How to use Google Authorship to show your photo in Google Search results

Google authorship helps you get recognized as an author in Google search. There are several advantages for using Google authorship, along with seeing your photo in Google search results.

Showing your photo in search results is just the tip of the iceberg. Google introduced Authorship a few months ago and it has already started giving a lot of importance to it in Google Search. One of the most important impact of using Google Authorship is, Google will recognize the author of the content, relate it to the Google+ profile and give weightage in the search results according to the quality of the content as well as the reputation of the author.

Authorship helps authors get recognition as great authors in the eyes of Google and also get better ranking for their content in future because Google will respect great content from great authors.

How to implement authorship in your content

For Google to recognize you as the author of your content, you need to implement authorship in your site or page. There are couple of different ways to implement Google authorship.

First step to get authorship is, create a Google+ profile, if you don't have one already.

NOTE: Skip the next few lines to see the method I recommend for implementing Authorship in large blogs.

Here is the official method to implement authorship:

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I personally do not prefer this official approach since it require publishing your email id in the webpage.

Here is the better option, from Google:

However, this option requires you linking from every page to your Google+ page. It will be practical only if your site has only a few pages or your CMS allows you to link your page to your Google+ page.

Here is the approach I recommend, which is used in several sites including

Best way to implement Google Authorship

Here is the approach I use in all of my blogs and websites:
  • Create a link from your articles to your profile page in the same site. Use the special attribute rel="author" in the hyperlink as shown below:

    <a href="/member/manjaly.aspx" rel="author">Tony John</a>

    Every article written by you in the site will have the same link to your profile page in the same site.

    To see how we are using it in this site, view the source of this page and search for rel="author"

  • Now, in your profile page in the site, create a link to your Google+ profile page, using the special attribute "rel="me"", as showb below:

    <a href="" rel="me">Tony John</a>

    (Not just Google+ profile, you can create such links to all of your social profile pages like Facebook, Twitter etc, which will help search engines find your other social profiles.)

    To see how we are using it in this site, go to /member/manjaly.aspx and search for rel="me" in the page source.

  • Now, go to your Google+ profile and authorize your site. To do this, follow the below steps:
    - go to Google+
    - click on your name
    - click the "Edit" button
    - look at the "Contributor to" section and click there.
    - Click "Add custom link"
    - Click Add your site's home page url there.
    - Click "Finished editing" button on the top.

The above steps will complete the procedure to implement authorship markup in your site. Once you are done with the above steps, go to structured data testing tool and test if everything is working fine. If you haven't implemented authorship yet, but want to test how it works, you may try using the url of this page in that tool and see what data it shows.

Article by Tony John
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