Should websites and blogs wait for 6 months before using AdSense Ads?

Google introduced a policy that a site has to be active for 6 months before AdSense Ads can be used on it. If you are a blogger or content writer looking for information on whether you can use AdSense on your blog before 6 months, read this article.

NOTE: This article was originally published by me at on Dec 7, 2011.

Adsense is a great program from Google to help online content writers monetize their online content. I have been a Google AdSense publisher almost from the time Google launched this program and have gone through a lot of experience during my last 8 year journey with Google AdSense. During the initial stages, I have received warnings from Google for accidental violation of policies which helped me learn more about the program and correct my mistakes. Some of my websites were removed from AdSense program but got included back after I corrected the concerns raised by Google. I implemented AdSense Host APIs for revenue sharing in some websites.

In this post, I like to discuss the requirement "website should be active for 6 months before AdSense can be used on it".

Why Google require site has to be 6 months old before AdSense Ads can be used

Google did not introduce this rule for no reason. They make money from AdSense program and so they want to promote it as much as possible. However, they introduced the new rule to ensure the overall quality of the program is not compromised.

In last couple of years, AdSense has become so popular such that many students think they can earn huge money from AdSense and live without a job. You can see numerous websites claiming "Y?? ??n fire ???r Boss ?n? m?k? yourself ???r ?wn Boss". There are lot of online fraud services offering ways to get rich by doing fraud with Google AdSense.

Such fraud programs have been affecting the quality of AdSense program. Google does not want their advertisers to be affected by fraud clicks on their Ads. In order to prevent or reduce fraud clicks and loss of revenue for the advertisers, Google introduced several rules and policies.

One of such policies to reduce fraud activity on Google Ads is, website should be active for 6 months before you can use AdSense Ads.

Why this rule is applicable only for certain countries?

The 6 months requirement is applicable for certain countries. Publishers from countries like USA, Canada and most native English speaking countries can use AdSense on their websites or blogs from day 1. Why? Is it racism?

Google is not in to racism or discrimination. This policy is applicable for certain countries because Google is facing large volume of fraud activities from those countries, especially because a large number of AdSense users from those countries do not have good writing skills in English and so they engage in illegal ways to monetize their online content. Some of the fraud ways they engage include click-exchange where they click on Ads of their friends in exchange of clicks by them. Google takes fraud clicks very seriously.

This does not mean there is no fraud clicks from countries like USA. Since the people from those countries are native English speakers, they can actually write content in English and monetize the content in genuine ways rather than engaging in fraud clicks and get some quick money and then later lose their AdSense account.

Another reason the fraud activities are higher in countries like India and China are, there is no proper address and identification system. For example, in India, a person can be known in multiple names and have different variants of the same in name in various bank accounts. People can use different addresses and can still receive mails. Sometimes people write name and initials, sometimes they write first name and last name and so on. The problem here is, if a person lose an AdSense account, it is easy for him to re apply for a new AdSense account in another name. If he get approved in that name, he can go to bank and open another bank account with that name and still cash the AdSense cheques. Most addresses in India include landmarks like "Near High School", "Near Railway station" and so on. When the fraud publishers re apply for new AdSense accounts, they will use different variants of the address and it is almost impossible for Google to detect the applicant is the same person.

In countries like USA, it is almost impossible to use a different variant of an address or name. Name and Address are well defined and bank will not accept an altered name or address.

So, there is racism or discrimination is not the reason for 6 months requirement for AdSense publishers from countries like India, Pakistan and China. Rather, Google want to reduce fraud publishers and increase the overall quality of AdSense program.

Should I own the site for 6 months or just the domain has to be 6 months old?

The policy regarding 6 months old websites for AdSense eligibility is not very clear, even though the intention is clear - "prevent abuse". There are different interpretations given by different experts and I will tell me stand too.

Before we conclude the exact definition of the 6 months requirement, let us analyze the wordings used by Google in various places.

Eligibility to participate in AdSense

The official AdSense support website states that you must have owned the site for 6 months before you can use AdSense Ads on the site.

Have you owned your site for 6 months?
In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We've taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

This definition confirms you must have owned the site for 6 months. Even though the words does not clarify it, I am sure Google meant you should have an active site, running with valid content for atleast 6 months before you can apply for AdSense for this site. Read more at the official site.

Many people interpret this as the domain has to be 6 months old. I have seen domains listed for sale claiming "This domain is 6 months old and is eligible to use AdSense".

I am sure this is not what Google wanted. You cannot simply purchase a domain name which is 6 months old and start using AdSense on the next day. The intention of the policy is, you must have worked hard for several months to bring quality content to the site and started getting good traffic to your site.

Another intention of the policy, in my view, is to prevent fraud where people buy new sites, do something to get some money and then move on to the next site.

However, I have seen many people from countries like China and India getting AdSense applications approved even when the site is not 6 months old. This indicates that the 6 months requirement is only to prevent abuse of the system but if the site is very good, Google would go ahead and approve the site for AdSense.

Can we use existing AdSense account on new websites before 6 months?

This is another question many publishers ask often. There are no clear answer from Google on this. I have seen many forum threads in Google AdSense forum asking this question and many top contributors have given conflicting answers.

The Help topic that talk about 6 months requirement is written in the context of new AdSense applications. It does not clearly say whether this rule is applicable for existing AdSense accounts on new sites.

Here is my take on this. Google want to do business with genuine publishers. The 6 months requirement is to turn away fraud publishers and low quality websites. If you have developed a high quality website with lot of valuable content, why would Google not allow you to use AdSense? In my personal opinion, Google may allow you to use AdSense Ads on a new site, if it has sufficient quality content that make it a valuable publisher for Google. However, if you created a brand new web site with the hope that you will have valuable content in future but have nothing yet, it may not be a good fit for AdSense.

Can we use AdSense Ads on blogs before 6 months?

Many bloggers are confused whether they can use AdSense Ads on new blogs that they create on or In those cases, the site itself is more than 6 months old and the blog website is not really owned by the bloggers. Google has not clearly mentioned whether the blog should be active for 6 months before using AdSense.

This is the only information I could find on Google AdSense support regarding the 6 months requirement on blogs:

Signing up for a Blogger account is fast, easy and free.

Once you've created your blog, you can begin displaying Google ads in minutes by following the instructions here.

The above information states that you can start using AdSense on blogs in minutes after creating it. But be aware that this topic does not really specify whether this is applicable for publishers from China and India.

Here is my take on it. If you are from a country that have the 6 months requirement (India, China, other Asian countries) to use AdSense, and just created a new blog on or similar sites, wait 6 months. During the first 6 months to 1 year, you are not going to make much revenue out of your blog anyway.

Even after completing 6 months, don't start using AdSense immediately unless you have good traffic to your site. Once you start getting 500 page views or more per day, you can start using your AdSense on those blogs, provided you meet other requirements for AdSense.

If you do not have an AdSense account, apply for a new AdSense account 6 months after you start the blog and after you have created more than 100 very good quality articles. If there is no traffic to your blog yet, AdSense will not be helpful yet and so why take risk? If you lose your AdSense account, you cannot reapply. So it is worth the wait.

Publishers from which countries require 6 months waiting before using AdSense on sites?

I could not find any detailed information on Google AdSense help that clearly says which countries require 6 months waiting before using AdSense Ads on their sites. The only place I found was the help page that talk about AdSense Eligibility which says "In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months". Google has specifically mentioned India and China, but the same rule could be applicable for other countries as well at the discretion of Google reviewer.

Also See: What is the highest AdSense CPC?

Here is a AdSense forum thread that include few responses by a Top AdSense Forum contributor who repeatedly say that the 6 months requirement is applicable for everyone from every country, and it will be soon reflected in the AdSense policies. He conflicts with another top contributor in the same thread on this, but he is firm on his argument and he claims there were some background talk on this topic. He sounds like he has some direct information from Google regarding this. (That thread is almost 1 year old and Google hasn't changed their words on 'Some locations like China and India....')

Conclusion: 6 months requirement is applicable for all sites and blogs

Google specifically require publishers from India and China to wait for 6 months until the site get significant amount of quality content. Even though Google hasn't listed out the countries which require to wait 6 months before using AdSense Ads on the sites, it is a good idea for everyone to wait until the site have a significant number of high quality posts (100+ articles/blog posts) and have good amount of traffic (500+ organic page views per day). Most websites do not make any significant revenue during first year, so it is worth waiting to get an AdSense account than creating one now and losing it soon.

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Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Author: Priyabrata Das06 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Very useful article. I really need answers of such questions. Thanks a lot.

Author: DEEPAK SINGH11 Mar 2013 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Well. The article do explain everything about google adsense in details but I have heard people in India, getting their google adsense approved even before 6 months. Don't know what tricks they use. :D

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi11 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks for this article. But, I want to know that whether I can associate my approved adsense account with my blog which is 3 days old. My adsense account was approved through ISC. Please give a detailed response.

Author: Nityananda Hazarika24 Mar 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

My account was disapproved first time. Can I re-apply after few months posting?

Guest Author: chandan pegu21 Apr 2013

Well, my blog was only 10 days old when it got approved. The best formula for getting Adsense approved is writing unique content and probably Google looks at your writing. Remember, you are applying as a publisher to display ads on your blog. Google can't just add a random, immatured publisher in its list of Adsense holders. I am from india and its kinda sick to read that lots of blog mention India as a blacklisted country and boost the fact about that it takes 6 months for a blog to approve in India. If you don't believe me, you can go to my blog at, here look for my archives, you will find my blog is not even 1 month old. All I can say is that first test yourself as a good writer and write quality content. Don't copy paste, Google has a crawling software that catches you if your copy paste, resulting in your Adsense application disapproval.

Author: Mukhtar30 Apr 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks a lot for this useful information

Guest Author: Fred Peter Arope08 May 2013

Yes indeed. It is very useful. I'm from the Philippines and I don't really know if we are under that particular ruling but I'll just assume we are. Besides its really true, sending a lot of traffic to your site or blog using legal and accepted terms is really quite very hard.

Guest Author: yen sao15 Jun 2013

my blog is
My domain name is 10 months old but I applied 3 times and failed each time.

Please show me why am I failing to get approved each time?

Guest Author: dave10 Sep 2013

I had a blog on, which i moved to self-hosted blog. I used off-site redirect to redirect the traffic from there to my new blog. I applied for adsense 2 times on my new blog but was rejected 2 times. My domain is 3.5 months old but my site has posts of 6 months. So am I rejected because my domain is 3.5 old?

Guest Author: lijopaul11 Sep 2013

My blog is ,I have applied for Google Adsense but they have not accepted me due to 2 reasons
1.Insufficient Content
2.Site does not comply with Google policies
What I can do to apply Google Adsense? The blogger account is 5 months old.

Guest Author: Roland22 Jan 2014


Guys, I had a very shocking experience with applying for google adsense from India with an Indian address. Here is what happened in short:

1) After waiting for 6 months, I applied for Google AdSense and got rejected outright saying 'Website did not comply with Terms and Conditions'. Felt so bad and decided to pursue with another ad network.

2) I applied with an ad network (sorry cannot reveal the name) and they approved it. Incidentally all their unused inventory would be backfilled by Google AdSense ads and would need to get a separate approval from Google (just as we would apply for AdSense). But the catch is that my billing address is that of the agency in a foreign country. I never ever thought Google would approve it as they rejected me in India but to my surprise they approved THE SAME WEBSITE when applied by that agency with a country other than India.


Author: Tony John13 Feb 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3


Thanks for sharing your experience. While I do agree that Google discriminates Indian publishers, I believe there is a strong reason behind it. Buying/selling AdSense accounts, AdSense click-exchange and other click fraud activities are much higher in countries in like India, Pakistan, China. That is the reason Google look at the Indian publishers with a suspicious eyes.

Author: Shravan25 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

In my personal opinion, it is necessary to wait for 6 months before applying for Adsense. Google has been receiving a lot of applications for approval from India and they are really choosy and always choose the best websites and blogs having good quality content, good amount of organic traffic and satisfying other terms and conditions. Also every new website and blog takes at least 6 months to have good amount of content or blog posts and start getting consistent traffic from search engines. So I would suggest everyone who is trying to get his/her Adsense account approved to wait for minimum of 6 months, work really well on your site/blog and then apply for Adsense.

Guest Author: kenny26 Oct 2014

A very good read. I needed this information since I'm just starting to blog. Thank you for sharing.

Guest Author: VISHAL PIPAVAT17 Jul 2015

Don't worry about not getting approval from Google Adsense. You can use other alternatives, such as Infolinks.

Guest Author: santosh23 Jul 2015

I am currently developing a site containing embedded TV shows and Movies. Will Adsense display ads if I have sufficient and relevant text on my site?

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