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Are you looking for an effective way to increase your Twitter followers? Here I am with this article to describe the various methods of increasing the number of your followers on Twitter. So, go through this article and learn how to grow your Twitter network by increasing your Twitter followers.

Twitter and some effective ways to grow its network

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Twitter is one of the leading social networking websites in the world. Almost everyone who uses Facebook, has a Twitter account. But the Twitter network is a limited one as one cannot send follower or friend requests as one sends in the Facebook. So, everyone nowadays is searching for an effective method to increase their twitter network on a large scale for a better traffic to their posts. But everyone know that this is not an easy task. This is the reason I am writing this article, to help you to increase your twitter followers in a go. So, let me start from the beginning. Here are the various ways by which you can increase the number of your followers on twitter to make your posts reach to maximum number of people worldwide.

Create an impressive profile

This is one of the most important requirements to increase your Twitter network. Creating an impressive profile attracts the visitors and compels them to follow you. We cannot ignore the fact that a newly created Twitter account is viewed by 10,000 people in a single day. So, if they see an impressive profile, they will surely want it to add that name in their following list and their name in the list of your followers. Here are two most effective tips to create an impressive twitter profile:

1) Upload a clear and vivid display picture for your profile which reflects your personality in a single and very first view as we must always remember that first impression is the last. Also make sure that the display picture is your own photo and not the images like quotations, cartoons etc as they are really irritating.
2) Introduce yourself fully by describing your interests, views etc shortly. Never try to impress the people by providing wrong information about yourself. By doing this, people try to verify your details and when they find you as fake, they immediately block you. So, try to be honest and pure.
3) Also, give your profile a professional touch. Even if you are a student or unemployed, try to introduce your talent and skills in your profile but every information should be correct, valid and not fake.

Tweet as much as you can

Tweeting a lot works! Post as much tweets as you can. This will help you to catch the attention of more Twitter users. So, try to post impressive tweets and not like; just chilling, hello friends etc rather be creative and try to entertain others so that they start liking you and your writings. Also, whenever you post tweets, try to start with 'RT' which means Re-tweet as this is an indication or a request for the other viewers to re-tweet your posts to their followers. This way your tweets will reach to the other peoples and may be they like your tweets and want to interact with you.

Follow back

Whenever someone follows you on Twitter, try to follow him/her back. By doing this, your followers think that you are also interested in them and thus, they will share positive views regarding you with their friends, followers etc. Also, they will keep on checking your profile and posts on a daily basis to get the latest updates about you. In addition to it, they will never unfollow you and hence your follower list will keep on increasing continuously without any sign of any type of decrease in it.

Interlink your Twitter profile with the Facebook

This option has been recently introduced in Twitter as well as in Facebook which enables a user to interlink his/her social profile . Hence, whenever you post anything on Facebook, it will be tweeted in Twitter automatically and vice versa. So interlink your Twitter profile and with all other possible and available accounts especially the Facebook to regulate the visitors for your social profiles. By doing this, you will get the people, who visit your other profiles on the twitter also and hence it increases the chances of gaining more and more followers.

Take the help of Twiends is really an effective app based website which helps to grow your Twitter followers instantly i.e you can get at least 1000 followers in just an hour or less. I know that you are a bit confused that, is it really possible to increase the Twitter followers so rapidly but that is the reality. Let me explain how it works. Twiends best logo and
Twiends is an app based on the ancient barter system i.e. to exchange the things with each other. This is because it offers you some people to follow and then assures the same number of follow-backs. So, to use this app, go to the and authorize your twitter account there by logging in through it and giving it the permission to access your basic information. After this, start following the people shown on your screen by clicking on the follow button below their profile picture. By doing this, you will gain seeds which are used by the other peoples to follow you. If you feel this is the most effective way to grow your Twitter followers, you can then purchase more seeds by using your credit or debit card. The more seeds you get, the more will be the increase in the number of your Twitter followers.

Note: When you gain a number of followers, you will get few unfollows from some of the members but you should not bother about them and just keep your eye on the target to increase the number of follwers of your Twitter account.


This was all about the methods to increase the number of your twitter followers. The working of these methods is verified by me because I have used above all ways to increase my Twitter followers and believe me, I saw a tremendous increase in the followers of my profile in Twitter. The most effective method among the above is the last one, taking the help of Twiends. This app is officially verified by the Twitter team and contains absolutely no spam. So you can use this website cum app without bothering about the risks of hacking, spamming or stealing your personal information. I personally have used this app but never used the option of buying the seeds using the credit or debit card. I am not saying that it is risky, rather I am conveying my personal experience regarding this app. So, hope that after reading this article, you will surely be able to enhance the number of your Twitter followers and if you need any type of help, feel free to contact me through the responses below or through the personal message. I am always here to help you.

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Kindly make the following changes before the editors take up your article for review:
1) In the second item under the paragraph heading ‘Create impressive profile', change the sentence ‘So, try be honest and pure.' to ‘So, try to be honest and pure.' The preposition ‘to' is missing in the sentence.
2) In the third item under the above paragraph heading, change the adjective ‘every' to ‘all' before the noun ‘information'. It should be written as ‘…but all information should be correct…' in place of ‘…but every information should be correct…'
(3) Under the paragraph ‘Follow back', insert the word ‘will' in between the words ‘followers' and ‘think' in the following sentence ‘By doing this, your followers think that you are also interested in them..'
(4) Under the same paragraph try to change the word ‘unfollow' as the same is not found in the English dictionary in the following sentence: ‘In addition to it, they will never unfollow you..'
(5) In the ‘Note' before the conclusion, kindly change the world ‘unfollow' and also correct the spelling of the word ‘followers' in which the letter ‘o' is missing.

Author: Syed Musaddiq Nabi Andrabi24 Feb 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Dear sir,

Thanks for pinning out the mistakes in my resources. One thing I would like to add that unfollow word is used in twitter and this is the reason that I had mentioned it here. Anyways thanks for the information. I will correct the mistakes.

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