touch Pen:

The main parts of the product are the following:
  1. USB Port

  2. Metal Strip

  3. Power Indicator

  4. Battery Compartment

  5. Side Button

  6. Stylus.

How to configure the eTouch Pen for Use

Pen Batteries
Remove the battery cover and insert two SR41/LR 41 batteries with the positive poles pointing upwards inside the compartment. Close the compartment cover once done. Make sure that you don't open the pen as it could lead to the malfunctioning of the pen.

Insert Stylus
Insert the stylus into the lower side of the pen. Make sure that you press it gently and lock it securely. The package comes with an extra stylus. So you don't have to worry if you will loose one.

Attaching the base unit to the computer display screen
Take the metal strip and paste it on anywhere on the left side of the computer screen. Using the USB cable, connect the base unit to the computer. After this, the base unit is attached on to the metal strip using the magnet the base unit contains.

There are some notebooks which have HALL-effect switches, normally situated at the edge of the screen display. Whenever the magnetic metal gets near it, the notebook goes to sleep and the screen goes black. Hence, make sure that you find an appropriate place to attach the metal strip and the base unit without triggering the sleep mode.

Calibrating the e-Touch PeneTouchPen Accessories
Calibrating the screen with the pen is the most important step. You need to calibrate the pen to help make accurate the touch factor and for a better experience.

Follow the steps given below to easily calibrate:

  • Right click on the Computer icon on the desktop and select Properties and then select Control Panel Home. You could also click on the top right corner of the screen and select the Control Panel. Or you could click on search and type Control Panel to easily locate it.

  • Once you reach the Control Panel Home, select the option Hardware and Sound.

  • Under the Tablet PC Setting, choose the option Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.

  • Click on Calibrate.

  • At the center of the cross, hold and click the pen tip for a short period of time. You can see a processing sign and once this is over, the next cross appears. Repeat the same till the points are all finished.

  • Click on the Yes option using the mouse. This is to save all the calibration information.

  • The calibration process is completed once you click on OK.

  • If you would like to re-calibrate the pen with the screen, click on the Reset button in the step 4. This clears all the previous calibration data. However, this must be done before you click on calibrate. Make sure that you do not move the pen after the calibration process. Else you would have to re-calibrate.

    How to use the e-Touch Pen?

    Now that your e-Touch pen is all set to be used, navigating can be done using the below actions:

    To Open: Click or touch the item/icon for a short period of time to open the page/application.
    To Drag: Touch the icon and drag it to your desired position.
    To Slide: Touch and slide the icon. Also note that, Sliding left from the right edge can show a menu.
    To Zoom and browse: To zoom or browse, touch the point of the photo to be zoomed, press the side button of the pen and drag it to the right side to zoom in, and left to zoom out.
    To get the property window: Hold the pen tip or touch an item for a few seconds. Then release the pen to get a pop-up menu.
    To close: To close any application, page or window, drag the pen from the top of the screen to the bottom.

    Other Features

    You could write with touch and annotate them. You also have the draw and paint option. Browsing websites is also possible using virtual keyboards via the e-Touch pen. It is also possible to play games using this gadget.

    This touch was originally designed for Windows 8. But, it will work for Windows 7 provided you install the required drivers for the same.

    Pros And Cons of e-Touch Pen

    The factors working for the e-Touch Pen are many - its compact and easy to carry around. This laptop accessory is basically like a brush and hence there are no chances of scratches appearing. Also, there is no driver required and the set up is pretty easy with just a one-time calibration required. However, the pen can be used only on screens up to 17 inches in size – thus leaving out a huge desktop market. Also, the touch is not quite precise. For instance, while trying to slide apps, it opens up instead. The brush also needs to be more concise. That said, for a price tag of Rs.4999, it is definitely an excellent gadget. You need not spend an arm and a leg just to make use of the Windows 8 touch feature.

    Technical Specifications:eTouchPen with Laptop

    Technology: Ultrasonic and Infrared
    Coverage area: up to 17" (MAX)
    Resolution: 100 DPI
    Accuracy: 0.2mm
    Communication: USB 2.0 Full Speed
    USB Cable
    Power Source
    Pen: 2 x SR41 batteries
    Pen Battery Life Time: 500 hours of continuous writing/hovering.
    Standards: FCC/CE
    Platform support: Windows® 8
    Sampling rate: 58 samples/second
    Power consumption:
    Pen Down/Hovering: 440uA for full battery, 480uA for low battery(< 3.0v) 
    Pen Up: 12µA
    Base unit : 
    Connected : 20mA
    Operating Temperature: +10°c to +35°c.
    Storage Temperature: -10°c to + 50°c.
    Operation Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 % (40°c).
    Storage Relative Humidity Range: 20% – 80 % (40°c).
    Size(L * W * H): 68.01*26.32*7.70 (mm)
    Weight: about 9 g.
    Color: Black.

    To get more detailed specifications see the eTouch Pen Product Page. You can also get more details from the official site

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