Micromax A116 HD - Features, Specifications, Technical Issues and detailed Comparison with Rivals

With the recently launched products from Micromax, is it so that Micromax is going to be the next Apple? Well, we don't know. But one thing is known for sure that Micromax has become a name, indeed. Read to know about the latest Android smartphone which has stunned everyone including tech lovers. Be it ergonomics, cost factor, features, this Micromax baby has it all! Hope you enjoy reading.

Angels smile on you when you get the hard work done in the best of the ways possible. So has happened with Micromax. Canvas HD is one of those phones which have been in the news in the last few weeks and it is well deserved too! So why exactly is it in the news and the limelight? Let us go deeper and see the reasons for ourselves.


Ah well, design matters. It is that one thing which draws you to the product before you actually put your heart in appreciating the engineering that goes on to make the meat of the matter. It is the packaging, the colour, the finish and so on. Canvas HD comes with all that stuff. The device resembles both Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Grand, at the same time. It goes without saying that the geeks who have fallen in the habits of calling beautiful hardware their girlfriends will fall for this beauty.


Here is the icing on the cake – the true mouth watering, delicious part of the offering from Micromax. Get more technical details here.


Really what does mankind want from the screens of today's mobile phones? We have come to gadgets which have 10- 12 inches of screen. We call them tablets and there are those with 4 to 8 in cheers which we cannot call tablets and they are not small enough to be called phones either. So the tech world coined a new name – phablets. Canvas HD A116 is a phablet. The screen is 5 inches wide from corner to corner. But then, so are other phones.

The smooth part of the screen is the resolution – 1280 x 720 pixels – that is an HD resolution and that is where this phone gets its name from – Canvas HD. Packing more pixels than its closest competitors gets the phone an extra edge in the market. But this not where we would wrap up the paragraph because this is not where good things end. The display enjoys a strengthened protection. While it is not yet confirmed whether the reinforcement is Gorilla glass or not, it surely is not a brittle screen either. It is quite strong (well, unless you are trying to use it for something as crazy as hammering).


While hardcore photographers would make you believe that mobile phone cameras are not good enough for shooting wedding videos, there is no shortage of people who do just that – shooting wedding videos from their phones. Mobile phone cameras have witnesses slow but steady growth in their capabilities – by megapixels and features.

Micromax Canvas HD allows you to shoot pictures with great enough detail using its 8 MegaPixel camera. Now, that is brilliant because most mobile phones in that price range only carry a 5 MP camera. As far as the special features go, there are not many. But again, this phone uses Android Jelly Bean as the OS which means that all those awesome features like pinch to zoom, touch to focus, one-tap-video-mode and so on are available in the standard camera app. Good to go in our opinion!


A musician is not much of an importance without his musical instrument – guitar for a guitarist and a piano for a pianist. Canavas HD is a phone and that makes 'connectivity' as really important point for this little device. It supports GSM 900/1800 standards as far as GSM goes. While that is quite good for the Indian subcontinent, people wanting to enjoy a trip to US might not love Canvas HD because it would not support the frequencies in the Americas and Europe. This is true for both SIM-1 and SIM-2. Even for 3G, the story remains the same. The standard supported is HSDPA 2100 which is good for India but not for the outside world. However, it does support GPRS and EDGE which makes it good for those who just want to keep receiving those chat messages on WhatsApp and Google Talk while the roam the beautiful places on the planet. Data speeds on 3G are not an issue as it promises 21 MBPS (Mega Bits Per Second) for download and 11 MBPS for upload.

Connecting with the mobile radio networks is not the only thing today's phones do. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity are too important to be ignored and thank Micromax, Canvas HD does not sacrifice any of those features. It comes preloaded with Bluetooth 4.0 for the short range data transfer and is blessed with a Wi-Fi b/g/n transceiver for being hooked up to the internet on coffee joints and airport terminals (or your home or office – wherever possible).

All-in-all the Canvas HD is a good choice to make if you want to be connected to the world beyond your eyes through a 5-inch window!


Micromax Canvas HD comes with 1TB storage. Nah, just kidding. It comes with 4 GB internal memory (of which 1.7 GB can be used by the user) and has a card slot which can accommodate any SD card of up to 32 GB. While that might sound a bit low to some, it is actually quite good. The fact be said, practically, very few people use more than 16 GB memory on phones. Moreover, 64 GB microSD cards are not the norm in the market either and again they are costly. Hence, while the phone's specifications might not feel that great compared to the competition (especially those which were released near about the same time as Canvas HD did), the practical world does fit in the realm of features provided by Canvas HD.

The RAM provided in Canvas HD is 1 GB. Well, we do remember the days we used to drool on that capacity for the desktops but then, times have changed, indeed. Anyways, the RAM that comes with the phone is good enough for whatever you would want to do with the phone – some light weight gaming (Crysis does not run here, you see), videos, music and net-browsing – all would be well and fine.


The capacity of 2000mAH is enough to make some country-side folks call that battery a 'batteraa' emphasizing the size as well as the power of the beast but then let us make it clear – it is one hell of a good battery in there – charge it once and it lasts a day with good usage (with heavy usage, it would last about 14-18 hours and that is huge). Since most of the power is consumed by the large screen, it is more a matter of how long you keep the screen glowing than how much you talk on phone and mind you- browsing the internet, watching videos and gaming – all of that consumes extra power apart from keeping the screen back-lit.

Camera Quality

Most people would agree with the photographers when it comes to the camera quality of Canvas HD – it is not that great. Although the megapixels are good enough, the color production and sensitivity to light does not come close to others like those whose names start with 'Galaxy' or 'One' or 'Xperia'. Though it would not qualify for the title of 'bad', the phone surely could have done away with a better camera than it has.

Technical Flaws of Micromax A116 Canvas HD

We have showered the flowers on the Canvas HD already. It is time for some brickbats. Canvas HD is one of those phones today which comes at a cheaper price and offers quite a lot of features and functionalities, especially when you have a view at the competition. But nothing comes with its own downsides. There are a few with Canvas HD as well.

Software glitches

Its launcher is one of those parts which come in between the user and the phone experience. Everyone wants a glitch free phone but reportedly Canvas HD's launcher app crashes a number of times. While this is not a grave problem because you can always download great launchers from the Google Play store, it does count as a drawback.


One you have bought the phone, you start expecting great service from the company which sold you the device. Micromax is not known for the best services in the industry. Some people have complained about the services offered by the company in the past and it can be a bad thing for a good phone, no matter how good the phone itself is!


Micromax is facing the problem everyone wants to face – popularity. While the phone has skyrocketed the charts of popularity, the availability of the phone in market is thin. It is difficult to find out a store where one is available. Availability is rare on online stores as well!


Canvas 2 poses serious threat to its closest competitors, one of which is Samsung Galaxy Grand. While Grand offers the screen of the same size, the resolution is low. The only point where Galaxy grand excels is the connectivity – quad band GSM and tri band HSPA. Save that, Canvas HD beats Grand hands down with its Quad core processor and two-third of its price. While Samsung Galaxy S2 is not really a new phone, Canvas HD comes close to it as well!

All said, Canvas HD is a great phone and is a 100% for the money it demands from your pocket – Rs 14000, well perhaps it gives you more than 100% for that price!


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