Review of System Mechanic: A comprehensive tool to optimize and tune Windows

Are you looking for the best tools to tune and optimize your Windows PC? Read more about System Mechanic, one of the best utilities to cleanup and make your computer faster.

Did you buy a new computer, which gave you amazing performance for first few months but later started struggling to do even basic computing tasks? You are not alone. Most of the Windows computers slow down after few months of use and majority of the users continue to live with the slow computer, cursing something happened to their computer.

With the help of some Windows tuning and disk cleanup utilities, you can make your computer run just like a new computer. All you need an excellent computer tuning software like System Mechanic.

About System Mechanic: An excellent Windows tuning and repair software

There are several tools available to improve performance of Windows PC. System Mechanic is an all-in-one Windows tuning software, that packages several features into one software.

System Mechanic

Core features of System Mechanic are:

Disk integrity check: The disk check tool scans your hard disks and reports problems. System Mechanic can automatically report most of the disk errors for you. In case of certain problems, the repair can be performed only when you reboot the computer. In such cases, it will schedule to perform the repair when you reboot the computer next time.

Registry tuner: Windows uses the registry to store and retrieve a lot of system information. When any new software is installed, it stores a lot of information in the registry. When the software is uninstalled, lot of information is removed from the registry but it may leave some information there. Also, lot of information is shared across multiple programs and are never removed even if all the programs those use the data is removed from the computer. Over a period of time, you may end up having a lot of unwanted information in the registry and also may have several errors that may significantly slow down your computer. System Mechanic has a registry cleaner and tuner, which scans the registry for errors and unused data. Many registry cleaner software I used in the past made my Windows computer unstable since it removed certain data that was required for Windows. System Mechanic was able to do an excellent job of cleaning the registry without adversely affecting the stability of Windows.

Startup Optimizer: This is one of the most useful features of System Mechanic. When you install new programs, they add some components to your Windows Startup, making your computer launch them when you start your computer. This tool can show you the list of all startup programs in your computer and give you suggestions on whether they are really needed to be included in startup or not. System Mechanic can disable the selected start up programs for you so that your computer will boot and get ready to use much faster. Too many startup programs are one of the primary reasons for the slow booting of computers.

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System Driver Check: System Mechanic can check your installed drivers and suggest updates to existing drivers and report potential problems with your drivers. Keeping your drivers updated will ensure your hardware accessories run at peak performance.

System Mechanic - Update Drivers

Even though I usually update drivers manually, System Mechanic was able to show some updates for my HP printer was available.

PC Accelerator: This tool can improve the speed of your computer upto 300% by applying a lot of performance improvement changes to your computer. The PC Acceleration process include defraging your registry to reorganize scattered files, optimizing system drives by rearranging fragmented program files, recovering system memory and so on. (Warning: Disk defragmentation can take several minutes depending in the configuration and state of your disks)

System Mechanic - PC Accelerator

Net Booster: This is another handy utility that comes with System Mechanic. Net Booster can tune your browser and Windows settings to adjust according to your internet connection, which could improve your internet connection speed up to 3 times. There are several hidden settings in Windows that can be configured to improve the performance of your internet connection according to your computer's specific requirements.

Energy Booster: This tool can automatically turn off unused or unwanted background services and free up the memory. Also, the tool can show you all running processes so that you can choose the programs to be stopped.

CRUDD Remover: This tool will show you all redundant programs and allows you to choose and remove any of them. When I tried it myself, it showed me many programs that does similar tasks (for example, it showed me System Mechanic and CCleaner as redundant programs, which does pretty much the same task, even though CCleaner has much limited functionality. Also, it showed me that I have multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc). I didn't find this feature much of use since most of the time, each installed program have it's own unique features and it is hard to say any program is redundant.

Advanced uninstaller: Have you seen some programs in your computer, but can't see an entry in your Add/Remove Programs list, making you wonder how to get rid of them? The Advanced Uninstaller in the System Mechanic can be a handy tool for you. Also, this tool can show you all the invalid entries in your system that still has an entry in the installed programs list but have no corresponding programs currently in the computer. When I ran this tool in my laptop, it showed me about 20 invalid references and I was able to clean them up using the System Mechanic Advanced Uninstaller.

Download System Mechanic

Downloading is very easy with the iolo Download Manager. The file is about 29Mb, but with the help of the download manager, it was completed within 2 minutes (with my 4MBPS connection). The download manager even offered me to save a copy of the downloaded executable on my computer, so that I could save time just in case I need to reinstall later. The whole installation process was also very straightforward. By completing the simple steps in the wizard, System Mechanic was ready to repair my computer in few minutes.

How to get System Mechanic:

You can download a free version of System Mechanic, which offers most of the features of the full version.

If you are interested in the full edition of System Mechanic, visit this page.

Download System Mechanic

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