Tricks to get back traffic affected by Google Panda and Penguin updates

Google Panda and Google Penguin have created havoc in many a webmasters and bloggers lives. For those affected by Google's algorithm here are some smart tricks that can help get back traffic that was lost.

Everything is honky dory as long as you have a steady stream of traffic on your websites and web pages. It is good to have your meticulously created work having many visitors. While it certainly can do wonders to your esteem, it definitely does much better for your business. More traffic means more business – right!

Consider another scenario. Drop in traffic! You probably know there is trouble in your virtual paradise when you begin to count the number of visitors on your fingers and toes. There is no prize for guessing what's gone wrong. You perhaps already know the answer – its Google Panda or Penguin that's playing traffic cop and diverting all visitors from your web domain to elsewhere. It is an absolute alarming situation. You need to hit the panic button – and act now!

Tricks that can work to get back traffic

Google Penguin and Google Panda strike without warning. It may take you sometime before you realize that you have been a target. Once you realize Google has singled you, it is time for you to clean up your act (websites/webpage) and make them convivial to Google.

Google had introduced a new algorithm sometime back, which sent tremors in the virtual world. This new algorithm allows only the best content to be visible through its search engines. Google will disassociate its self from any website or blogger that uses unethical means of promoting their webpage/website and with poor content. Google has done well in introducing the new algorithm; it was long due and is something that was desired, so only quality reigns.

If you are an affected party, it is time for introspection and evaluation of your website, so you can make the necessary changes that follow the guidelines set by Google.

Be people friendly against search engine friendly

Google no longer appreciates content that is developed to target its search engines. On the contrary, Google welcomes content that is developed for real people. Change the content to being audience friendly. Develop content that real people will understand and value. The new algorithm understands people centered content and will rank your page well if it conforms.

Give importance to language

You might put useful information in your content but it will be of no good if it is not presentable. To ensure your website gets a good Google ranking and traffic ensure that the content on it is well written. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Make certain the content pertains to the subject and has relevant material. Give attention to sentence construction and flow in the content. If your webpage are found lacking in these, you will not get desired traffic.

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Do away with links that spell SPAM

It was a common practice to create links and backlinks to improve both traffic and page ranking on Google's search engine. Everyone was creating backlinks, left, right and center. Though linking worked at improving both traffic and page rank, it was actually a dubious method. The result was poor quality content getting promoted. Google in all its wisdom has put an end to such promotional methods. So what once helped in improving page ranking in the past is now a deterrent to it.

You need to clean up your site and remove redundant backlinks such as paid blog roll links. These are considered poor quality backlinks and act like spam on your site. Google will penalize sites for violating the 'no spam' rule; by ignoring them. Don't create backlinks just for the sake of numbers; instead create backlinks authentic links to sites with great content that can actually add value to your site.

Encourage comments on your blog

Interact with individuals visiting your blogs by replying to comments they leave behind. In doing so, you will be encouraging them, to keep coming back. Not everyone will be appreciative of your work, so be prepared for criticism and hostile responses. Take it all in good spirit. Don't get aggressive in your answers instead put your point across in a mature, dignified manner that portrays you as a responsible adult. Your response may eventually bring them to agree with you.

Connect with those with same interests and who show an inclination of following you. They are your 'living guides'. Ask them what they would like to read about next, and go on to give them what interests them. You will automatically improve the traffic, because they will in turn share your blog with other like-minded people. At the end of the day your aim is to increase traffic, so stay connected to people and give them what they want.

Be different

You stand out when you are different, whether in life or in the virtual world. Don't create run of the mill kind of content that every other person is creating. Who wants the same thing dressed up in a different package!

Be creative with your content; make it different from what is available on the net, even if the topic is common. Share personal experiences in your blogs. For instance, instead of talking about something in general talk about what you encountered. Your blog could be about a latest gadget. If you put down specifications and features you are not creating anything unique. The internet will be full of content on that niche and you will be duplicating the same, creating spam.

Make your content stand out by adding videos and pictures. Draw in comparisons and you will be back on track.

Befriend the social media

Social media can be made your launching pad, since the whole world seems to be a part of it. Use Google+, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media sites to get more visibility. By sharing links on Facebook and Google+ you reach a wider audience. By tweeting about your latest content you can create a chain reaction of re-tweets.

Don't play around with words. Keep your titles, simple and to the point and you will hit bull's eye. Your posts can go viral on networking sites such Tumblr and Pinterest. Add some out of the ordinary, attention-grabbing features such as an amusing image or hilarious quote and you are sure to nail it.

Remember you will be using social media as an advertising platform. How well you project your content decides on how it will convert traffic to your site. Use YouTube to sell your site. YouTube has still not been exploited to its potential. If you target the right audience on it, visitors to your site will double and treble in no time.

Act like an astute business person

You don't need to have a Management degree to know that building on relationships can be good for you. If you can progress in whatever you do all alone, you need none of the advice doled above. The truth is you need people around you, to become a success in the virtual world as much as in real life. You will have followers and people who show interest in your site, consider them as you would a prospective business partner.

Treat people the way you want to be treated and in all probability they will return the favour. Don't hesitate to appreciate good content when you see it, in doing so you will create a bond with the owner of the content, thereby leading them to visiting your content page and appreciating and sharing the same. It is a, you scratch my back, I scratch yours situation– but not in a corrupt way.

When you build a relationship with visitors to your site, work towards making it beneficial (read lucrative). See if you can publish guest posts on the other blogger's site. If you can do so, you will find traffic bouncing off it to your site as well.


If you follow the key methods mentioned above you will notice a marked increase in traffic to your site. If you are fortunate you might also find a sudden spate of requests to advertize on your site. This will aid in getting the attention of potential growth in terms of traffic, business and adsense. Go ahead make the changes to your site, if you done so already. Don't wait for the sword of Damocles to fall on your head (site) before you act.

Article by Juana
Juana is a freelance writer publishing with Constant Content and sister sites of Techulator. She writes on a variety of subjects that interest her. She is a voracious reader and that helps her keep abreast with the latest in technology. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Eng. Lit, is a mom, a wife, a homemaker and a qualified teacher.

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The article is sharing interesting information about the tricks to get back traffic affected by the Google Panda and Penguin updates. Thanks for sharing this very important details. Is there any other method to get back the traffic on our website?

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